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Need remote access?

Want to save money on servers and the cost of operating them?

We work with three separate companies that know how to host Sage Construction Solutions.  For a small monthly fee you can have your software hosted.  You will have access anywhere you have an internet connection.

Quit using that slow VPN connection, stop performing your nightly backups and stop loading the new updates.  All this and more are included for a flat monthly fee per concurrent user.

Hosting for:
 Timberline Office
 Sage Master Builder
 Timberline Enterprise

Want to learn more please call our office for more information or to ask questions about the service or pricing.

Just call 800-659-5851

 Master Builder and Timberline News
Dear Loyal Clients;

Labor Day is just around the corner, kids are back to school and vacations are about to end. But things have been "hoppin" at CFO on the go. First with V17 for Master Builder, then the new SQL version of Estimating and now Timberline 9.8 has just been previewed and soon to be released.

All of our 20 plus Certified Consultants have/will be attending a number of training classes on these new releases. If you want to verify that your consultant has the latest Sage/CFO certifications please send an email to Certification Status

Current Master Builder Clients - you should now have Version 17 in your hands. Most clients got the CD at the end of July or the first week of August. The Auto Alerts is the hot new feature we are hearing the most about. We are now taking registrations for our first online training class.

Imagine getting an E Mail to tell you when a cost code has gone over budget!

The cost of the webinar is $100, with 100% of registrations being donated to our Local Food Bank. Click to be added to Class list

Once we have enough registrants we will announce the date and time the class will be about 45-60 minutes long. We will provie you with 4-5 custom alerts that we have written for other users.

Great product that Timberline companies are using. We encourage you to take a look. 

From Pre-qualification to Payment:  Textura's Software Solutions Improve Profitability and Efficiency, Mitigate Risks


Textura-CPM Streamlines Invoicing, Lien Wavier Collection and Payments

Textura-PQM Automates the Pre-Qualification Process


Textura Corporation's easy-to-use software solutions for construction deliver significant, measurable user value by modernizing and putting online complicated, costly and inefficient processes.  Their collaborative, internet-based applications are rapidly being adopted by progressive companies looking to improve business results and position themselves for sustainable future growth.  

Textura-CPM is the construction industry's only complete electronic solution for invoicing, lien waiver collection, compliance and payment.  CPM has a strong track record of providing hard savings and improving productivity.  With Textura, electronic documents replace paper invoices, sworn statements, lien waivers, and checks.  Automated e-mail messages prompt required actions, eliminate follow-up calls/faxes, and expedite the draw package assembly and submittal.  Interfaces between the Timberline and Master Builder eliminate data entry.  CNN Headline News called CPM 'one of the most sophisticated business-to-business applications in the world.'

Textura-PQMautomates the entire pre-qualification process.  General contractors improve risk management.  Subcontractors gain efficiency and expand their marketing reach.  PQM facilitates the electronic submission, review, approval and updating of all pre-qualification documents. Subcontractors enter their information one-time into a private database which can then produce tailored pre-qualification forms that provide specific information required by individual general contractors.  

For more information please call 1-866-TEXTURA or visit  To schedule a presentation and demonstration, contact CFO on the go.


Timberline version 9.8 is coming in late September or early October 


New Features include:

  • Credit Card processing in Accounts Payable
  • Over 70 Human resources forms are now included with the Payroll Module
  • Increased performance in many of the modules

Please contact your consultant for more details in the next few weeks, they will soon be receiving training and additional certifications for the latest release. For the 2011 year-end release, Sage will be supporting the two most recent major versions for Sage Timberline Office, versions 9.7.0 and 9.8.0 only. In order to complete 2011 year-end processing, you will need to upgrade to 9.7.0 or 9.8.0. 



Need Something to Smile or Laugh about?
Please download "Construction is Fun Again" it is a collection of construction cartoons, this is Volume One, if it makes you smile; forward a copy to someone else. Please send us an email to get on the mail list for Version Two which we are currently working on.

Download the PDF Here  
CFO on the go is here to help you maximize your investment in your software solution.  Looking for a special report or training for a new employee, call us for all of our training options. Hope that you all enjoyed your summer.



Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go