ArchBlocks Newsletter

November 2009 Vol.1

~ArchBlocks News and Events~

Hello Everyone!
It's been an exciting time here at ArchBlocks, there have been many new additions and developments to the website that I know you all will find helpful. Read over the topics below and get updated with what's been going on!

ArchBlocks joins Autodesk Developers Network

ACAD10 Compt.This summer 2009, I applied for the Autodesk Developers Network and was accepted. This basically gives all the ArchBlocks products the seal of approval from Autodesk that they are compatible with all Autodesk products and technologies. It also gives me the benefit of direct technical support with Autodesk.

You will also start to notice the Autodesk logos like the one you see to your right. I can now use these logos in all my marketing ads and on the website pages. The ArchBlocks products will also be marketed on the Autodesk websites and their product catalogs. Our affliation with Autodesk creates great credibility for!


Product ReviewsThank you! 

Another new addition to the website is the ability for you to write product reviews. This helps both you and me! It helps me to keep in touch with what everybody thinks about the products they have purchased, and how well they are working for you. It helps you to get better products in the future, new products that are a direct result of your opinions.
Your reviews will also help new customers get some real world feedback about a product before they purchase.
If you have a personal story to share about your ArchBlocks products, please log on and write your product review. Let our visitors know how helpful our ArchBlocks products can be. Your suggestions are also welcome.
Here's what a few people have already said about their ArchBlocks products;
"I absolutely love your block libraries, I could never draw this myself".
"Thank you for creating these beautiful symbols, they add great detail to my drawings".
"Your furniture blocks have helped to make my drawings look more professional".
 go to the website and write a short product review.

It will be greatly appreciated! sponsors International Design Contest
Win $100


 Starting this November 2009, is sponsoring an international design contest for all it's customers using the ArchBlocks products. The contest will be held each month with the winner getting $100 u.s. dollars!



Look for the details coming in November!


Kevin FaceI'm really excited about all the new developments that have been put into the website! This newsletter is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, it is now a reality.
The international design contest should be very interesting to see just how incredibly creative you all can be.
So stay tuned!

Kevin McWhirter
~ To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~
Joseph Chilton Pearce