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Addiction News 

COP SPURS DEBATE over addicts' civil liberties


A cop for 27 years, Wes Fung has seen a lot of things. But there's one incident that he distinctly recalls. It concerns a young man in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He lost his battle against addiction and mental illness.

He hanged himself.


"I remember we cut him down, and as I was helping bring his body down, it felt hard, cold-like a piece of wood," Fung told the Georgia Straight. "I'm thinking, 'My daughters aren't much younger than this boy here.' 


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Can David Berner reduce harm reduction?


David Berner is 69, and still swimming upstream. One of these days, the current may turn in his favour.


It hasn't yet. It won't soon. But Berner, whose resumé includes actor, talk show host and drug addiction counsellor, has never wavered from his belief:


He is vehemently against the prevailing practice of harm reduction.  Not only does he not see it reducing harm, he believes it encourages and nourishes drug addiction.


"There's a giant emperor's new clothes," Berner said, "and it's called 'harm reduction.' And it not only has political sway these days, it's pretty well the accepted wisdom of our time. "It's taught in universities, and governments all over the world sing to this tune.


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Survey Says

Grim & Fischer




Broken Sex Doll
Every year Last Door organizes a fundraiser in partnership with the Cultch Theatre though a contribution from a Last Door Donor. 
Ticket sales from the evenings' performance goes towards Last Door's Family Program.
We Need Your Help!
Please complete this one second survey and tell us which play you think we should choose for next year. 

New Merchandise

New Edition of New Merchandise being Released at 
Last Door Family Fun Day 
Sunday July 15th, 2012 
Shirts, Hats,  Hoodies & Clean Date Pins available

sample sneak peak

Volunteers Needed






Help Needed to Set Up and Tear Tents and seating for 300 people

9am Boundary Bay




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Next Committee Meeting is

July 9

6 pm



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Save these dates


14th Annual 

Door Slam

August 17, 18, 19

over 35 recovery softball teams from Canada and the USA participate in one of the largest 

Recovery Tournament Weekends

presented proudly 

by Last Door



Last Door Holiday

 Comedy Night

November 30


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Gardens in Bloom


Last Door prides itself in being a good neighbour by keeping our 5 facilitie's gardens in tip top shape and providing the neighbourhood with beautiful gardens.
We're looking forward for next months maturity of our gigantic  Sun Flower Plants :)
Last Door Flower Gardens

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Newsletter Vol#39

July 2012

 Addiction Treatment for 14 to 70 year old males


We're very excited as we prepare for our annual Last Door Family Fun Day on July 15th.  100's of family members, alumni and current residents will be attending this year's full day of activities for all ages at Boundary Bay Beach. Have you RSVP'd?  Call us today at 604-525-9771.


As well we are testing a Pilot Project to a 30 bed private lodge on a beautiful BC Lake.  The experiment is to review the effectiveness of integrating a retreat component (3 - 20 days) into our regular intense recovery programs.  Our goal is to provide treatment services for our clients outside of the hustle and bustle of our main 100 bed facility in New Westminster.  


Clients are participating in organic holistic healing with the help of BC's famed nature while working on their Last Door written exercises and preparing themselves to return back to work or school.


Family Members of Clients have also attended these pilot retreats so they can build new memories with their loved ones as the recovery journey begins. Two weeks ago clients did a father's day retreat as dads and son's reconnected. Stay tuned to future newsletters as this part of our program gets fine tuned and grows.


At last summer has arrived in Vancouver and we wish everyone a safe, sunny and hot summer season.


Best regards from the Last Door Family!

Last Door Client Private Retreat Pilot Project


Family Suites enhance treatment services


Family Program Family Suites
Family Program Family Suites


Our Family Program Family Suites look amazing! 


Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out over the Canada Day Long weekend to complete a makeover of these suites. Last month the suites were moved from Building 2 to Building 3 and needed some love and attention. The move has increased sleeping accommodations to up to 10 family members if needed. 


The suites were sanded down, painted, decorated, themed and out-fitted with a childrens play area. 

Our Family Suites are available to family members as part of our treatment program at no additional charge for client families to support their recovery journey on an "as needed basis". The suites are used frequently by parents, children and partners of clients; including Alumni who come from across North America to take their cakes in New Westminster.  One on One counselling, family counselling, return home and return to work support recovery planning and meals are all provided free of charge to guests of Last Door's Family Suites.  


Thank you to the BC Lottery Corporation for their financial contributions to partially fund Last Door's Family Suites.

Would you like to donate items to our Family Suite?

