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Here's just a smattering of headlines making their way across our desks in recent weeks. For a fuller offering, follow us on Facebook, and on Twitter @NJWaldorf!


January TEDx Event with Caroline Phinney in US1


Obama's At-Home TV Policy


Waldorf Schools in the UK 


Did You See This Tech Article?


Healthy Lunch Ideas from an Australian Steiner School Parent


Waldorf Education in Public Schools


What's Wrong with the Teenage Mind?


"We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future." 
Franklin D. Roosevelt
This Month's
Lesson Blocks


First Grade

Language Arts: Common blends and diphthongs. Writing related words and sentences from known songs, poems, and stories.


Second Grade

Having just "closed the curtain" on their annual play, the second graders will be ripe and ready to re-enter the world of numbers. Mental arithmetic and times tables will be expanded on through image, movement, play, and games.


Third Grade

We are studying clothing, namely where the fabrics wool, cotton, linen, and silk originate and who helps to produce them. During our next block we will continue learning how to "measure the world." Next week we begin applying our budding measurement skills to the building of birdhouses!


Fourth Grade

In our upcoming Language Arts block, the fourth grade will be enjoying more stories about the Norse gods, goddesses, and giants. Based on these much-loved stories, fourth graders will try their hand at independent writing, and will put into practice new skills in grammar and compositional structure.


Fifth Grade

Ancient Egypt and all its enigmatic glories.


Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade will finish their explorations of Physics by presenting their class investigations of sound, light, heat, magnetism, and electricity. When we return from President's Week, we will begin to discover the world of knights, kings, and monks of the Middle Ages.


Seventh Grade

Introduction to Algebra and then Physiology with an emphasis on health and nutrition.


Eighth Grade

The focus will be on physiology, especially the skeletal and muscular systems. We examine the "dead life" of bones and how the muscles bring us into the world.



Grade 1: stories and poems for winter

Grade 2: animal fables: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Grade 3: the Star Form; the Eurythmy alphabet

Grade 4: the C-Major scale; the Eurythmy alphabet

Grade 5: musical elements: Pitch, rhythm and phrasing

Grade 6: moving geometry; exercises with copper rods

Grade 7: working with a ballad in dramatic eurythmy

Grade 8: creating choreography together for poetry


Fine Arts

Central to numerous aspects of the 8th grade curriculum is the Human Being. Our 8th graders are finishing up a project in their Fine Arts classes, that we are calling: "Portraits of Humanity." The process and many faceted aspects to this project have been deeply rewarding and quite profound for both students and teacher alike. 



Grade 1: more classic songs and games for children

Grade 2: songs and stories about animals

Grade 3: on-going work with foods, shopping, and the marketplace

Grade 4: short poems on careers

Grade 5: telling time, Le Pantalon trop long

Grade 6: folk tale: Le Diamant magique

Grade 7: present tense verbs, and role-playing a skit using these verbs

Grade 8: leisure time activities



Grade 1: knitted pouches,bookmarks and ducks

Grade 2: finishing knitted gnomes, making knitted butterflies and animals

Grade 3: finishing crocheted mats and working on crocheted hats for the farm trip

Grade 4: a cross-stitched four-way mirror design that will be made into a small pillow

Grade 5: knitted socks using four, double-pointed knitting needles

Grade 6: hand-sewing and assembling their dolls

Grade 7: embroidering felted ornaments and working on felted trivets

Grade 8: cutting patterns and fabric for machine-sewn pj pants


Sculptural Arts

Grade 1: world tales and making imagery in clay or beeswax

Grade 2: "mixed media" - project running over several weeks incorporating different materials

Grade 3: sculptural forms using concave and convex coming out of the Hebrew Scriptures

Grade 4: collaborative groups on working on Celtic Knot wall plaques

Grade 5: Egyptian Paintings on Papyrus paper

Grade 6: not working in sculpture this block

Grade 7: African theme, masks, watercolor painting

Grade 8: sculpting in theme of bones, their relationships and forms

Peek into the Classroom: French

The fourth grade has ended its reading block on farm life and begun a poetry block on careers. The children transcribe the poems into their French books and then illustrate the text with their own images. The poems, written in the first person, are ever so simple and endearing, which naturally impels the children to want to incarnate the words by

imagining they are grown-ups in those specific professions. Here are 

three examples.


Avec ma règle et mon crayon,

Je trace le plan de la maison.
Le plan terminé, je dirige les travaux
de la cave au grenier.
Alors tout est correct. 

