Jeanie Madsen Gallery 




 October 6 - 28



When is the last time you heard someone talking about celebrating Ageless Beauty?


                "Joy is the best make-up" Anne Lamott

     ONE Invitation to 6 great Events: 


Oct 6th Artist Reception for "A NEW BEAUTIFUL"  group show 7-10p

Robbie Kaye, Jennifer Verge, Joyce Patenude, Mimi Yoon and Liz Huston

Oct  9th  Poetry readings with Elaine Madsen and Laura Shultz 7-9p

Oct 11th Art Talk/Book signing with Destiny Alison and Joyce Patenaude 7-9

Oct 16th  screening of "CoverGirl Culture" by Nicole Clark 7-9

Oct 20th Fashion Show -  "A.N.B" Jeanie Madsen 7-10pm

Oct 25th- screening  "I know a Woman Like That" by Elaine and 

Virginia Madsen..  7-10pm

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To instill healthy self-image for ALL, beginning with teen's


 Check out the trailer for "A New Beautiful" Documentary



Great public parking on 2nd St. structures

all between Colorado and Wishire



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THANK YOU ALL for helping me to arrive at THREE and a half  years of  successful business!


I leave you with this:


Together we can do the unimaginable;
we can achieve the unbelievable and 
exceed expectations and limitations
that have been placed upon us by 
those that are not ready for change. This
is not about right or wrong, good or bad.
It's about humanity.


      Jeanie Madsen Gallery

1431 Ocean Ave
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