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Campus Coffee Break - CNU InterVarsity NewsAugust 2012
Dear Friends, 
We've changed our newsletter up a bit to be shorter and easier to browse, but if you want read the full articles, follow the links to our CNU InterVarsity blog.  Our past newsletters are also housed there.
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Additionally, check out our all new website at - complete with new photos of the students and the school, as well as slideshows and videos. 
We're grateful for your support and prayers!

In Christ,
Eric & Beth Gambardella
In Summary...

What we have going on in August & September, and how you can pray for us:

  • We will be having some fun events on campus to welcome back old students and introduce ourselves to the new ones.  
  • We'll be doing a good amount of leadership training in the first 2 weeks of class, and running a Leadership Retreat Aug 31-Sep 2.
  • Most of this semester's Large Group meetings will focus on answering the question "What are God's Purposes in the World?" by looking at a "highlight reel" of the Old Testament.  
Christian Holmes
My name is Christian! I'm a rising senior here at CNU and I've been involved with InterVarsity (IV) since my first week on campus. I wanted to tell you all about what IV has taught me. Maybe it will help you understand how big an impact your generosity is having on students' lives! I came ... Continue reading ... 



Greetings!  My update will be shorter than usual to leave room for one of our students to share his InterVarsity experience with you. We are dangerously close to the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year and looking very forward to it!  What an honor and privilege it is to be called to such a work ... Continue reading ... 


This summer was a busy one for our family.  We were blessed to be able to move into a more spacious home, but with that comes the exhaustion of packing and unpacking and slowly getting settled. Beth's migraines also took a turn for the worse amidst the severe summer heat (apparently the hottest on record ... Continue reading ...   


Supporting the InterVarsity Staff@ CNU
The start of the school year is a great time to make a one-time or yearly gift to InterVarsity.  
This year we are in need of raising about $20,000 in new funds to stay on campus full time:
  • 10 donors giving $100/month, 
  • 10 donors giving $50/month
  • 5 donors giving $25/month

If you are interested in extending your partnership financially, simply follow the links below. 



As always, you will receive a receipt for tax-exemption purposes.  
About InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at CNU
CNU IVCF is an on-campus club that provides Bible-study, worship, teaching and fellowship for Christians of all denominations and ethnicities. Our aim is to be a witnessing community - a group that nurtures students' spiritual lives: maturing and growing those who are already in relationship with Jesus Christ while also teaching and pointing to Christ those who are still seeking the Truth.
For more information, visit our website at
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