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Addiction News 

Life after Oxy:

Addiction services see a rise in client numbers


As stockpiled supplies of the now delisted prescription painkiller OxyContin dwindle on the streets of Hamilton, those who are addicted are reaching out for help.


They are coming to treatment and counselling centres in record numbers in an attempt to get clean on their own timeline before the scarcity of the addictive opioid forces them into withdrawal.  

 To read more click here



another prescription for disaster?


More than two months after one of the most abused drugs in modern medicine - OxyCon-tin - was taken off the market, there are signs that Canadian drug users are trying to adapt and to fill the void that's been left.


On websites, drug users are sharing recipes on how to crack the code for OxyNEO - a new version of the drug - which is designed to turn gel-like when dissolved in liquid so it can't be pulled into a syringe



Teens need right addiction programs at right time.


Do you want your teenager to be a taxpayer when she grows up, or a welfare recipient?

Getting them the right help they need if they are thinking of, or have already, experimented with drugs, and especially if they need help getting off of drugs, will make the difference between them being a welfare user, or the worker helping pay for that social assistance.   


To read more click here


Some Teens May Be Pre-Wired for Addiction Study


Babies instinctively clutch on fingers and seek out their mother's voice.  For many, it takes little effort to understand the difference between laughter and anger.


But how instinctive is a teen's desire to snort a line of coke?


To read more click here

16 year Olds at Greatest Risk for Misusing Prescription Drugs
The peak risk for misusing prescription pain relievers occurs in mid-adolescence, specifically about 16 years old and earlier than many experts thought, according to a new study by Michigan State University researchers. 


Make Sense of

your Cent$


Penny Jars
Have you started collecting your pennies?


"Make sense of your cents" and donate to help Vancouver area youth and adults coping with alcohol and drug addiction and assist first responders at the scene of an emergency.


VON Canada and Last Door Recovery Society announces the launch of their Penny Project "Make Sense of your Cents" from May 1, 2012 to May 1, 2013.  


Donate your Pennies and support expansion of Last Door's Family Program and VON's a Vial of Life Program


Main Drop off locations are Last Door and VON Offices and Last Door`s Family Program Fun Day and Door Slam 2012.


Would you like a penny jar for your home or business?


Call Chrystal at 604-525-9771 


for more details on

 VON and Last Door 

click here 

New Drug Class Video and Blog Update




Drug Class Season 3 Ep 12  The Darkside
Drug Class Season 3 Ep 12 The Darkside

Again there is more research indication marijuana has the potential to cause mental health problems.


 Here at Home

here at home  


Here At Home, an NFB Web documentary about mental illness and homelessness


watch presentation here


You cross paths with the homeless each day-but do you really see them? Through five Canadian cities, five filmmakers and some 40 short films posted online between now and summer 2013, Here At Home, the new interactive Web documentary from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), lets you follow in real time some of the participants in the world's largest study on mental illness and homelessness.

$5,000 WIN


Riverside High School Students with Last Door Staff Chrystal

Four Student Teams came to Last Door to gather information for the annual Youth Philanthropy Project held each year across Canada.  The high school students were not only interested in the history of Last Door, but were impressed with the physical appearance of the facilities and the energy of the clients in the program. 


Each year Last Door opens its doors to these groups of students who do research on Charities and their services, however this year the Riverside High School team won first place for their presentation on Last Door.  The prize - a $5,000 donation to our Youth Program.  Congratulations!

Youth Awards


Youth Awards
Councillor Chuck Puchmayr - City of New Westminster with Last Door Youth Program Alumni James, Myles and Colton

......and the winners are.......


Colton and Myles won City of New Westminster Youth Awards for Youth Arts and Entertainment and James Junior won an Award for Outstanding Youth Athletics. 


Congrats to our Youth Program Alumni for being role models in our community.  


More details on our 

Youth Program

Horticultural Therapy

Its Garden Season


Last Door has 5 facilities with each having their own gardens beautifying the neighborhood. 


Stay tuned to photos on our facebook page for photos of our Rose Garden Blooming.

Steak Night Friday

Excutive Chef Frtiz and
 Chef Jason


Meal time at Last Door has been a tradition of healthy choices and home cooked meals.


Did you know Last Door serves over 200 meals a day - here you see our chefs preparing home made Spaetzle as a side dish for dinner.


A special thanks to our Last Door Chefs and special thanks to the new guys who help out in the kitchen.ell b

Committee Invite








or Call Giuseppe



Next Committee Meeting is June 18th



6:00 News




A good news story on Global News. Last Door takes pride in being part of the New Westminster Community for close to 30 years now, this story is just a testament to Last Door's impact on the community.    


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Thank you,

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Please forward this newsletter on to people you may  think would be happy to hear from Last Door.


Giuseppe Ganci
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Newsletter Vol#38

May 2012

 Addiction Treatment for 14 to 70 year old males


Last Door introduces 2 Projects that allows technology to meet addiction and recovery.


Last Door has been an innovator and a forward thinking addiction treatment centre for close to 30 year now.  Did you know that we were one of the first treatment centres to offer a nicotine free smoking cessation program when most others thought it was impossible to do in the addiction field?



Last Door is pleased to announce the 2 following Projects it has been working on over the past year.


Project 1:  New Custom CRM


Screen Shot of Last Door's Custom iCRM


Two years ago Last Door started to consider transferring its paper client files to Electronic Health Records and how we could incorporate our donors, volunteers and referral agents all into one efficient Contact Management System (CRM).  Despite extensive research it was almost impossible to find a CRM that could work within Last Door's complex demands, vigorous reporting systems, follow-up questionnaires and extensive contact database.  Eventually Last Door decided to develop its own CRM using the world's largest and most popular open source database MySQL.


