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  February 2010
Life's Little Surprises 
Most of us like surprises; at least the nice kind such as an unexpected gift or a visit from friends. We have had more than our fair share of surprises since moving to our Duvall property and not all of them welcome! In the past two weeks we have discovered yet more mice nests behind the kitchen wall, a well used cat bathroom under the kitchen floor (YUK!), a mice convention center under our bedroom (guess the cat must have left) and a recently inhabited den in the woods complete with a skull (deer?) and several long bones...
A more pleasant surprise has been the discovery of dozens of spring bulbs appearing in our new garden and I'm excited to see them all bloom.
With Valentines Day just two weeks away, what surprise are you planning for that special someone? I have a few ideas for you below.
Winter TLC for Containers
Take a few minutes to give your containers a check up.
Big silver ball
  • Remember to water, even in winter. The soil dries out quickly in windy conditions and containers under the eaves need to be hand watered regularly.
  • Remove dead leaves and flowers to keep things healthy. Check at soil level too for any hidden, soggy leaves. 
  • Your sun containers will have spring bulbs starting to peek through the soil soon. Remove any decorative accents you may have added over the holidays to be sure the shoots have room to grow.
  • Shady containers usually do not have bulbs added since the low light delays blooming time. However you can cheat! Read my Tip of the month for a quick and easy idea.
valentineValentine's Day
Need some ideas? What about a gift container from Le Jardinet? Your custom design could be in traditional red and white or any other color scheme of your choice. Both outdoor and indoor container gardens are welcome at this time of year as they remind us that spring is just around the corner with their splash of color. Can't decide? A gift certificate may be just the answer.
Call or email and together we will plan a delightful surprise for your Valentine.
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Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2010
It's here at last!
It's a real treat to explore over 6 acres of magical display gardens which are the heart of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. The scents, sounds and visual tapestry of colors truly delight the senses and awaken my gardening spirit after months of languishing under gray skies.
NWFGS tulip
I find the seminars particularly inspiring (as well as a good excuse to sit down for a while!). With prominent speakers and renowned designers to choose from there is something to appeal to everyone.
One seminar which I hope you will find especially worth a visit is mine! Join me at the DIY stage (where they let me make a mess) for a fun demonstration-style seminar;
Sunday February 7th, 3.30pm  Living Large in a Small Space; how to add drama to the smallest of spaces. I'll show you how to go from wimpy to WOW, no matter how small your garden is.I always have fresh ideas to share so come early as those seats fill fast! Read reviews from previous years on my website. You'll find them under 'Events' within the 'Publications' section.
For further details and directions to the show click here.
May your surprises this month be happy ones!! 
Karen Chapman CPH
Le Jardinet
425 765 3574 
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TLC for Containers
Valentine's Day
Flower & Garden Show
Cheat with style!
 Big silver ball
Nurseries now have a colorful selection of  primroses and spring bulbs such as miniature daffodils and crocus. Pick up a few and tuck them into your container gardens.  Either bury the plant pot in the soil or nestle it within existing foliage. When flowering is over replace with something else such as late blooming Hyacinths. This is an especially useful trick for shady containers. If you select bulbs which are already partially opened they will continue to open up and give you lots of color, despite the less than perfect lighting conditions.
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