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KNOWLEDGE IN THE SERVICE OF SOCIETY                                               NOVEMBER 29, 2010
Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Doing Good in the Neighborhood is the campaign that makes it easy for Duke employees to give to local agencies supported by the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership and by Duke University Health System, or to the United Way of the Greater Triangle.

Visit the campaign's website to learn more and to make a donation!
DDC 2010
The Duke-Durham Campaign allows Durham and Triangle- area businesses to support the valuable work of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership. The 2010 campaign wrapped up May 6.  Donations are accepted all year.

Visit the campaign's website to learn more and to make a donation.
The Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, and Duke University is planning an exciting series of events to commemorate the milestone. If you are a member of the Duke community who is also a "Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)," or if you're simply interested in global development, visit this website to join a mailing list for updates on Duke's upcoming "global development year."

Join Durham and Regional Affairs staff at the events below!
DECEMBER 11 & 12
Walltown Children's Theatre Presents: Nutcracker
In celebration of the organization's 10th anniversary, Walltown Children's Theatre invites the public to its production of "Nutcracker," which will be performed December 11 at 7 pm and December 12 at 3 pm, at Holton Auditorium. Contact Wanona Satcher at wajisa22@yahoo.com  for more details.

Watts Hospital-Hillandale
Night of Lights

For more volunteer opportunities, and to join our University-wide effort to log volunteer hours, visit our website!
Dear Friend,

Duke's Office of Durham and Regional Affairs is always proud to be a sponsor of the Downtown Durham, Inc. annual meeting. We were honored this year to actually receive a DDI award, along with the City of Durham, for the public-private partnership that led to the creation of the Bull City Connector. If you haven't yet taken the fare-free route between downtown, Ninth Street and Duke's campus, I encourage you to do so.

Please read on for the latest stories from our Education Architecture, Doing Good in the Neighborhood campaign, and Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership. And as always, please send the events and stories you'd like to see featured here to lindsey.naylor@duke.edu.

Phail Wynn Jr.
Vice President for Durham and Regional Affairs
Program builds reading skills for local 1st and 2nd graders
Lakewood Afterschool Reading Academy

The Office of Durham and Regional Affairs formed its Education Architecture to help meet the challenges of low student achievement and high teacher turnover in Durham Public Schools. The Afterschool Reading Academy, featured below, is one of the evidence-based programs that form the continuum of the Education Architecture. The other programs and support services will be featured here each month.

"Crack! Crack! Crack! Baby chickens are born."

A chorus of small voices joined that of Janelle Robian, a second-grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary, as she read "Eggs" by Becky Mann.

Ms. Robian held open the large book, slowly dragging her finger under each word. The small group of second-grade students followed along from their own, smaller versions of the book. Sitting alongside the children, on the colorful rug at the front of Ms. Robian's classroom, was a Duke student who helped the children when they paused, or reminded them how an exclamation point is different from a period.

And although it was close to 5:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, the children were engaged, reading words with confidence and plunging their hands into the air when Ms. Robian asked how they think the book got its title.

Robian, the Duke student, and the second-graders were participating in the Afterschool Reading Academy, the newest program in the Education Architecture formed by Duke's Office of Durham and Regional Affairs. Launched in September at E.K. Powe and Lakewood Elementary Schools, the program serves 60 first- and second-grade students who  are behind-grade-level in reading.

"For students, end-of-third-grade reading level is a key indicator of future academic success," said Phail Wynn, Jr., Duke's Vice President for Durham and Regional Affairs. "By offering reading intervention to these students in the first and second grade, we hope to provide the solid foundation of literacy skills that they will need to reach their full academic potential for years to come."

The Afterschool Reading Academy is held two days per week at both E.K. Powe and Lakewood. Each site is led by two teachers, who receive support from a small team of Duke student tutors through the America Reads and Counts program in Duke's Office of Student Community Volunteer Programs.

Read the rest of the story.

See the full Durham and Regional Affairs Education Architecture.
Learn about the other programs in the Education Architecture.
Duke employees have one more week to give back
Coach K on 'Doing Good in the Neighborhood'

One week remains of Doing Good in the Neighborhood, the annual campaign that makes it easy for Duke employees to make a difference in Durham through community-based philanthropy.

Through Doing Good in the Neighborhood, employees from the university and health system can give to a range of organizations supported by Duke Community Giving and United Way of the Greater Triangle. And this year, donors can make their gift go further through the Community Care Grant program.

Click here or on the video above to hear why Coach Mike Krzyzewski gives every year through Doing Good in the Neighborhood.

Visit us online to learn more about how to give, and to see where your gift makes a difference.
Duke honors long-time leader of Crest Street community
Willie Patterson and Phail Wynn, Jr.