By developing our own state of art CRM - we have  enhanced our screening protocols and are efficient at identify co-occurring disorders and substance use problems by electronically integrating GAF GAIN HoNOS SOGS DAST into Last Door's extensive and exclusive thorough digital assessment process.  


What does that mean to everyone?

  • Easy to use Electronic Health Record tools
  • East to use Contact Management  tools
  • Better service
  • Better relationships with donors
  • Better connection with Alumni
  • Reduce paper use
  • Easy DATA look up
  • Easy management of client files, case notes
  • Easy to create custom reports
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Easy to create relationships between referral agents and clients
  • Tracking
Last Door has been using its CRM for close to a year now and the benefits of custom data entry and  custom data pulling has improved Last Door's services; ultimately providing the best care to our clients, stakeholders and community partners.  Contact us if you would like details about our CRM.
Project 2:  New Global iPhone App launching next month
  Stay tuned to Last Door`s facebook page, twitter account and next month`s newsletter for full details on how to download our
Download individually or as a group for treatment centre alumni

We need your input


Stakeholders and Community
 Input Survey


As part of our ongoing efforts to evaluate and improve Last Door's services each year we ask its Stakeholders and Community Partners to participate in surveys, this year we have our surveys online for your convenience.


Stakeholders Input Survey:

Our program and staff want to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the needs of both clients and our other stakeholders. Your feedback is welcomed, and will assist in program evaluation. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the enclosed survey at your earliest convenience.


Are you a former client, alumni, family member, group participant, staff member, volunteer, neighbour?  If yes please complete the following survey:


Click here if you are a Last Door Stakeholder 

ommunity  Input Survey:

To evaluate and improve services we conduct surveys of agencies who refer to us, or who have clients who use our services. Our program and staff want to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the needs of both clients and referral sources. Your feedback is welcomed and will assist in program evaluation. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to complete the enclosed survey at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


Are you a treatment centre, referral agent, occupational health professional, HR professional, detox centre employee, insurance underwriter, counsellor, interventionist, psychiatrist, psychologist, addiction physician that works with Last Door?  If yes, please complete the following survey:


Click here if you are a Last Door Community Partner



Problem Gambling?


Watch Our Gambling Addiction Treatment Video
Watch Our Gambling Addiction Treatment Video
 Watch our Gambling Recovery Video
call us at 1-888-525-9771

Alberta Alumni Day







Over 70 guests enjoyed a day of Unity during Last Door's Annual Alberta Alumni Reunion.  This  year the event was held in Red Deer Alberta on April 28th.  Guests enjoyed Family Group, Alumni Group, Dinner and networking opportunities.   Thank you to everyone who attended. 


To learn more about our Alberta Addiction Treatment Services please click here 

Alumni , Family, Friends and Referral Agents - You're invited to:


Mystery Treasure Hunt 
Sandcastle Competition
Skim Boarding
Volley Ball
Speaker Meeting
Mr. Bubbles the Balloon Artist
Castletop Characters Face Painting 



Windsurfing Lessons 
Go Kart Passes 
Bungee Jumping Packages 
PNE Tickets 
and much much more 


 tel: 604-525-9771 

we`re expecting another large crowd for a day of fun, unity and recovery


Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the month
Last Door Staff Phil with former UFC Champ Tito Ortiz (middle) and Alumni of the Month Adam H (right)

I grew up in Vancouver in a nice home with a large family with lots of love, I stated using alcohol when I was 13 years old, by the time I was 19 I started to get into hard drugs and quickly my life became unmanageable.  By the time I turned 30 -- I tried treatment but it didn't work, and I ended up homeless and in and out of recovery houses for over 7 years.


My whole life consisted of emptiness and loneliness, this disease eventually took over everything.  I hadn't spoken to my family in almost 7 years and I was the guy panhandling on the streets.  At the age of 35, while panhandling at a 7 eleven, someone I had used with who was now 8 months clean suggested I go to Last Door to change my life.  Impressed by my buddies change it motivated be to consider going but it took me at least a year to get the courage to call Last Door. 


In March of  2010 I arrived at Last Door where I spent 10 months there in their extended long term care and transitional living program.  I was completely reprogrammed, while at Last Door I learned how to live for the very first time... I completed the written exercises Last Door provides, I reunited with my family and made amends, I also made lifelong friends who I have shared my journey with.


Today I've successfully finished the A to Z Personal Training Program at Douglas College; I am finally following my dreams to become a professional personal trainer.  I truly never could have imagined life could be this good. 


Today I spend as much time as possible at Last Door taking advantage of their Continuing Care Program as a Proud Alumni giving back to the new guys, letting them know anyone can lose the desire to use and change regardless of how bad it was. 


Thank you Last Door for teaching me that giving is more important than taking.


Adam H

Door Boy

Clean Date: March 3rd 2010


Upcoming Addiction Conferences









Connecting Addiction Treatment Providers, Toronto ON

 Sept 20 to Sept 22, 2012

Last Door Fishing Program



Hustle and Bustle of Addiction loses to the Relaxation of Fishing



The first fishing trip of the year was a success. Residents and Alumni went to beautiful Island Lake, high above Ashcroft, BC. As always the highlights of the trip were getting to know each other on the drive there & back, listening to speaker cd's, and having the traditional campfire meeting. 


The most inspirational moment came when John (sitting around the campfire) said that he could see himself staying clean and doing this with his family (wife & son). Oh, did we mention that they actually did fish! 


The bonus to staying clean, practicing recovery, and changing our way of life, Last Door calls this Gifts of Recovery.