Je suis l'architecte.

The Architect 

With my ruler and my pencil,

I draw the blueprints for the house.
The blueprints finished, I direct the work
from the cellar to the attic.
So... everything is perfect. 

I am the architect.

Le Docteur 

Je suis le docteur.

Je soigne les malades.
Je fais des pansements
et je préscris des médicaments.
Avec mon stéthoscope
j'écoute les battements de cœur. 

Je suis le docteur.

The Doctor 

I am the doctor.

I treat sick people.
I make bandages
and I prescribe medications.
With my stethoscope
I listen to the heart beat.
I am the doctor.

Wanted: Your Photos for Yearbook

Wanted: Yearbook Photos

The Yearbook Committee wants your photos for the yearbook. We would like to include your favorite photos from school events, the playground, and class-specific events that are annual Waldorf traditions. The seasonal "around the school" pages will include class-specific photos, but they should not be the same photos you are putting in your class-only yearbook pages. Please send photos to Karleen at, or call (609) 430-1341 with any questions. All photos should be submitted at full resolution. If you have too many photos to send via e-mail, we can provide you with a CD, DVD, or thumb drive. 


In particular, we want your photos from:

Fall: Opening Day, Michaelmas, Lantern Walk / Martinmas, Cross-Country, Broom Making, Indian Dinner, Gardening and any other traditional activities.

Winter: Santa Lucia, St Nicholas, Advent / Winter Garden, Assembly, Basketball, St Valentines, sledding, and other traditional winter events and wintry activity.


Thank you for your contributions!

Save the Date


Science Talk

with Elan Leibner

Friday, March 2


EC Sample Classes

Tuesday, March 6

Friday, March 30


Open House

Saturday, March 24

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February 2012
Science lessons really "stick" in the sixth grade!

Dear Friends,


"Educate the child in love": so we are tasked as Waldorf parents and educators. As we usher in the month that tradition (and industry) compel us to associate with the heart, I am reminded of the breadth of love's meaning. The Greek language has at least four words to describe this most basic emotion, capturing everything from friendship and loyalty to romantic affection, but even these are incomplete. What does it mean to educate in love?  


Here at school love blooms forth in all our children do; through their play, their song, their work, we see the love that has been poured into them-by their parents, and by their teachers. A basketball game played with enthusiastic effort on a cold January night. An orchestral piece performed before a packed assembly. A favorite baby doll tucked just so into her wooden cradle. All of these are evidence of years of nurture and support, guidance and encouragement, by a community of caregivers.


Many forces join to build, and sustain, a school. Some of these, such as money and experience, are inarguable in their importance. But when you dig below the surface, what you mostly find is love. Under the planks just laid in our newest classroom. Reflected in each cleaned window. Coded into our website, and yes, stuffed into every packet of forms you receive at home. For our school to thrive, it must be the why of all we undertake as faculty, administrative staff, and parents. It propels each step forward.




Nancy Lemmo

School Administrator



Girls' Basketball Games

Wednesday, February 1, 4:00 p.m. at Newtown Friends

Thursday, February 9, 4:00 p.m. at Stuart

Only two basketball games left! It means a lot to the students if you make time to see them play. They have been brave and worked hard this year.  

Winter Assembly

Saturday, February 4, 9:30 a.m.

Yvonne Theater, Rider University

Click here for a map of the campus.

Please note the location! The midyear assembly is an exciting moment for the students. Each class prepares one or two pieces for the community. Some classes present pieces from both the main lesson and subject classes. We hope everyone in the community will join us in celebrating our students at a different location this year. 


All grade school children are asked to arrive no later than 9:15 a.m. and to join their classes at that time. Children who are playing stringed instruments need to come early, at 9:00, for tuning. Please leave some extra time for parking and entry into the theater.


We encourage early childhood families to join in the celebration!


Dads' Night

beeswax trophy

3rd Annual Beeswax Bowl

Saturday, February 4, 7:30 p.m.

Hamilton Lanes

1200 Kuser Road, Trenton

This is a fun, no-bowling-experience necessary, Waldorf Dad event. Teams

are randomly selected and each team member takes turns bowling one ball. The average score is calculated for each team and the winning team gets their picture taken with the coveted Beeswax Bowling trophy. All Waldorf Dads are encouraged to attend all or part of this fun, social event. Contact Waldorf Dad Doug Jackson at cell 908-296-2370 or with any questions.


