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  Late Summer 2009
As summer winds down it's fun to look back and see how my garden 'grew'. In some cases it was SERIOUS growth! I thought you might enjoy these 'before and after' pictures taken in early June and mid August; they're even bigger now!
         garage left before garage left after
         Charlie before Charlie after
         acer before acer after
Amazing what good soil, sunshine and water can do (not to mention good design of course!)
Container care
PotteryYour containers should still be looking lush and colorful at least into October. Follow the tips below to extend their life until you feel it is time to replant. 
Bugs, slugs and earwigs;
Yes they can still be a nuisance! keep the slug bait (Sluggo Plus) handy for slugs and earwig nuking and squish or spray aphids (Take Down by Monterey is my preference for aphid control and available at Molbaks).
Spacing; groups of containers may need to be spaced a little farther apart as the plants fill in, to allow for good air circulation.
Editing; If just one or two summer flowering plants are past their best, gently remove them with a small garden trowel and slip in something cheap and cheerful for a few weeks. Strawflowers have wonderful rich autumn tones while Cape Plumbago offers blue flowers together with red shades in the leaves for example. That will save replanting the whole design for a few more weeks and help you get the most out of the plants which still look good.
Watering; remember to check the soil  daily and water when the top inch or two is dry. We should be past the extreme temperatures so watering daily may no longer be necessary. However they WILL still need water! Be particularly vigilant if you have evergreen, permanent plants within your designs. They won't be very permanent if you give up on them!

ConsultationLandscape consultation
 rose and crocosmia
Does your garden take too much water and too much effort?  
Get ideas on how to edit what you have and replace fussy plants with lower maintenance, well behaved shrubs and perennials without sacrificing style. Call 425 765 3574 or email me to learn more about my landscape consultation service or to set up an appointment. 

Charlie leaf

I love to share my knowledge and passion for gardening with others so am always thrilled to have the opportunity to present seminars to nurseries and private groups. My website has now been updated with the latest bookings; check out the Events page for details.  If you are interested in a presentation for your garden club or organization I would love to discuss ideas with you. Email me for more information.
(In case you are wondering, this photograph shows the huge leaves of the Black Diamond Colocasia unfurling; the full plant is shown in the 'before and after' section. Pretty cool!)
Our Garden (and Le Jardinet) on the move.
Moving house is never easy. Moving a house and garden has additional challenges, especially when you have to make an interim move into a rented apartment! A tiny 5' x 3' balcony barely holds three Hostas let alone all my containers and plants I have dug up which just have to come with me to our new home! Thankfully I have wonderful friends who have offered to plant-sit for me while we get our lives on track and we look for that perfect home (and garden).
Our new physical address  from September 9th will be;
12431 110th Lane NE, #N303, Kirkland WA 98034.
However since we don't know how long this 'temporary' arrangement will be for, we have a more reliable mailing address of
PO Box 3007, Woodinville, WA 98072.
All phone numbers and emails will remain the same. However I shall not be able to access emails between September 7-12th.
Thank you for your patience.
Upcoming Events
September 5th 11am. Sky Nursery. How to Prune and Renovate an Overgrown Garden by Cass Turnbull (the pruning guru!)
September 12th 11-3pm Bellevue Botanical Garden. The Fabulous Fall Plant sale! (Who can possibly resist?) Bargains from the famous perennial border and other speciality plants Details or call 425-647-6004 
My top 5 late plants for late summer
 1. Tricyrtis 'Gilt Edge' (Toad Lily); Potterygorgeous yellow edged leaves with unusual spotted purple flowers; wonderful in the shade garden with Japanese Forest Grass.


2. Begonia grandis (hardy Begonia); I have two varieties and love them both for their interesting leaves, stems and late summer flowers in white or pink. Shade lover.

Begonia grandis

3. Cimifuga 'Hillside Black Beauty' (Bugbane); tall, feathery black leaves topped by vanilla scented white flowers. Full sun or part shade but keep it watered!
4. Abelia 'Kaleidoscope'Potterya semi-evergreen shrub whose soft yellow and green variegated leaves take on a copper hue in late summer/fall, especially if grown in full sun. Next to orange hair sedge it's a stand out.
5. Tall grasses; there are too many to mention but most have gorgeous seed heads in shades of pink, white or red which move beautifully in the breeze and add a wonderful fine texture to the garden. check out your local nursery for examples!
6. (I can't count....) Schizostylis 'Oregon sunset' or similar (Kaffir lily -much easier to pronounce!) PotteryStrappy semi-evergreen leaves topped by rich coral colored flowers reminiscent of miniature gladioli. They make good cut flowers too. Can spread a bit but easy to pull out the extras. Does best in full sun.
7. (I definitely can't count!!) Impatiens omeiana (Hardy Impatiens); 'to die for' leaves with a central yellow vein, the color being picked up by the yellow flowers which start to appear in late summer. Loves lots of shade. A very special plant if you can find it.

hardy impatiens

Due to our imminent move I shall not try to be Wonder Woman and promise a newsletter on October 1st! However I am always able to find time to come and help you with your gardens. Indeed it will be wonderful to find an excuse to walk away from packing boxes for a while!
Karen Chapman CPH
Le Jardinet
425 765 3574 
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Top 5 Plants for Fall
rainbow chard
Mid-September is a good time to transplant evergreen shrubs and divide perennials.
Try planting cool-season vegetables this year too, such as Swiss chard (try the rainbow variety pictured above for fun color) and Brussels  sprouts (Ciscoe will be proud of you!)
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