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Addiction in the News

Prescription for Addiction

Jaclyn Kinkade, a 23-year-old doctor's-office receptionist and occasional model, was a casualty of America's No. 1 drug menace when she overdosed and died, alone, in a tumbledown clapboard house in Dunnellon, Fla.

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Painkiller deaths on the rise

Older people misusing painkilling medication have driven the first rise in deaths from heroin and other opioid drugs in more than 10 years, experts say

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Addicted to Painkiller, Unready for help:

"I'm addicted to painkillers," J., a thickset construction worker, told me on a recent afternoon in the emergency room, his wife at his side.

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More companies using drug dogs for detection on work sites

"The work we do kind of discourages people from bringing those things to the workplace," said Barry Gay, the owner of a drug-sniffing dog company.  

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Court disagrees
Two Alberta nurses say addictions that lead them to steal narcotics were a disability. 

Study: Military drinking 'culture' now a 'crisis
Abusing alcohol and drugs has been part of military culture historically: Troops do it for fun, to ease the stresses of war or to be part of the brotherhood. 

Cross Border Networking


Grey Wolf
Woody Bernas
Program Director of
Gray Wolf Ranch
with LD Staff Ben Gustafson and Last Door Executive Director
David Pavlus

As Last Door continues to foster relationships with American Treatment Centres and Addicition Services Professionals, more and more visitors are dropping by to pay us a Visit in Canada to see what we do.

WorkPlace Wellness

Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada

Dr. Farnan and Dr. Baker both presented to Canada's leading Occupational Health Doctors about Medical Management of Safety Sensitive Workers with Substance Use Disorders at the OEMAC Conference.  

Click here to learn more about Health Quest Services.


Last Door exhibited at both conferences; showing Canada's leading addiction professionals that our 30 year history and outcomes signifies our program works. 
The Canadian Society for Addiction Medicine

Upcoming Conference

Join us in Edmonton
November 28, 29 & 30, 2012 
(Wednesday - Friday)
Three-Day Conference
Additional Sessions:  
Thursday November 19
 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm  

Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel 
10155 - 105th Street 
Edmonton, Alberta 
Trauma, Addictions and Related Disorders Conference 2012
Trauma, Addictions and Related Disorders Conference 2012

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Recovery Posters


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Recently 6 posters have been developed for the HUM office and are now available for you to purchase for your own use! 


--40cm x 60cm Laminated Glossy Print: $12.00 + GST per poster


--40cm x 60cm Foam Board Print: $25.00 + GST per poster




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Giuseppe Ganci
Giuseppe Ganci
Director of Community Development


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Monthly Newsletter Vol #42

October /2012

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Last Door was pleased to be involved on the Planning Committee for the 2012 Vancouver Recovery Day Rally at the Art Gallery.  Over 1,000 people attended the rally to celebrate recovery.  Youth Program Alumni Myles and Nick had a chance to show off their talent while performing on stage along with many speakers who shared their experience, strength and hope. 


Last Door was also able to launch Unity APP - the recovery connector amongst the vendors tent with 19 other  Addiction Service Providers.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the celebrations and see you next year!

Unity App
Unity APP Launches at Vancouver Recovery Day
rally for recovery



Help us bring Recovery Day to New Westminster, BC


Last Door's idea for Recovery Day builds on Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa  and many other cities south of our Canadian borders movement toward highlighting and celebrating recovery from addiction.  The idea is to help mobilize Recovery (Day) throughout the lower mainland and beyond by starting with our own "Recovery Community " in New Westminster,  BC.



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 Last Door the innovative treatment centre presents:

unity flyer
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As seen on TV


Living Clean - Living Well with Teresa Kruze
Living Clean - Living Well with Teresa Kruze

Last Door was invited to Toronto for a 1 hour live interview with Teresa Kruze. Information about Last Door was provided to the viewing audience before the telephone lines lit up with callers calling in with questions about addiction and recovery. 

2013 Recreational Budget Fundraiser

Please call 604-525-9771 to order your tickets today



Last Door offers opportunities for clients to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities throughout the year believing that "Fun in recovery" is key to successful recovery.


$100 includes a new guy tickets

$150 includes a new guy ticket and a new guy Christmas Hoody


Department of National Defense Employee Assistance


Nick and Jessica
Last Door Staff Nick Ringma and
Jessica Cooksey


Jessica Cooksey and I had an opportunity to present a morning seminar to the cross-Canada EAP team from the Department of National Defense that assembled in Victoria for an annual policy and training session.   We were able to deliver an overview of addictions treatment in an abstinence setting, lead the team in some experiential knowledge sharing and field questions about the nature of recovery and the early warning signs of addictions in the work force.  