Crossing the Bridge

Between Early Childhood and the Grade School

Tuesday, February 7, 7:00 p.m.

Grade School Building

All Early Childhood parents are encouraged to join us as we explore the first seven-year phase of child development with particular emphasis on the transformative qualities that take place between a child's sixth and seventh birthdays. During the magnificent and magical time, children are preparing to "cross the bridge" between their foundation years and their more formal academic journey in the elementary school. 


Next Generation Environmental Fair

At The Princeton Public Library

Saturday, February 11, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Swing by and support our sixth graders, who along with gardening teacher Ms. Cunningham will be presenting their crop rotation maps. Click here for a flyer to share.


Folk Tale Puppets Presents

"The Child of Fortune (Or The Devil

With the Three Golden Hairs)"

Saturday, February 11, 2:00 p.m.

Hagens Hall

This performance is appropriate for children ages 4 to 12. Admission is $5 payable at the door. For reservations and information, call 609.466.1365. Flyer here.


Pizza Night Returns!

Sunday, February 12, 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Nomad Pizza

Looking for a fun winter family outing, or just crave more delicious Nomad Pizza? Eat-in or take out, Nomad Pizza in Hopewell will donate a portion of all proceeds to WSP. Leave the cooking behind and join up with Waldorf School families for this fun night out! 


Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 8:30 a.m.



For details of school events, please contact



Tractor Classroom Update

Slowly but surely the old tractor shed is being transformed into a new classroom. Last month the walkway was laid down, the heat and electricity hooked up, and the room was painted. Although the progress is slow, we anticipate (failing any surprises, which would not be a surprise) moving the second grade before the end of February. Keep your fingers crossed!


Enrichment  Spring offerings for adults and students are here! See the website for more details.


May Fair News

Before you know it, spring will be here and so will May Fair! This year our May Fair will be held on Saturday, May 19, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For those new to the school, the May Fair unites our community in celebrating the arrival of spring. Friends, family, and interested members of the community are all welcome to attend. If you are interested in joining the leadership team, please contact this year's May Fair Coordinator, Brunda Moka Dias.


Girls' Basketball

bballCongratulations to the fifth through eighth grade girls for an exciting and successful season - and they're not done yet! Sports at the Waldorf School provide many opportunities for growth, strengthening not only their physical bodies but their personal character as well as their connection to others. It is exciting to see how much progress each girl has made in such a short span of time. Their improved skills are the most obvious evidence of their journey as a team, but as one of this year's coaches (along with the estimable Mr. Sheen) I was privileged to bear witness to so much more. In particular, I am proud of the girls' bravery and determination, against the challenge of much more practiced teams, by both winning and having fun in the first four games. An extra congratulations to our two eighth graders and team captains Emma Brigaud and Charlotte Martin for bringing four years of Waldorf experience to the team! Visit the blog for more photos!                                ~Nancy Lemmo


Say I Love You with Scrip

Scrip cards make a fantastic Valentine's Day gift! A complete list of participating vendors is available at Order requests can be sent at any time to, or pick up an order from in the Golden House and leave with payment in the lock box. Stop by the Golden House kitchen Monday and Wednesday mornings to leave orders personally with Marian Seliquini.


WSP Summer Camp 2012

Summer Camp planning is under way! The WSP 2012 Camp Season runs three 2-week sessions June 25-August 3; for more information and to register, downloadCamp Brochure. There are several new discount offerings good until May 1! 


Interested in joining our Camp Staff team? Volunteer positions are available to those ages 14 and 15; employment positions are available to those over 16. DownloadStaff Application today! 


Please e-mail Jean Alexander at with inquiries. 



Enrollment packets for the 2012-13 school year are being mailed out early in February. If you do not receive your packet by February 13, please contact the school registrar, Solveig Pearson, x114. We ask that the forms be returned to us by March 1. Don't delay in getting your paperwork in!


B6T (Transportation Reimbursement) Forms

The B6T transportation form for the 2012-13 school year was mailed out this week. If you have a student who will be five by Oct. 1, 2012, and you are a NJ resident, you should receive a form. Remember to return this form to the school before February 17 so you don't miss your opportunity for reimbursement. If you have questions, or do not receive a B6T form, please contact the school registrar, Solveig Pearson, x114. 


Tuition Assistance

The deadline has passed for tuition assistance applications. If you still have questions, please contact Solveig.


