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Addiction News 


Teen Pot Smokers Develop Anxiety

TEENAGERS who smoke cannabis weekly are more than twice as likely as non-users to develop an anxiety disorder in their late 20s, even if they stop using the drug, new research has shown.

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Teens still trade sex for drugs, booze

Teenagers are trading sex for drugs and alcohol at a low but steady rate, yet the vast majority of them attend school and live at home with their parents, a new University of B.C. study suggests.

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Experts Sound the alarm over sleeping pills

Far more Canadians are getting prescriptions for drugs with potentially dangerous side effects.  The number of prescriptions dispensed for benzodiazepines and other sedatives jumped to more than 20 million in 2011, from 16.4 million in 2006, according to market research firm IMS Brogan.

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2011 Colombia coca crop survey shows stable overall situation

The area under coca crop cultivation in Colombia rose 3 per cent in 2011 to 64,000 hectares (ha), up by 2,000 ha compared with 2010. Overall, the picture, therefore, remained stable for the raw material used in the production of the illegal drug cocaine.

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Calgary Workshops


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Fall 2012 

Workshop Series


Improving Your Relationships
Walking With Pain: What to do when it won't stop
Building Blocks for Better Relationships

Edmonton Conference


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Toronto Conferences


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Canadian Society of
Addiction Medicine

MMA in Addiction Treatment




On of Last Door's group rooms transforms into an MMA Gym for Clients to participate in the lessons that can be learned in

Mixed Martial Arts.  Special thanks to Daniel and Jared for helping form the classes



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11 am to 6 pm



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Congrats to Edmonton Alumni Dan G who is going to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for volunteerism in his community.   

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Newsletter Vol #40

August 2012

Residential Addiction Treatment for males ages 14 to 70

Addicts  play ball



Last Door Recovery Society has been presenting its Annual Door Slam Invitational Slo-Pitch Tournament in New Westminster, BC since 1999.  The weekend attracts over 2000 recovering addicts and is held at ball fields in and around New Westminster with Moody Park being the main venue featuring registration, food, music and a kid's zone.  Teams are made up of recovering addicts and alcoholics from various recovery communities across BC.


Door Slam is another means for Last Door to demonstrate its belief in good citizenship by making community contributions, increasing community awareness and fostering goodwill.  Families, Alumni and friends of Last Door are all welcome to participate in this community event as well as the general public.


Door Slam


Make Sense of your Cent$


$1,000 in Pennies collected so far

  Thank you to everyone who dropped pennies off at 

Last Door's Family Day


Penny Project continues until May 1st, 2013

Would you like to host a Penny Jar

for your home or Business?

Call us at 1-888-525-9771


Donate your Pennies and support expansion of Last Door's Family Program and VON's a Vial of Life Program - Next Main Drop Off Location is at Last Door's Door Slam

Family Fun Day Success

Thank you to everyone who attended, supported and volunteered for

Last Door's Annual Family Program Fun Day

Sunday July 15th, 2012


The free event for residents, alumni and their families was a huge success with a record crowd, see you at next year's event!


Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Akram on his retirement road trip


Life in Recovery and Retirement, from a Door Boys Perspective


My name is Akram and I am a recovering addict. I have been clean for 17 years. I cleaned up at the Last Door at age 42.   I was an Airline Pilot who needed to change before I lost everything.  With the help of Last Door I was able to return back to work, get my life back on track and fulfill my career responsibilities to my employer.  On March 31st, 2012 I retired from my profession as an airline pilot.


On May 2nd, 2012 I began a motorcycle journey across the USA.   The first portion of my trip lasted 50 days and then I came back to Last Door for a week and stayed in one of their Family Suites, I attended Group and shared my experiences with the new guys and lead by example what recovery is really all about. 


I am now on the next portion of my road trip and this time I am sending blog emails of my trip to Last Door on a regular basis so the new guys can read my notes, look at pictures of my trip and feel assured that Last Door is a good place to be if they want to get their life back.  It's the best way I can show how life in long-term recovery is attainable while at the same time helping me stay clean.


Thank you Last Door for supporting me over 17 years of recovery experiences.



Clean Date: Jan12, 2013

August's Gratitude Letter


Dear Last Door Staff,


I just wanted to send a note expressing my utmost gratitude to have the choice to not put drugs in my body today. You have helped me find my heart and i honestly believe that im on my way to knowing true happiness and contentment. My creative goals shimmers in the distance almost close enough to touch and i know without a doubt that i could not have gotten to this place without your help, the help of the 12 steps, or all the opportunities to work with a new comer. 


Doing a reading with a new guy opened my heart to the therapeutic value of one addict helping another, allowing me to feel with them they're desperation.   Also reminding me that i don't want to go back to that place and that there is a solution in the 12 steps gives me hope every time i read them.


Thank you so much for all support and all the warm goodbyes from the boys reminding me that im a part of humanity, and please thank Darren and Patrick for an amazing day and the help with getting home, "you guys are awesome"! Even though it's only been 2 days since I left New Westminster and i miss you all already, I look forward to coming to group and hooking in to do a reading with a new guy...: ) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


Have a Great Day All.....: ) 


Your Grateful Door Boy


August's Gratitude Letter


Good Afternoon;


My name is Carolyn; Mother to Daniel, who came through your doors back on September 8, 2010. His two year cake is coming up soon.

I wanted to take a few minutes to give Thanks, for being there for my son, when I couldn't, and at times still can't in one way or another. Whether by emotional, spiritually, or physically. And to be honest, I feel he is helping me! I know that is not the way it should be.


I am so grateful for all the support you all have offered Daniel. He is truely an inspiration to many here at home, in Lytton! So many people are so happy for him! So proud of him, for so many reasons! Mostly because Daniel has found himself. And for that I am very thankful! He is a man of 360* My hands go up to u all! To raise you all to the Creator, to bless you and protect you all!

May the Creator be gentle with all who travel through the doors of this blessed house! 




All my relations;

Carolyn ~