The discussions of PTSD and the Last Door approaches to an integrated treatment plan in consultation with the EAP officer and field team were reviewed as a healthy balance in a triage approach to the primary addiction diagnosis.  The most moving  moments included personal stories of loss of family members, friends and colleagues to addiction.  


The opportunity was another example of the professional approaches to treatment and the evidence based practices that have evolved at the Last Door and are being shared with growing teams of professionals.  Our special thanks to Anita Didrichfor making all this possible.


Nick Ringma BA ICADC ICCDP Specialist

Clinical Supervisor


Last Door Elects New President and Board Members


President of the Board
Amandeep S. Sanghera B.A.,LL.B. (UBC)


This year's Annual General Meeting brought in our New President, Mr. Amandeep Sanghera, New Board Member David Seymour and our new youngest Board Member, Mr. Brendan Brown.  Congratulations!


For a full list of our Board Members please click here: Board and please read next month's newsletter to read our Annual Reports.

Penny Drive


We're still collecting Pennies

Make Sense of your Cent$ Penny Project is still going strong, drop off you pennies as the Canadian Penny stops being circulated.  

Visit our facebook page for upcoming announcements of drop off locations.

Funds raised go towards Last Door's Family Program and VON's Vial of Life Program.  Thank you!

Alumni of the Month


Last Door Alumni Kyle

As a kid I had all the advantages you could imagine; great parents, great life and great opportunities. As I moved into my teens and early twenties however I wasn't a great success, but my life was manageable. At the age of 24 I went for a year trip to Australia and from that point on my partying became completely out of control. I continually treated my family horribly and I constantly stole, cheated and lied to them. I always remember the day when I woke up and I knew that I could not go on like this any longer! My life had completely spiraled out of control and I knew that it was time to make a major change!


I heard about Last Door from a friend of the family. He had been there for a few months and things seemed to be going very well for him! So the morning of December 27, 2010 I checked into the Last Door Recovery Centre. At the Door I learned about myself and how to become a responsible adult; especially from my counselor Darren Galer. I came into the house with incredibly low self esteem and hating myself, I was very self centered and really didn't care about anyone but myself! Through many groups and through working the written exercises Last Door provides, everything in my life seemed to suddenly change for me! I began loving myself more and more and really started to become more open and honest! I gained many long lasting friendships especially with Colin R, Bob C, Mark B, and Mitchell H, they really helped me in my journey. I am so grateful for every moment I spent here and continue to spend as an Alumni giving back to the new guys!


What Last Door has taught me today is that I have made recovery a big part of my life. Today I try to live by spiritual principals and take a constant inventory of myself. I'm not perfect I'm only human I still have struggles in my life, but when times do get tough I know to go back to my basics! For the first time in my life I'm actually paying my own rent and my own bills and am no longer taking from my parents anymore! It must mean that I'm finally growing up and taking responsibility for my life. When it comes to my parents, my relationship with them is so much better! 


Today I'm making things about them instead of only thinking about myself! One of the best parts about my life today is creating a relationship with my sister who for most of my life I ignored and alienated. As a result of this new relationship with my sister I now am spending a lot of time with my nephews. Declan and Connor whom I love both to death! Through working the steps in my life and the help of the Last door especially Darren for being my counsellor, Danny and Jared for being great group leaders, Louise with helping me with relationships and Dave P for the "heart to heart" conversations in the office. I'm eternally grateful.  Higher power.


Thanks Kyle F


Clean Date: Dec 27th, 2010 

Gratitude Letter of the Month



It is difficult to put into words what I feel in my heart, but I will try.    Our Grandson Mark told us this weekend, "Gratitude" is an action word.    We are certainly experiencing a form of gratitude right now.   From a self centred, non-caring young man to a loving, thoughtful honest person Mark is transformed.   


During the last six months we have watched him mature like a cocoon coming out of his shell.   All due to his work, the program, your friendships from residents to staff alike we thank them all.


From a few minutes with a listening ear, a few hours of pleasant company or an hour or so of physical help this is showing gratitude to its fullest.   These are some of the attributes shown by a "door man" and it works.  So keep it up guys.......... you are showing the world how to live and enjoy your life and those around you.  So when asked what am I grateful for I would have to say the program and all who work it.




Ann and Family

Recovery Film Festival