June 2011

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What Finding Bin Laden Can Teach Attorneys
When Things Go Wrong - Encountering Challenges with Family Law Investigations

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"Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying,
I will try again tomorrow."

Mary Anne Radmacher      



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Our job is to provide you the information you need. Whether it's through our investigative services or through our informative newsletters, we want you to have the latest and current information. In this edition, we have addressed two subjects: What Finding Bin Laden Can Teach Attorneys and When Things Go Wrong- Encountering Challenges with Family Law Investigations.

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What Finding Bin Laden Can Teach Attorneys

The greatest manhunt in history began to draw to a close when a field agent jotted down a license plate on a vehicle. That's according to a New York Times article from May 3, 2011, a few days after a Navy SEAL commando team stormed a large secured residence in an affluent neighborhood in Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden, titular head of the international terrorist organization, Al Qaeda.

Pakistani agents working for the Central Intelligence Agency spotted a white Suzuki driving through Peshawar, Pakistan. One of the agents wrote down the vehicle's license plate number. Like every mechanized nation in the world, Pakistan requires vehicle owners to carry registration information, including the owner's name and address. It was this information that eventually identified the trusted courier to the Al Qaeda chief. Extensive field investigation, surveillance, and electronic communications intercepts eventually led to the address where Bin Laden had been living in middle class seclusion and semi-luxury for years.

It was a great intelligence and military victory. The man behind the murders of thousands of innocent people and the most significant attack on American soil was brought to justice by good old-fashioned intelligence gathering and investigation.

What can lawyers learn from this exercise? Here are some takeaways:
  • Events happen in real time; they are documented in cyberspace only after the fact. If you want to know... Read More


When Things Go Wrong - Encountering Challenges with Family Law Investigations

There's an old saying that criminal law brings out the best in the worst people; family law brings out the worst in the best people. Attorneys who practice in both areas can probably affirm this to be true. When a family member is facing a lengthy prison sentence, even the most hard-core drug addict or gang member will provide important information, or even come to court to testify willingly (if not always truthfully!) for a fellow family member.

In family law cases, however, even the most upstanding professionals or business owners, mothers or husbands, will find themselves taking actions that, months or years later, will cause them to scratch their heads in wonder.

As legal investigators and attorneys, these situations can sometimes be humorous or even hilarious. However, when they happen, these aberrant actions can be calamitous and potentially disastrous to both the respondent and petitioner. The situations described are real events; the details are changed to protect confidentiality.
  • Client proposed planting contraband in the opposing party's vehicle.
  • Investigator followed an exotic luxury car all day and suddenly realized he had the wrong vehicle.
  • A spouse suspected her husband had installed covert surveillance equipment in the shared residence. Investigation determined both parties were "hoarders," and the investigative team nearly broke limbs gaining access to various rooms.
  • An angry wife discovered...Read More


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