November 21 2011
Old Grouch's Military Surplus Super Sale! 

Don't Wait For Black Friday Sales-Our Sale Starts Now!

15% off all sales over $150! Coupon Code NOV15

10% off all sales over $100! Coupon Code NOV10

Offer Valid Through NOV 28th

As always, we are doing our best to find and bring to you the best deals in real military surplus!
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Stuck on what gifts to buy this year? Want to give first aid kitssomething practical?
Consider giving first aid kits to your friends and loved ones. Every home, car and workplace should have one, and most do not. So instead of giving something that most people will forget about by spring, give a gift that will be of lasting practical value and may just save a life. We have kits for every price range, from $20 to $200, to fit every need and budget. Make your gifts make a difference in the lives of the people who get them!
US Marine Corps KA-BAR Fighting Knife
The famous USMC KA-BAR Fighting Knife is still made to original WWII specifications in the same town, Olean NY, as it was 70 years ago. Real  US made quality. Beware of imported copies on the market, ours are the real thing, and they are cheaper than the factory direct price!
Incloma Surivival Machetes!
Another Great Gift!
survival machete 
New to our store, we just started carrying these great machetes by Incolma of Columbia. Incolma has been making Machetes for over 220 years, and they know how to make a quality product at a low price! We have two types, the 12" survival machete and the 21" cane cutter style.  Prices start as low as $12.95 with sheath! 
Swiss Army Water Storage Bagsswiss water bag 
We got a great buy, so the price on these just dropped! These brand new heavy duty bags store 5 gallons of drinking water. Easy to pour and dispense and very rugged, and a steal at only $11.65 each! I tossed a full one off my deck, a 12 foot drop and it hit with a deep thud, but no damage. I can stand on them full and they hold strong- these are rugged!
Thank you for your business and taking the time to read this email. We continue to strive to find the best real military surplus and other quality gear for you at the best price. Please share our deals with your friends and family! 
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Old Grouch's Military Surplus
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