Special Issue No. 24, February 1, 2012

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The Campaign to Invest in the American Workforce (CIAW) was announced today by its two convening organizations, the National Skills Coalition (NSC) and Jobs for the Future (JFF).  The Campaign is the outgrowth of an informal association of organizations that have worked together on federal adult education and workforce skills policy and funding for the past two years.  As part of the effort, a new website has been launched to give timely information about important federal legislation on workforce development, as well as on CIAW's activities.  The website also provides resources for the field (http://www.americasworkforce.org).  CAAL is proud to be one of the 35 founding members.


The website has four main departments: Who We Are, What We Do, What You Can Do, and Federal Funding Resources.  CIAW's mission is to bring about "greater and more effective federal investments in our nation's skills so that more U.S. businesses can find the skilled workers they need to compete globally, and so that all U.S. workers can share in and contribute to our country's economic prosperity."  The group is a watchdog of sorts, and it advocates for investment in the American workforce--with members taking joint positions and conducting joint advocacy under the CIAW name.  It focuses on budget and appropriations issues across a range of skills programs, including adult education.  


CIAW members are committed to sharing information as appropriate about their own work on federal policy in adult education and workforce skills development.  Member groups can work jointly through CIAW on policy matters on an "opt in" basis, and are consulted by the convenors about the language of any documents they opt to sign.


Please check out the website and make it a regular stopping-off point.  Information about all CIAW members is available, including links to the member sites.  For more information about the initiative, contact Rachel Gragg, NSC's federal policy director, or Mary Clagett, JFF's workforce policy director.  You may also wish to explore the websites of the National Skills Coalition and Jobs for the Future







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