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September 2011
Volume 7   Issue 6 
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The Oliver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity.


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Funding Opportunities 


Share Your Breakfast Grant

Courtesy of Kellogg's and Action for Healthy Kids


The goal of the grant is to increase student participation in the School Breakfast Program through Share Your Breakfast grant from Kellogg's. The grant range from $750-$1,000 and also include significant in-kind contributions from Action for Healthy Kids in the form of people, programs, and policy expertise.


Grant award amounts will be based on building enrollment, protect type, potential increases in participation and a school's ability to mobilize parents and students around school breakfast initiatives. All schools meeting stated requirements will be eligible for funding.   However, priority selection will be given to schools with populations greater than 500 students, average daily participation around 35%, and a free and reduced meals percentage greater than 50%.




Grant Amount:

$750 - $1,000



September 20, 2011



For more information, click here.  






Back to School



This year the Oliver Kids TEAM grows to include YES Prep public schools and Spring Branch Independent School District.


This summer, more than 55 
teachers, principals, administrators and child nutrition professions joined the Oliver Foundation and Baylor College of Medicine staff in a half-day training to create a healthier school environment.


The Oliver Foundation program Is based on seven simple healthy messages. 

Healthy Choices Nov2010

              Choose 5-A-Day servings of fruits and vegetables!

Have more water & less sugary beverages!

Opt for healthy snacks!

Increase active play & decrease screen time!

Choose 3-A-Day servings of low-fat dairy products!

Enjoy a healthy breakfast!

Serve a smart portion size!



Choose one of the seven messages as your theme for the semester or grading period. Incorporate that message in your classroom, PTA meetings, bulletin boards, teaching moments and newsletters.


Build your Oliver Kids Team


To create a healthy sustainable environment at your campus takes more than one person - a supportive team lightens the load and makes the process easier, ensuring sustainable success. 

  • Identify the health leaders at your campus. 
  • Create a Health or Wellness Team - this can be a new team, or can be integrated into one already in existence such as:
    • Campus Based Leadership Team (CBLT)
    • Staff Wellness Committee/Health Committee


This doesn't require additional staff or work.


The key is to integrate the healthy messages into your existing day. Use an existing standing committee, your current lesson plans and integrate into those already planned celebrations and after-school activities.


Oliver Kids Team members can be anyone on your campus who share a passion for creating a sustainable healthy school environment.


The ideal team should be well-rounded and include the support of the following individuals: Principal, Nurse, Classroom Teachers, PE, Cafeteria Manager, Parents and Community members.

What's the next step?

Go to the Oliver Foundation website and download the Oliver Kids Team Manual for more information.


My Plate Green

MyPyramid is now MyPlate.


Confused? Don't be.


The information about what and how much to eat hasn't changed - both MyPyramid and MyPlate are illustrations based on the same food groups and recommendations.  


The messages of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines are the same.


Balance Calories

Enjoy your food, but eat less.

Avoid oversized portions. 


Foods to Increase

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

Make at least half your grains whole grains.

Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) dairy.


Foods to Reduce

Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread and frozen meals and choose the foods with lower numbers.

Drink water instead of sugary beverages.


How can you incorporate the new MyPlate icon into your existing lessons? Use MyPlate to prompt your audience to think about what they actually put on their plates.   Remember, serving sizes still matter.


Lessons and resources are updated regularly. To see what's available today visit www.choosemyplate.gov .


Lesson: Fruit Fun Facts
English Language Arts - L6
Grades: K - 5th

Objective:  Students will practice reading and writing while learning facts about various fruits
Fruit Fun Facts Handout (Citrus, Fig, Corn & Pumpkin)
The teacher will read the Fun Fact sheets with the students. 

Teachers can select one fruit or discuss all four of the handouts. Most importantly, teachers should emphasize the importance of eating plenty fruits and vegetables every day. Also, refer to the MyPlate - half your plate should be fruits & vegetables at every meal. The students will then pick their favorite fact and make a drawing on a separate sheet of paper related to that fact. Include the fact on the drawing. The drawing can then be take home (to reach parents with the message), hung up in the classroom or school cafeteria. To adapt to younger children - share the facts appropriate for their age.



To download the Fruit Fun Fact Handouts go to the Oliver Foundation website.


Looking for more nutrition integrated lessons?  Go to the Oliver Kids Manual where you'll find 50+ lessons.
2010 Healthy Campus Grant
 HEB logo
Provided by H-E-B in cooperation with the Texas Education Agency


The HEB Excellence in Education healthy Campus grant is designed to assist school campuses with resources and funding to increase health and nutrition education for their students. Grant monies are awarded to develop, implement and improve activities and programs centered around the three pillars of H-E-B's statewide health improvement effort: Food, Body and Life. Grants should include at least one component from each of the three areas.


All public and private schools K-12 currently located in the H-E-B service area are eligible to apply. Schools located within 60 miles of an H-E-B or Central Market store are considered in the H-E-B service area.


The 12 grant recipients will be announced in January 2012. Each grant recipient will receive a three year grant in the amount of $15,000 with a payout of $5,000 per school year beginning in January of the 2011-2012 school year.


For complete details go to:   HEB Healthy Campus Grant



Have you created a Healthy School Environment in your district?  Send us an e-mail  and tell us all about it -  info@oliverfoundation.org .
You may be spotlighted in the next Oliver Foundation newsletter - T.E.A.M. Talk.

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