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MouseIf you're reviewing this material, chances are good that you're considering whether or not to purchase new business management software. This is not something to take lightly. In fact, selecting the best business management software for your
construction company may be one of the most critical business decisions you will ever make.

Why? You may be losing profits through errors or inefficiencies; inaccurate or incomplete information may be seriously hindering your ability to make the best decisions for your business. Choosing the right software can drastically alleviate these and many other problems.

While critical, selecting new business software is not easy. There are many vendors and programs from which to choose. Let us help you get through the "maze".

Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. The 6 Steps to Success:
4. Step 1: First Things First-the Needs Assessment
8. Step 2: Creating the Team and the Timeline
10. Step 3: Research
12. Step 4: Vendor Comparisons
14. Step 5: Product Comparisons
20. Step 6: Reaching a Decision
21. Moving Forward
22. Forms
22. Company Comparison (Form 101)
24. Program Costs (Form 102)
25. Program Functionality (Form 103)
27. Program Scalability (Form 104)
28. Other Key Factors (Form 105)
29. Installation and Implementation Costs (Form 106)

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CFO on the go provides leading-edge business solutions to construction, service & real estate businesses. CFO on the go specializes in the implementation, consulting, and training of Sage Construction solutions including Timberline Office, Timberline Estimating and Master Builder. From strategic planning through implementation and deployment, we apply real-world experience, best practices and a client-centric focus to deliver technologically advanced software solutions that dramatically improve business performance. With over 1,500 clients CFO on the go is uniquely qualified to provide your company software and services in the areas of Accounting, Document Management, Estimating, Project Management, Property Management, and Service Management.


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PS:Since 2001 we have helped over 1,000 contractors make the move to a new software solution. Give us a call and you will see why!!

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