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Last month we saw 6 more companies make the move to hosting.  Now accessing information on their iPad.

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July's Sage 100 and Sage 300

Updates and News


The August Newsletter will not be issued until late in August, we will be attending the Sage Summitt in Nashville.


We will be getting our first look at the newest release of Timberline, now Sage 300.  It has a brand new look and great new features. Once we are back we will be scheduling some webinars/workshops so you can get a look at it as well.


Yes.  It can happen to you!  Because it just happened to us!


Does your office complex have a community mailbox?  If not, what do you do with your outgoing mail each day?


Don't let this happen to you!!!


Two weeks ago we cut our checks to pay our vendors and placed the 20 or 30 checks in the outgoing slot, so that they could be picked up by the mailman.


Well, some one picked them up but not the mailman.  Someone took a crow bar and emptied the outgoing mail and delivered mail.  It was a few days later and several thousand dollars later before the bank called us about some questionable items.  The person who took the checks was very talented and was able to acid wash or actually create new checks and was able to cash them. In one case, we had a check written to our landlord and the person changed the check to his name.  Luckily the bank called us to verify the payee and when we told them that the check had actually been written to someone else, they refused to honor it but as you can guess the thief was out the door and gone before the police could get there.


So, what are we doing different.  We are now taking all outgoing checks directly to the post office.  We had to close our bank account and set up a completely new one.  Try going without a bank account or any checks for a week or so.  Not EASY!  We are looking into creating a postive pay report to send to the bank daily. We are now using the ACH Feature in Sage 100 to pay our bills electronically rather than with a paper check.


Bottomline, identity theft happens to companies as well, protect yourself.

NOW Available Sage Construction Anywhere -

 Unlimited Users for a Small Monthly Fee 


Sage Construction Anywhere for Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate(Timberline) is now available and Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder) is just a few months away.  Special pricing is being offered for a short period.  Visit the link below, currently three free months with a new subscription, but this is subject to change.


Sage Construction Anywhere
Sage Construction Anywhere


Plenty of information can be found here!


This is one of those no brainers, get field access without the normal headaches and cost.  Subscription is for unlimited users for a small monthly fee.

Want to Get More Jobs and Better Manage Communications?
Take Advantage of the New Integration of Sage Act
and Sage 100 (Master Builder)  
What is Sage ACT!?


Somewhere between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, and the expense and complexity of CRM, lives an alternative - a Contact and Customer Management solution.  Sage ACT! is the #1 choice of small businesses and sales teams designed to help you build long-lasting, profitable relationships by giving you an organized view of the people you do business with.


*Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of the people you do business with
*Manage the communications with prospects by tracking activities, contacts, bids, history, etc...
*Manage numerous prospect bids in a single location
*Manage prospects without filling up your Sage 100 Contractor database with lost clients or jobs.
Quick Video on a Great New Addition to Sage 100
Report search feature
This a great new feature for both new users and experienced users
Report Screener, a new feature
Report Screener, a new feature



Has Your Consultant Passed the Latest Certification Exam from CFO on the go and Sage?

This is important!  As the new releases are issued only certified consultants are offered training on the new releases and tested to help you maximize these enhancements for your organization.
CFO on the go is here to help you maximize your investment in your software solution.  If you want to verify that your consultant has the latest certifications please call Amy Carr, our Customer Care Manager.

Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go