April 2011

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Cellular Forensics: Determine How Adverse Driver was Using Cell Phone

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Cellular Forensics: Determine How Adverse Driver was Using Cell Phone

Talking, texting, GPS-ing... photo snapping, uploading, emailing and Web surfing. Whatever happened to simply driving while you're driving? Does anyone do that anymore? Today's cell phones enable people to conveniently multi-task anywhere, anytime. That's one of the greatest things about them. But if you ask someone whose life has been tragically altered by a distracted driver, they will probably tell you that it's one of the worst things about today's cell phones.

At Complete Legal Investigations we know firsthand that cell phones can reveal vital details about what happens around them. It is mostly a matter of getting the cell phone and data into the right hands. The need to be able to obtain and understand text, voice, and data information from cell phone records is obvious; specific techniques for doing so are not.

Cellular forensics is a highly specialized and quickly growing field born of necessity and cultivated on successful results. At Complete Legal Investigations we belong to a network of allied professionals, and we can connect you with the cellular forensics experts you need to review evidence and offer testimony on cellular phone analysis.

If the need arose you could probably find a record of contacts or recent calls stored within someone else's cell phone. You may even be skilled enough to retrieve names and phone numbers that have been deleted. But would you be able to triangulate a call in progress with area cell phone towers to pinpoint a caller's location at the time of the crash? What if an adverse driver denied that they had been talking on their cell phone while driving? Would you be able to prove or disprove their claim by examining their cell phone records? If you were able to find the evidence you needed, would you be able to document it for a court proceeding or deposition?

When you consider that today alone U.S. citizens will make thousands of calls on hundreds of different models of cell phones manufactured by dozens of companies, each using proprietary hardware and software, and that each of those calls will be handled through various carriers, each with unique formatting styles, and routed through different cables and cell towers... whew! Doesn't it make sense to enlist the professionals at CLI to help you determine how an adverse driver was really using their cell phone?

Cell phones become "smarter" every day. Fortunately, cellular forensics professionals do too. CLI partners with experts who are current on the best techniques for retrieving and analyzing cell phone usage data that may be critically important for your case including call records, contact lists, text messages, pictures, videos, emails, internet histories, "apps", and records of purchases made with the phone.

Don't risk losing a case because someone accidentally deleted key evidence from a cell phone. Contact Complete Legal Investigations. We will get the cell phone data into the expert's hands so you can concentrate on your area of expertise. Call us today at 561-687-8381.


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