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Need remote access?

Want to save money on servers and the cost of operating them?

We work with three separate companies that know how to host Sage Construction Solutions.  For a small monthly fee you can have your software hosted.  You will have access anywhere you have an internet connection.

Quit using that slow VPN connection, stop performing your nightly backups and stop loading the new updates.  All this and more are included for a flat monthly fee per concurrent user.

Hosting for:
 Timberline Office
 Sage Master Builder
 Timberline Enterprise

Want to learn more please call our office for more information or to ask questions about the service or pricing.

Just call 800-659-5851

 Master Builder and Timberline News
Dear Loyal Clients;

We hope you all enjoyed a nice summer.  CFO on the go will be announcing some upcoming "Free" webinars:
  • A look at Version 9.8 of Timberline
  • A look at Version 17 of Master Builder
  • Tips and tricks for a painless YE close for Master Builder and Timberline
If you are interested in any of these, please send an email to Jean and let her know which webinars you want to attend and she will add you to the registration list.
Sage & Construction Financial Management Association

Team Up to Expand Construction-Specific

Financial Management Education


Partnership Will Expand Educational Programs  

for Construction Industry

BEAVERTON, OR & PRINCETON, NJ - September 7, 2011 - Sage North America, a provider of business management software and services to more than three million small and midsized businesses in Canada and the United States, and the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), an international professional non-profit association focused on the educational needs of financial professionals in construction, today announced that Sage's Construction and Real Estate (CRE) business will partner with the association to deliver quality educational programs to CFMA members and the overall construction industry. The partnership seeks to accelerate the development of timely, relevant educational content fulfilling the specialized learning needs of financial managers working in the construction industry.

For the remainder of the press release: Click here
Free Consulting and Reports!

Have a question or want an easier way to accomplish a work task? Need a report that you cannot find in Timberline or Master Builder?

Send your questions or report request to Free consulting/reports

Each month we will answer at least three of the consulting requests and publish them in our next newsletter. We will also pick one report that others may find value in. We will create the report and publish a link so anyone who wants the report can download and use it.

Just our way of saying thanks for being our loyal customer. 

Timberline Version 9.8 Available  

Late September or Early October 


New Features include:

  • Credit Card processing in Accounts Payable
  • Over 70 Human resources forms now included with Payroll Module
  • Increased performance in many of the modules

Please contact your consultant for more details in the next few weeks.  The consultants are receiving training and additional certifications for the latest release.  For the 2011 year-end release, Sage will support the two most recent major versions for Sage Timberline Office, i.e., versions 9.7.0 and 9.8.0 only.  In order to complete 2011 year-end processing, you will need to upgrade to 9.7.0 or 9.8.0.  


Three page PDF on Enhancements


 PDF of new HR forms that are included



For Master Builder Customers who Use  

Direct Deposit or Want to Use It! 


This solution will automatically send a "payroll check stub" to employees who utilize Direct Deposit.  This saves time and money--no more printing, distributing or mailing payroll check stubs for employees who use Direct Deposit.


Two versions available:


Compatible with EiDynamics Alerts program. (Recommended for employers with more than 35 employees on Direct Deposit- requires EiDynamic software.)  Package includes the Alert--all you need to do is set the return email address and make sure your Master Builder data contains a valid email address for each employee--the rest automatically happens!  


Built into Master Builder. Package includes the required "Custom Report" and step by step easy instructions for setting up new employees on Direct Deposit.  Set up each employee once and relax as the check stubs are emailed automatically.


Call us for a proposal. You will save several times the proposal amount in postage and administrative efforts.




Liberty Reports

Liberty Reports is Event 1 Software's latest generation of integrated Excel-based reporting technology for Master Builder.  Use it to generate reports with your business data by transforming Excel into a powerful and intuitive reporting engine.  Using the Liberty Reports add-in, Excel becomes the environment in which you design reports and run reports.  Use your existing Excel skills to produce highly effective and interactive results including:

  • Business intelligence reports
  • Management reports
  • Exception reports
  • Auditing tools
  • much more!
Watch this six-minute video

Great add-on for Master Builder. Are you a Timberline user? Ask about Event 1's STO solution or register for the next webinar below.

All purchases made in September or October will receive a 10% discount.

Want to learn more?
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Running Multiple Versions of Master Builder Simultaneously

Sometimes, it is advantageous to run multiple versions of Master Builder simultaneously on the same computer.   For instance, if you wish to test custom reports in the next release of Master Builder prior to installing the new release into production. Note:  these instructions are specific to Microsoft Windows 7.  Prior versions of Windows will also work, but the details of the steps may be slightly different.


First, create a shared folder on your local (typically C:) drive.   In Microsoft Windows 7, this is done by:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, create a folder on the C: drive with a logical name.  For instance, if you are upgrading from MB 15 to MB 16, create a folder called "MB15 Share"
  2. Right-click on the new folder and select "Properties" from the menu.
  3. Select the "Sharing" tab.
  4. Click "Share".   By default, the share will include your current user name.   You can add users if you have multiple people logging into the computer to use Master Builder.
  5. Click "Share" again, and then "Done"

Next, set up your computer so when you log in the new share will be assigned a drive letter such as "Y":

  1. Using Windows Explorer, right click on "Computer"
  2. Select "Map Network Drive"
  3. Specify a drive letter that is not currently in use with a network connection or another local share.  In this example, we will choose Y:
  4. Browse to the shared folder that you created above and click "OK"
  5. Make sure the "Reconnect at logon" check box is checked
  6. Click "Finish"

Copy (don't cut and paste) the folder "C:\mb7" and all the sub directories and contents to the shared drive (Y:) as Y:\MB7.


Run the Master Builder upgrade following the instructions to install to the C: drive.   If your local machine is the license server, you can upgrade that as well.   When you are finished, your desktop icon to Master Builder will now point to the current version of Master Builder.  


Create a desktop shortcut to the older version of Master Builder.  The file you would link the short-cut to may be different depending on the version of Master Builder that you are running.  For version 14 to 16, the short-cut should be linked to:

Y:\MB7\PROGRAMS\SageMasterBuilder.exe where Y: is the drive letter you assigned to your shared drive.


You can now run both versions of Master Builder simultaneously.  Be careful when testing a Master Builder database with your new version of Master Builder. Be sure to make a copy of it with a different folder name.   Once you have upgraded the company database to the new version of Master Builder, it cannot be reversed to an earlier version easily.


CFO on the go is here to help you maximize your investment in your software solution.  What can we do to help you use your software more efficiently?  We really would like to hear from you. Send your ideas here



Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go