Needed items for our wish list: 

  • Hotel Style toiletries (mini soap, shampoo, conditioner)
  • Bathroom towel sets
  • Ground coffee and teas
  • Boys and girls toys
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • One large leather couch 
  • Bedroom accent accessories 

Call us at 604-5259771 or email to donate your items. You can donate cash here, enter "for Family Suites" in the comment box.


Thank you from the Last Door Team 

BC Lottery Corporation

Youth helping Youth

Discovery to Apprenticeship Program is a Youth Program that helps youth between the ages of 15 and 30 take a trades exploration program offered by the UFCW Local 247 Training and Education Centre Society. The program offers hands-on opportunities to try out various trades such as carpentry, painting and decorating, masonry trades, transportation and metal/welding trades.
DTA contacted Last Door's Youth Program to allow DTA's students to participate in the final leg of their course by getting hands on training by providing labour to a non-profit organization where they can do various labour skills for one week.
15 youth in total did various maintenance and renovations like painting the Youth Program Facility back deck and basement while doing minor repairs before painting.  
This was a win win for 2 New Westminster programs connecting to teach youth practical working skills.  
The week ended with a pizza party for all the youth. 
DTA Students

Penny Drive Success

Penny Drive
VON Executive Director Linda Lane and Last Door Program Coordinator Nick Ringma


Donate your pennies to support Last Door's Family Program and 
VON's Vial of Life Program
"Make Sense of your Cents" 
from May 1st, 2012 to May 1st, 2013

LAST DOOR 323 8th street New Westminster, BC 
VON 9912 Lougheed Hwy Burnaby, BC  

Would you like to host a penny drive jar?
call us 

Penny Project Hotline 

As pennies disappear "Make sense of your cents" and donate to help Vancouver area youth and adults coping with alcohol and drug addiction and assist first responders at the scene of an emergency.    

Knowledge Exchange Session 




Last Door Staff have been invited to go to SpringBrook Oregon to present to a pannel of addictions doctors and psychiatrists at the Springbrook location of Hazelden Treatment Centers on July 17th.  Hazelden is one of North America's larger treatment provider.  


Last Door's staff will be discussing Last Door's programs and philosophies with leaders in the addiction industry and their objective will be to share information in terms of what Last Door does and their personal experiences as counselors and former clients of the Last Door. 


Stay tuned to next month's newsletter to hear how the presentation went.


 Hazelden BookStore


Whether you're in search of books and gifts to enhance lifelong recovery and personal growth, or evidence-based professional resources, Hazelden Publishing has just what you need.  


Alumni , Family, Friends and Referral Agents - You're invited to:


Mystery Treasure Hunt 
Sandcastle Competition
Skim Boarding
Volley Ball
ALUMNI Speaker Meeting
Castletop Characters Face Painting 



Windsurfing Lessons 
Go Kart Passes 
Bungee Jumping Packages 
PNE Tickets 
and much much more 


 tel: 604-525-9771 

we`re expecting another large crowd for a day of fun, unity and recovery

or a donation of your choice

Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Brendan W


My life before recovery and Last Door was a nightmare; since I was 14 I lived as the epitome of an addict. I was a person who lived only to use, a compulsive liar and a thief. I can sum up the life experience I gained in my years in active addiction as that of a career criminal and a hopeless addict. Then, at one of many bottoms, scraping along looking for the next place to start digging deeper or die, I found light. I was introduced to the Last Door Recovery Society in New West.


I left Calgary Alberta and went to BC for treatment.  From my first day at Last Door, my life suddenly changed. For the first time I could remember I felt acceptance and love. For the longest time I had escaped feelings and left responsibility in my life by the wayside. The bond I felt at Last Door was so strong I knew I could change my life for the better. I put down my lies, deceit and self hate. I gave the program of recovery a chance and my life took off in leaps and bounds. I gained the ability to live with dignity and respect. I gained family. I gained a sense of belonging and friendship with an entire community the day I stepped in the door and have felt it ever since.


I spent 4 months at Last Door and then returned back to Calgary to go back to work and build new memories with my family.  My life after treatment at Last Door has been challenging and wonderful.  It continues to grow positively every day.  I have a program I follow as well as a recovery community in my life today. I do service, give back, sponsor and share my experience, strength and hope -- so others may see that this program really does work. Today I came from Calgary back to Last Door and I am staying in a Family Suite with my Dad, Girlfriend and baby girl - I'm here to go to group and read my one year letter and to celebrate my first year clean with my family beside me. I wouldn't want my life to be any other way. I have Last Door to thank and I am forever grateful. 
Brendan W
Clean Date: June 25th, 2012