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  August 2009

pond with chairs

I love to be outdoors whether it is hiking in the mountains or enjoying a quiet glass of wine in my own garden. There is something rejuvenating about being surrounded by nature. At this time of year I enjoy watching dragonflies dance on the pond and hummingbirds feast on the flowers whilst relishing the heady fragrance of jasmine, roses and lavender. Take a few moments to step outside and just 'be'.
Container care
PotteryAs the weather gets warmer your container gardens will need a little extra TLC.
Bugs, slugs and earwigs;
keep the slug bait (Sluggo Plus) handy for slugs and earwig nuking and squish or spray aphids (Take Down by Monterey is my preference for aphid control and available at Molbaks).
Spacing; groups of containers may need to be spaced a little farther apart as the plants fill in, to allow for good air circulation.
Editing; don't be afraid to remove a few leaves if they are getting in the way of flowers! I often remove a few geranium leaves for example as they can overwhelm the container and hide more delicate flowers from view. As the designs mature you may need to continue to do this. Coleus also benefit from their blue, pineapple shaped flowers being removed to prevent them going to seed and keep the plants bushy. 

Also cut off spent flowers to encourage further blooms and check the soil surface for decaying flowers and leaves which should be removed promptly.
Watering; remember to check the soil  daily and water when the top inch or two is dry. With this long stretch of very hot weather you may need to water your containers twice a day, even if they are on an irrigation system. Water thoroughly until it pours out of the drainage holes at the base of the pot. For moss baskets saturate the moss as well as the soil.It's HOT!

ConsultationLandscape consultation
Larry archway
Have you noticed how the garden can look lovely in May but totally drab by the end of summer? Many of you have said how helpful it has been to have me come and troubleshoot problems like this in your gardens. I know from experience how difficult it can be to look objectively at your own garden. We become so familiar with it that our vision seems to get distorted!! I love to come and share ideas, suggest solutions and simply 'talk gardens' so please call 425 765 3574 or email me if you would like to get together or for further information. 
Custom woodwork

Bev pergola

When designing gardens I often find myself needing to screen out unwanted views, frame a special sitting nook or create a unique focal point. There are many ways of resolving these challenges but often the solution is a structure of some kind such as a pergola or gazebo.
Le Jardinet offers a custom woodwork design and build service which has proven invaluable for those of you who need non-standard sized arbors, planters or trellises not otherwise available. We can work from your ideas or  together design something unique to suit your home and purpose.
Email Andy to discuss your needs and make an appointment for a free estimate.  
Contractor license # LEJARJ*913LQ
I am now taking bookings for seminars from October 1st  2009 through to April 30th 2010. If you are interested in a presentation for your garden club or organization I would love to discuss ideas with you. Email me for more information.
Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2010; I have been invited to submit an application to be a speaker again at this wonderful event. I am honored to have been asked and excited to have this opportunity. Details to follow.
Serious Plant Equity!
At the very end of June we made the decision that it was time to move. I need (!) more garden and it is time for us to have a dedicated workshop and a garage! (Cars in a garage....what a concept...) In just 8 days we had three offers and sold our home. Although our house really is lovely  it was the garden which made the difference and ultimately the sale. In fact we became known as "the house in Kirkland with the garden"... Apparently it was hard to get people to view the home as they were so enchanted by the gardens! 

front deck large 

If you ever doubted that money invested in your garden was being well spent this should encourage you that not only have we increased our homes value but we definitely stand out from the crowd and everyone remembers their visit here. See the article Landscape Consultation for how you can do the same.
If only I'd listened...
I have one thing in common with Ciscoe Morris; we have both learned the most by ignoring advice from others! There's nothing quite like those "oops" moments to teach you the wrong way to do something. Here are a few of my embarrassing goofs;
1. Planting the harmless looking fragrant sweet woodruff (Gallium odorata) in my woodland border; and seeing it swallow everything in sight.
2. Thinking that those native violas were pretty;  pretty THUGS would be more accurate!
3. Planting a vigorous honeysuckle adjacent to a narrow pathway; I need to bushwhack my way through now.
Plant thug
4. Using Leyland cypress to screen out my neighbors house; they now live in the dark... (sorry Keith!)
5. Thinking that I didn't need any more plants!!
Any of those sound familiar?
Enjoy your gardens
Karen Chapman CPH
Le Jardinet
425 765 3574 
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OOPS moments!
Rhodies, azaleas, camellias and blueberries are thirsty plants. Give these shallow rooted shrubs plenty of extra water every few days in hot weather. 
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