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Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Newsletter
Fall 2010
Local - CAPS in Alameda County
African American men who have sex with men and women, the Ballroom community, HIV+ women, men on parole and their female partners, HIV+ male couples: these are some of the groups CAPS researchers are working with in Alameda County, CA.
National - CAPS at the White House
Dr. Susan Kegeles was invited to the White House for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Robert Williams was invited for a discussion on Black men and HIV. JoAnne Keatley was invited for a discussion on Latinos and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.
Global - Adherence to ART in India
Dr. Maria Ekstrand gave an oral presentation at the International AIDS Conference, on how suboptimal adherence to ART causes virologic failure in patients in India.

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Alameda County Research
CAPS at the White House
Adherence in India
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Article: HOME Project

The HOME Project is for women visiting their incarcerated partners. Read about HOME's effectiveness.
CAPS Leadership
The mission of CAPS is to conduct research to prevent new HIV infections, improve health outcomes among those infected, and reduce disparities.
Steve  Morin PhD, Director
Susan Kegeles PhD and Marguerita Lightfoot PhD, Co-Directors
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