News from Admissions and Development

New Parent-Child Class

We are pleased to announce a new parent-child class beginning on Thursday, March 1. This class will be held upstairs in the former Buttercup Nursery classroom on Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. and will be led by early childhood teacher Anka Galkin.


Winter Open House

We welcomed 22 families and 2 educators to our rescheduled January 28 Open House. A special thanks to our parent and alumni "ambassadors" Karrin Pearson '00, Felicia Bland, Enrique Curchitser, Doug Jackson, Jill Miller, Susan McCoy, Bill Bauer, Nick Rumin, and Scott Albert for leading tours and engaging visitors in informative and warm conversations about Waldorf education and our school. Thanks also to our student guides Chineda Lewis, Ella and Zoe Jackson, Butterfly Barnes, and Camilla and Leah Sheen for spending time with our student visitors, and to Francoise Nelessen and Randye Rutberg for their help with decorations.


Applications are now arriving from new families, and we have begun our interview and acceptance process. If you intend to enroll a child in our 2012-2013 early childhood or grade school program, please request an application form from Jamie Quirk in the admissions and development office, 609-466-1970, x112,


Visiting Mornings in the Grade School
The admissions office is scheduling "visiting" mornings for current WSP parents, and several grade school classrooms will be open for observation for the first part of morning lesson until approximately 9:30 a.m. If you are interested in registering for a morning visit, please contact Diane Barlow at 609-466-1970, x115,


Annual Fund Update

Thanks to the 40 parents, 38 parents of alumni, 21 faculty/staff members, 11 grandparents, 10 alumni, and 13 WSP friends who have made gifts or pledges to our 2011-2012 Annual Fund to date. Together we've raised $62,778 and are now more than halfway to our final goal of $115,000 by June 30!


A special challenge has been offered to our current families for this year only! An additional $500 will be contributed to our school's Annual Fund for each class that reaches 100% participation by the end of the school year. The third and eighth grade classes are now tied and in the lead with 47%. Check your class's ranking here.    

Class participation to date:

First Grade = 25%

Second Grade = 27%

Third Grade = 47%

Fourth Grade = 20%

Fifth Grade = 41%

Sixth Grade = 23%

Seventh Grade = 39%

Eighth Grade = 47%

Rose Class = 43%

Sunflower Class = 21%

Lilac Class = 27%

Buttercup Class = 8%

Morning Garden Parent-Child = 11% 


Gifts large and small are needed now to help us reach our goal. Parents and alumni parents will be making calls early next month to ask for everyone's support.
To make your gift online today, please visit our website
Please contact Diane Barlow with any questions or if you need another copy of the Annual Fund request letter and gift envelope: 609-466-1970,



Common Ground Presents

The Power of Positive Attention:

Teaching Our Children to Achieve and Maintain 

Focus in a World of Distractions    

August L. Leming, Ph.D. 

Thursday, February 2, 7:30 p.m.

Stainton Hall, The Pennington School

Free to the Public

The attention of our children is arguably one of their most valuable assets. What they pay attention to becomes a part of them and their lives. Today's fast-paced world constantly threatens their positive attention, attempting to redirect it on objects, experiences, and thoughts that do not serve them well.  Dr. August Leming will share techniques for harnessing a "here-and-now" experience, fostering healing, growth, and personal success with children and adults. He will demonstrate how powerful a focused human mind can be for both achievement and joy. More details here.


Lazure: A Hands-On Workshop

Friday-Monday, February 17-20

Green Meadow Waldorf School

Chestnut Ridge, NY

Cost: $175 (Friday-Sunday. $100 additional for Monday.)

Join members of the Green Meadow community for a once-in-a-lifetime experience: lazuring the new performance hall in the school's arts building! Learn the unique European technique with master lazurist Charles Andrade and help paint the spaces together. All proceeds go to Green Meadow Waldorf School. Contact Larry or Leslie at for more information. View the flyer here.


Lecture & Workshop by Sharifa Oppenheimer

For Parents of Young Children

River Valley Waldorf School

Upper Black Eddy, PA

Friday, March 9, 7:00 p.m.

Lecture: "The Three Essentials: Unlocking the Magic of Childhood"

Saturday, March 10, 10-11:30 a.m.

Workshop: "Family Culture: Creating a Joyful & Stress-Free Family Life"

$15 per event or $25 for both!

Call 610-982-5606 to register.

Waldorf School of Princeton   1062 Cherry Hill Road   Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 466-1970