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EZWriter Report Designer for Sage Master Builder
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EZWriter Features

We have been involved with Master Builder as a partner for over ten years and currently support over 1,300 Master Builder companies. We have sixteen consultants, three that have more than 15 years experience with the product. All of us felt that the report writer could be easier to use and "locked" reports were usually the reports we wanted to modify.

We now have a new report writer that will work with Sage Master Builder. We are offering you the opportunity to get a free trial. This trial will work for 21 days on the sample company data. Try it and you will see that this solution lives up to its name.  First ten responders will be invited to a free webinar to learn how to use it. EZWriter database reporting tool is so easy to use that end users with minimal computer skills can produce reports quickly. You can create a report in EZWriter in just a few minutes with only a few mouse clicks. Grouping, sorting, totaling fields, and filtering are as simple as selecting the desired option from a list.

You will now be able to write reports that were either very difficult, impossible or too expensive to write in the existing report writer. Examples are:
  • Service and AR combined aging
  • Aging by Project Manager/Salesperson
  • Sales tax report combining service and contracts
  • Custom Financial Reports
  • Reports that will export directly to Excel 
Great Features
EZWriter from Builder Softwareputs Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the end-user where it belongs.

Whether you are a project manager, controller or financial analyst, programmer or end user, you'll find EZWriter is a powerful query builder and report writer. It has a simple "wizard" interface allowing you to create your own reports in just minutes.

Simply select which fields to report on from the list of available fields (with meaningful descriptive names rather than cryptic names and symbols), and you're finished! You don't have to know complex stuff like join conditions or have to create SQL statements; EZWriter takes care of that for you.

For finer control, you can customize how each field appears, including column heading, grouping and totaling. The easy-to-use filter dialog allows you to include or exclude specific records. Use the sort page to order the information as you need it. Finally, save the report so you can edit it, copy it or make it available to others to run.
To pre-order your free 21-day trial, please sent us an email.
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Have you been told that the report you wanted was not possible? Send us the details and we will create it in EZWriter for you. 


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