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 July 2011
8 pounds in just one day from a 10' x 10' patch!


For me, July marks the season of easy outdoor entertaining, bounty from the vegetable garden, a lush garden with fewer weeds (or at least I just don't notice them) and the opportunity to go on garden tours and get lots of new ideas. 


So freshen up those container gardens (or ask me to take care of them for you), sit back on the patio and enjoy warm days, cold drinks and friends.


Time to go UP


Looking for something different for your container gardens? Try

one of these climbing vines as a backdrop or centerpiece.



'Glasnevin' potato vine planted with blue fescue grass, 'Apricot punch' million bells,
 'Gartenmeister' fuchsia and annual geraniums
My design
 'Glasnevin' potato vine (Solanum crispum). This semi-evergreen beauty produces masses of lavender flowers all summer, each accented with an orange center.Think of your container as part of the garden and place it either at the foot of an arbor or against a wall. The trellis can be attached to the wall itself (see the photograph) or anchored into the container if it is deep enough. Then simply fill in with a frill of  complementary plants.



Mandevilla 'White velvet'


Mandevilla has a wonderful tropical look to it and is available in shades of pink, white and red. The 'Sun Parasol' series are especially floriferous. Add a tall obelisk to the center of a large container and watch it scramble!


Purple Queen Bougainvillea

'Purple Queen' bougainvillea.
Photo courtesy of Monrovia




Bougainvillea may be common in sunny California but here in the PNW it is a tropical treat. I love the vibrant hot pink but it is also available in shades of gold and orange. Again this is a tall vine so either grow it on a trellis against a wall, or up a tall structure placed firmly into a large container. Wouldn't it be fun to have three identical containers side by side, each with an obelisk linked together with a decorative rope? Then the vine could scramble up the obelisk and along the interconnecting swag to festoon like party decorations. Fun!


Cezanne clematis

'Cezanne' clematis
Photo courtesy of Monrovia


On a smaller scale, a short clematis is an easy choice with selections in many colors and flower types. The Raymond Evison series are particularly attractive and well suited to small spaces.

pink jasmine
By growing pink jasmine in a large container at the foot of this gazebo you can enjoy many months of wonderful fragrance.
Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Jasmine has an unforgettable fragrance and there are many varieties to choose from such as Madison jasmine (Trachelospernum jasminoides 'Madison') with its medium sized, leathery, semi-evergreen leaves, hardy to zone 7 and the delicate pink jasmine (Jasminium polyanthum) with its soft feathery foliage and hardy to zone 8. These could either encouraged to climb up a 4-5' structure and then allowed to cascade in a fountain from the top  or given a location where they can grow along a fence, up a wall or perhaps to weave through stair or deck railings. Wherever you site them be sure it is near a window or seating area so you can enjoy the perfume.


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Garden Adventures

Have you read my blog 'Garden Adventures - for thumbs of all colors' recently? If not you've been missing out! It's full of light hearted but informative gardening articles covering a wide range of subjects from spotlights on garden artists to container design. 

PW table setting
Photo courtesy of Proven Winners


Last month the most popular post was A garden party the stress free way.  Click on the title to enjoy it again.


Don't miss out - sign up today to receive posts automatically by email. Just head over to the blog and follow the instructions 'Subscribe by email'. Tell your friends and join me on a fun adventure.


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Le Jardinet in Fine Gardening Magazine


FG cover 2011


Container Gardening by Fine Gardening Magazine. Vol 8, 2011

Taunton Press has included a revision of my 2008 article Style in the Shade in this special publication. Low light needn't cramp your creativity or limit your plant choices. Purchase here



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Just 9 days away - Duvall's Garden Celebration!

Duvall GC
Click on the logo for details.

Duvall may be a small town but we do things BIG! This year we see the very first 'Duvall's Garden Celebration' featuring 8 gardens open to the public, kids activities including a burrito treasure hunt, a container garden competition and a special seminar


Set the date - July 9th, for flowers, food and fun. Tickets are just $5 and available July 7, 8 and 9th at True Value. Details  on the Duvall Chamber of Commerce website.


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July Garden Tours

Lot's to choose from; be inspired!

  • Fri July 8th - Sun. 10th, 10am-5pm. Bainbridge in Bloom. Tour 6 gardens by bus. Ticket $25. Details
  • Sat. July 9th, 10am-6pm. Garden Celebration, Duvall. Eight private gardens, kids activities, container garden competition, container gardening demonstration, street music and more! Tickets $5. Details.
  • Sat. July 9th, 10am-4pm. Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour, Seattle. Small coops, fancy coops, goats, chickens, honey bees amd more! Tickets $10+. Details
  • Sat. July 16th, 10am-4pm. Woodinville Garden Tour. Self-drive tour through 6 wonderful gardens $20. Details
  • Sun. July 17th, 9am-5pm. West Seattle Garden Tour including luncheon and lecture by designer Sue Goetz. 10 spectacular residential gardens. Tickets $15. Details.
  • Sun. July 31st, 12noon-5pm. Snohomish City Garden Tour. Eight gardens in and around Snohomish. Tickets $12. Details

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Sit back and enjoy your garden this summer


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Croton Zanzibar
Croton 'Zanzibar' sandwiched between Bromeliads and Coleus
My design

I love a plant with attitude and this certainly has plenty of that! The colorful strappy foliage tumbles down like a bad hair do and makes quite the statement in a shady spot. I have used it in containers which receive morning sun, pairing it with bolder leaved companions

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