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Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition

Welcome to the first edition of California Project LEAN Enews. We hope you find our resources and tools useful in your efforts to address childhood obesity. Future editions will cover topics such as parent and youth engagement in school wellness policies, working with school board members, and addressing unhealthy marketing to children. Please take a moment to click on the "update profile/email address" link at the bottom of this email so we may learn more about your areas of interest and focus. We hope this Enews becomes a forum for learning, sharing, and inspiration as we work to improve the food and physical activity environments for children.
MVPA...What Is It and How Do You Help Students Get It?

Engaging students in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) during P.E. prepares them to lead physically active lives and can improve health and academic outcomes. Moderate physical activity is an activity with the intensity of brisk walking or bicycling. Vigorous physical activity produces large increases in breathing or heart rate, such as jogging or bicycling uphill. Consider these five low-cost strategies for achieving MVPA in your school:
  • Provide teachers with classroom management and teaching techniques to keep all students engaged and active, such as concise instructions, active roll call, and circuit activities.
  • Utilize inexpensive or donated equipment, such as jump ropes or flying discs.
  • Use the expertise of P.E. staff to develop curriculum with MVPA as a focus.
  • Explore funding opportunities to implement activity-based P.E., such as the Federal Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant or health clubs and gyms.
  • Identify support staff for P.E. teachers.
For more insight into MVPA please click here.
Parent Engagement Tips Five Tips to Improve Parent Engagement

Parents are critical partners in the effort to improve the food and physical activity options in our schools. In order to help parents feel empowered and confident to advocate for changes in their children's school, CPL has developed a dynamic training curriculum and toolkit, Parents in Action, available in English and Spanish. Please click here to view.

Here are five tips to engage parents:

1. Accommodate work schedules and ensure meetings are held at various times (such as in the evenings and on weekends).

2. Provide childcare for young children and enrichment activities for school-age children during meetings/events. Make sure that your childcare activities model what you are encouraging parents to advocate for (e.g., serve healthy snacks and provide physical activity opportunities.)

3. Ensure written communication addresses non-English speakers and parents with low-literacy.

4. Have native-language speakers facilitate meetings/events when possible.

5. Personalize your message when possible, frame your message around parents' concerns for their children's future, and identify activities as an opportunity to address health disparities or social justice issues.
Supporting Sweetwater's Successful Reinvention of the School Cafeteria Sweetwater Video Newsroom

CPL has been a partner in The California Endowment's Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAC) initiative since 2005. We are proud to see success stories like Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista. The school was transformed into a profit-making healthy-food-producing enterprise, thanks to a business-savvy foodservice director and many hardworking partners in the school and community. The link between academics and health was a powerful force in this change: "What the HEAC partnership did for me was give me a voice coming from the academic side, with compelling research showing that our kids are going to learn better if they eat better and are healthier, " said Nancy Stewart, Food Services Director for Sweetwater Union High School District.

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Feb. 2010
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Parent Engagement Tips
Supporting Sweetwater's Successful Reinvention of the School Cafeteria
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CPL has over 50 resources available for free download on our website, including Spanish-language school wellness resources for engaging parents, promotoras, school board members, and youth. Access these tool kits and more to help target your education and advocacy efforts to improve the food and physical activity environments in schools and communities.

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Policy in Action Trainings: Maximizing Physical Activity Opportunities in Tough Budget Times
February 17 (Central Valley) February 23 (Shasta)
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