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2012 Resolutions
Workflows that make sense
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2012 Resolutions
Made any resolutions for 2012 regarding your companies performance as compared to 2011? Properly using your software can help with these and more.
  • Faster estimates
  • Get paid sooner
  • Reduce OH expenses as a percent of sales
  • Get the information to the projects faster
  • Print less reports - use email more efficiently
  • Identify problems sooner
Call us we can help you find ways to these and more.


January Newsletter
for Master Builder and Timberline 
I would like to wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2012.

Please take a look at some of the new products now available to help you manage your business more efficiently. Also, check out our article on "The 4W's of a Completed Project."


Ei Dynamics Releases Quickflow Templates for Sage Timberline Office!

Finally a real workflow and business process management solution for Timberline.  With Ei Dynamics Quickflow Templates you can now dazzle customers and prospects with dramatic workflow and web self service portal examples that go way beyond the competition and for a reasonable price!

Examples of preconfigured Workflow Templates for Sage Timberline Office...

  • Vendor Insurance Tracking: monitor subcontractor insurance policies about to expire; notify subcontractor via email; allow subcontractor to submit new information and upload a certificate via the web; route new information back to internal compliance manager for review; approve and update Timberline automatically.
  • Vendor Invoice Submission and Approval: self service web form allows vendors to submit invoices including the uploading of actual invoice via a web browser 24/7. New invoices can be routed for approval or sent directly to Accounting for upload or input into Timberline.
  • Direct Deposit Processing: no more licking and stuffing envelopes or postage; send employees their direct deposit payroll summary report via email. The report is securely attached as an encrypted and "password" protected PDF file that can only be opened by the employee or someone who knows their password. Self service option also allows employee to review their current check or prior check information via a web browser 24/7.
  • Employee Self Service: allow employees to update basic payroll information such as mailing address, withholding type and number of deductions 24/7 via the web. Automatically notifies payroll manager when new information has been sub-mitted.

 Learn more in this PDF. Download PDF


EZ Writer is Here
Our new report writer for Master Builder is now available. Check out these sample reports. Want a free Trial Copy that will allow you to write reports for 21 days? Send us an email requesting the CD. Please send me EZWriter

AP listing by Job

AR Listing by Project Manager 


The 4 W's of a Completed Project
  • When should job reviews be scheduled - Once a project has been completed.  
  • Who should be there - Meeting should be attended by lead estimator, project manager, superintendent(s), project accountant and the controller or CFO. 

  • What should be brought to the meeting.-  All estimate files, all correspondence documents, final job cost reports, project schedules including preliminary and final.

  • Why did the project miss or beat the original estimated margin - 
    • Did the estimate identify the scope correctly? What major scopes were missed?
    • Did the estimate correctly estimate the proper production rates? Should the production rates from this job be used for future work?
    • Did the subcontractors perform the work in an acceptable and timely manner? Should certain subs be excluded for future projects?
    • Were there missed billing opportunities? Did we collect for all work performed including Change Orders?
    • Were communications between office and field accurate and timely? Between the owner and the project?  
    • Were we able to finish the project with the estimated time? If not, why?
There are many other question to be asked and answered. The only way to have more successful projects is to learn from your mistakes and by implementing a process to review your closed projects you will gather information that will impact your future estimates.

Not sure if it is worth it. What if you could learn enough to increase your margin by a full percentage point or more? Still not sure. Can you afford to be wrong? Just try this process on your next closed job.
Thanks for taking the time to read our first newsletter of 2012. If you have any questions about Master Builder or Timberline please let us know. We are putting together some more FREE training classes.  If you have suggestions please let us know, we want to provide you with content that you want!



Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go