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Campus Coffee Break - CNU InterVarsity NewsDecember 2011
Dear Friends, 
Here's a quick update on what's been happening on campus this fall, and how you can continue to pray for us and the students at Christopher Newport!

In Christ,
Eric & Beth Gambardella
"What Are You Thirsty For?"
Thirsty cup quote


We asked you to be praying for our "Thirsty" Proxe station, and your prayers were DEFINITELY felt!  


On November 3rd about 12 InterVarsity students planted themselves outside of the David Student Union for about 5 hours to engage CNU students with the question "What are you thirsty for?"   


They were given a 'top 4' list to choose from (Success, Fun, Purpose, Love), and from their answer, our students were able to ask them whether or not they really thought these could really satisfy them, and share with them the grace-filled and yet challenging message of Jesus: that none of these things can satisfy us, but Jesus is willing and able to do just that.  


At the end of the conversation, no matter how it went, the students were invited to our Large Group meeting that was happening that night where Beth would be speaking about how she found out from Scripture and from experience that the things of this world-for her, success-would never satisfy us.  


By my estimation we had between 10 and 15 more people at Large Group that week than usual!  Praise God that many heard the gospel message that day (maybe for the first time-more students than you would think have no idea what the basic Christian message is!), and for the faith and strength He gave to myself and the 12 students that day.  


Please continue to pray that God would water and grow the seeds that were planted on November 3rd in the hearts and minds of CNU students (and professors and faculty that we spoke with), that they might know the God who satisfies every good longing, even unto eternal life.

Family News & Prayers
Gamby Fam 12-11

Julian is 10 months old and has developed into a super fast crawler. He is so much fun to play with now that he is mobile, and can say, "Mama, Dada, and "Bye-bye" - he also waves to and high-fives everyone!


Please pray for us:

  • As we travel to Rockbridge, VA for staff retreat Dec. 12-17
  • For good rest during the holidays
  • For spring retreats:
    • Weekend of Jan 7, Vision Team Retreat
    • January 14, Leadership Training Day
    • Weekend of Feb 11, Chapter Retreat
Cheering Like Crazy 

It's always a tense, hopeful moment.  Each year during Chapter Time at the Fall Conference (the time on

 Saturday night when CNU gathers away from the other students) we spend some time celebrating God's work in our lives by feasting upon Krispy Kreme donuts.  


We celebrate students' union with Christ in segments, beginning with that weekend, moving to the whole semester, all the way back to 10+ years, by asking them to step into the middle of the circle, grab a donut, and then the rest of us cheer like crazy.  


So each year I ask, "Did anyone this weekend, put their faith in Christ for the first time, or make a radical re-commitment and redirection of your life towards God? If so, come grab a donut so we can celebrate with you."  


Tense--because some years none come forward, and it feels a bit awkward.  Hopeful-because I amalways praying that non-believers will trust in Christ!  


This year the hope defeated the tension.  TWICE!  Two students got up, and went to the middle of the large circle of Captains to grab a donut, and we did in fact, cheer like crazy people!  


Certainly we cheered over the students who had put their faith in Christ in the past semester, past year, and so forth.  And it is always delightful to hear how God has encouraged and challenged the students in the various tracks they participated in.  (God knows that we have just as much grace to be thankful for in the middle and end of our journeys as we do at the beginning.) 


 But there is always something special about celebrating God's initial work on our hearts.  Thank YOU for your financial gifts and your prayers that helped to make this all possible!

Closing 2011 with a giftGift

The end of the year is a great time to make donations to non-profit organizations like InterVarsity.  


If you are interested in extending your partnership through a one-time, year-end gift, please follow the link below.  


Give a one-time gift to the IV ministry at CNU 

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As always, you will receive a receipt for tax-exemption purposes. 

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