Willie E. Patterson, the leader of Crest Street Community Council since 1975, has announced his retirement from his post next December. Duke's Office of Durham and Regional Affairs got the chance to honor Patterson on November 15, when the Crest Street community hosted staff members and other neighborhood presidents for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Below is a tribute to Patterson by Sam Miglarese, an ally of Patterson's and Duke's Director of Community Engagement.


As president of Crest Street Community Council, Willie Patterson has served as a trendsetter for community commitment and dedication. Patterson - a graduate of Hillside High and N.C. Central University, a 22-year Air Force veteran, and a former manager of the Duke University Medical Center Labor Union - first began working to enhance quality of life in Crest Street in the 1970s. Patterson worked closely with the late Dr. L.W. Reid, pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church, to promote housing for neighborhood seniors, safety and security, and youth development.

When the very existence of Patterson's community was threatened by the proposed extension of the Durham Freeway, he led the opposition. Patterson and Reid formed partnerships with Duke University, legal-aid attorneys, and the City of Durham to successfully negotiate with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. For their leadership and courageous advocacy, Reid and Patterson both were awarded the Z. Smith Reynolds Unsung Heroes Award in 1989.

In the years since, Patterson has continued to advocate for Crest Street. He has worked closely with the City of Durham, New Bethel Baptist and Duke University. For the youth of Crest Street, Patterson developed a summer jobs program and co-founded the Crest Street Tutorial Project. To preserve Crest Street's sense of community, Patterson directs annual community days and lobbied for the recreation center that bears his name. Patterson also leads an annual neighborhood clean-up day and works with Duke Energy to keep the local power lines and underbrush in order.

Patterson's list of accomplishments goes on. Duke University salutes Willie Patterson for his many years of service to the U.S. Armed Forces, to Duke University, and to the Crest Street community that is his home. He has advocated for his community for more than 30 years. He is a lion of a leader who has left his mark on Crest Street, Durham, and the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership.

Congratulations, Willie, and best of wishes!
Multimedia from the Office of Durham and Regional Affairs
See what the Office of Durham and Regional Affairs has been up to lately, and follow the links for photos or video.

NOVEMBER 20, 2010
Duke students and student-athletes joined forces with the Burch Avenue Neighborhood Association to work on the community's new playground, which was built this summer with support from Duke.
Click here for more photos, taken by Community Affairs Intern Jesse Huddleston.
Burch Avenue Work Day

Duke University's Pauli Murray Project has organized a series of community-building events in celebration of civil rights activist and Durham native Pauli Murray's 100th birthday. See the schedule of events online, and click here for more photos of the work day where volunteers cleaned Murray's childhood home in preparation for its future use, which will be determined by the community.Pauli Murrah House Clean-Up

OCTOBER 23 and 24, 2010
Duke Chemistry Outreach

Duke Community Engagement in the News

Follow the links below to see how the Office of Durham and Regional Affairs and its partners in Duke community engagement have made headlines.

"Self-Help builds 100th house"
The Herald-Sun, 11/14/10
Self-Help, a long-time partner of Duke, celebrated the construction of its 100th house in the Walltown community.

"Builders of Hope gets attention for New Orleans efforts"
Bull City Rising, 11/11/10
Local housing organization Builders of Hope received recognition for a project in New Orleans, even as its efforts in the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership's West End community escalate.

"Green street again"
The Durham News, 11/10/10
Duke students and city workers pitched in to plant new trees along Green Street in the Trinity Heights community, with funding support from Duke's Doing Good in the Neighborhood employee giving campaign.

"Builder may save historic hospital"
The Herald-Sun, 11/9/10
Partner neighborhood Trinity Park, with Preservation Durham, made strides in convincing a developer to preserve an historic building on the edge of the neighborhood.

"At Duke University, an experiment in community health care"
The Washington Post, 11/6/10
Duke University Health System has received national attention for its established efforts to promote community health by providing care for low-income patients.

"School Days: A Taste of College"
Duke Today, 11/1/10
Almost 300 eighth-graders from Durham Public Schools visited Duke's campus in October to visit dormitories, eat in the dining hall, and see lectures by faculty members. The annual School Days event is meant to encourage the students to plan and strive for post-secondary education.

"Rowing to host annual 'Row for the Cure' fundraiser"
GoDuke.com, 10/19/10
The Duke rowing team held its annual Row for the Cure Ergathon October 21 on Duke University's main quad, to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The Office of Durham and Regional Affairs administers Duke's relations with Durham and the Research Triangle region, including but not limited to local government, the Research Triangle Park, Durham public schools, and area colleges and universities.  The Office oversees the activities of the Office of Community Affairs and its Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership.  In addition to supporting the activities of these offices, the staff works to strengthen partnerships with Durham to accelerate the economic renewal in downtown areas close to campus such as West Main Street, Brightleaf Square and the Ninth Street district.  They also work to develop regional partnerships in support of Duke's strategic goals and to help ensure future innovation and growth in the region.

For more about the Office's ongoing goals and strategies, visit our website.

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