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October 2010
Dear Friends, 
God is doing great things at CNU this semester.  As the weather begins to cool off, we're excited to watch the growth of a prayer meeting hosted by InterVarsity students that takes place weekly by the fountain.  The Lord is meeting our students both in their own prayer and in response to your prayers for his continued faithfulness to make His name great on campus.  Here's a few updates about the beginning of this school year.

In Christ,
Eric & Beth Gambardella
Matthew SmithGrace, Hymns & Compassion

It seems like every day I delete e-mails asking me to consider some product, or some event, or doing something that I do not think will be a good use of my time or money.  But when I got an e-mail last January asking me to consider hosting a Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace concert I thought to myself, "ok, let's see what this involves."  

On September 30, 2010, we replaced what would have been the 6th Large Group of the school year with this spectacular concert.  What drew our student leaders to pursue this was that this is not just a concert for the sake of having a concert.  This was a chance to hear and sing some hymns, written a couple hundred years ago, in a soft-rock format that would give them the freedom to focus on the messages of some of these treasures that are often forgotten by today's young people. 

Nearly 300 attended the concert, including about 50 alumni of our chapter, as well as some folks from the area who are familiar with the Indelible Grace project.  It was so beautiful that in the midst of playing the songs, Matthew took some time to explain the gospel message that is at the heart of each of these hymns.  What a refreshing night of hearing of the Lord's compassion to those who put their faith in him!

Compassion InternationalBut as with all of Matthew's concerts, the Lord's great compassion was not the only thing on his heart.  For many years Matthew has taken the time during his concerts to explain and advertise the work of Compassion International, a ministry that aims to set children free from poverty through one-on-one sponsorships. 

One of my proudest moments as a staff worker came after the show when I was talking with Matthew and the representative from Compassion that came with him.  The representative said to me, "We saw 12 sponsorships this evening."  I said, "That's very nice!" To which he responded, "Well, in my experience, this is a record number of sponsorships at a concert that I know of...and I've worked way bigger concerts!"  So often the Lord touches our hearts through the gospel presented in song.  This I expected.  I did not expect it to touch hearts in such a way that our students would respond with such self-sacrifice for "the least of these."

 Gambardella Family NewsIts a boy!
We want to say a special thank you to those of you who have been praying for us during Beth's pregnancy.  Her health has greatly improved in the last few weeks as we have found a good combination of medication and rest.  However, we are still in need of prayer as she continues to deal with some difficult, often painful conditions.  Do praise the Lord that our baby is healthy and growing on schedule - we found out recently that we're having a boy!
Eastern VA Area Conference
This conference, formerly known as 222, is taking place November 12-14 in Hampton, VA.  We are in need of scholarship funds for this weekend.  Without a scholarship, many students are unable to consider attending InterVarsity events off campus.

If you are an alum who received scholarship funds in the past and would like to give back to the chapter, please consider sponsoring a student to attend area conference.  The cost to attend is $60.

There is now an account set up so that you can give directly to CNU InterVarsity scholarships through the national website - all gifts go to CNU students and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your gift.  Any funds not used in November will be available to students for attending Rockbridge camp in the spring.

How's the Chapter doing? Women's small group

We delight to tell you that the Lord is still doing amazing things through InterVarsity at CNU this school year.  We have been quite busy in this first month and a half, but we promise, it is the Lord who has really been at work!


We had two very successful retreats at the beginning of the school year-one with our Vision Team (6 students), and one with our entire leadership team (45 students).  We hosted an on-campus ice cream social that was fairly well attended, and got the news out about our ministry at the annual Club Fair. 

Our leaders have given themselves so well to the task of disciplemaking and evangelism this year!  It has been wonderful in just the first few weeks to hear of a few souls coming to know the Risen Savior Jesus Christ through our students' testimonies! 

We have a few less students regularly involved than we have had at this point in years past (probably about 200), but we pray that the Lord would continue to foster a love of the gospel in the lives of our students, and that they might in turn give their lives to share that same gospel with their classmates, roommates, professors, and friends!

Prayer Requests & Praises

1. Please pray that God would continue to grow our baby healthy and strong as we wait for his arrival in February.

2. Ask the Lord to grant our student leaders boldness as they invite others to small group or one-on-one Bible study.

3. Praise God for 2 new believers - students who came to faith through the friendships built in small group Bible studies this fall!

4. Ask the Lord to guide the InterVarsity staff in Eastern VA as we plan for and teach at the annual fall student conference in Hampton, VA.


Greek Ministry at CNUPresident Trible's House

One of the things that we are very excited about is what God has been doing among the Greeks at CNU (that is, Fraternity and Sorority students).  Last year Lindsay Fauver was hired as the third InterVarsity staff at CNU-but Lindsay has been assigned to work with Greek students specifically. 

About a month ago Paul and Rosemary Trible hosted a dessert at their house that gave Lindsay the chance to introduce Greek IV to the many Greek students that accepted the invitation.  Upon hearing about the vision and mission of Greek IV as a distinct campus organization, designed to help bring the gospel of Jesus specifically to them, she had about 50 students sign up to be involved! 

We are delighted that it seems that many of their hearts are softened to hear the message of the gospel.  This cause for praise also comes with some sadness.  Lindsay has had a difficult time raising her financial support, and has yet to be able quit her second job, which keeps her from being as effective on campus as we would like.  Please pray for God to provide for her needs. 

Supporting InterVarsity @ CNU
  If you are interested in extending your partnership financially,
  • Or, mail a check made out to IVCF, designated for "CNU" to: 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
Attn: Donation Services
PO Box 7895
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As always, you will receive a receipt for tax-exemption purposes. 

About InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at CNU
CNU IVCF is an on-campus club that provides Bible-study, worship, teaching and fellowship for Christians of all denominations and ethnicities. Our aim is to be a witnessing community - a group that nurtures students' spiritual lives: maturing and growing those who are already in relationship with Jesus Christ while also teaching and pointing to Christ those who are still seeking the Truth.
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