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Save these dates!


Last Door Events:


Sun Run Team

Sunday April 15


Alberta Alumni Day

Saturday April 28th


Camping Trip

May 18 to 21


International Family Day

July 15


Door Slam

August 17 to 19


Upcoming Conferences:


Business after Business 

Wednesday March 8


April 25 to 27


Calgary Addiction Day

Friday April 27


Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine Conference in Toronto

September 20 to 22


Edgewood Trauma and Addiction Conference in Edmonton

November 28 to 30


Alberta Alumni Day 2012



April 28, 2012


Alumni and their families are invited to a one day UNITY event.

Currently Cross Roads Church Conference Centre in Red Deer is the location favourite and Alumni Wade is finalizing the details.

Tentative Program:

-- 3pm reception  
-- 4pm Family Group and Alumni Group (separate groups) 
-- 5:30 Pot Luck Dinner 
-- 7:30 NA meeting 
-- 9:00 Open for suggestions  

Stay tuned for updates, program to be finalized.



Addiction News 

Drug-risk website aimed at consumers

Julie and Peter Wood say they wish they had known more about the stimulant a doctor prescribed for their son to help him concentrate.


John David Wood, a student at the University of Toronto, became addicted to the medication and developed serious mental health problems after he abruptly went off it. He committed suicide in 2008, at the age of 26.

To read more click here and please visit



Recovery  Cuts Crime

Crimes committed by known drug-dependent offenders fell by almost half when they successfully completed a drug treatment programme, according to new research published today. The largest empirical study ever conducted in England on the impact of drug treatment on crime also showed a similar drop in convictions among those retained in treatment for up to two years. The longer those individuals were retained, the bigger the drop in convictions.

To read more click here



Police Chief targets prescription drug abuse

Kentville police chief, Mark Mander, is seen with an array of empty bottles of seized methadone and a vial of hydromorphone in his office in Kentville, Friday March 16, 2012. The bottles have the scripts from their prescriptions torn off by their illegal seller. (TIM KROCHAK / Staff)


Mark Mander was given a prescription for hydromorphone pills when he was discharged from the hospital after having surgery two years ago.


"I didn't ask for it, it was just given to me," said Mander, Kentville's police chief.

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$350,000,000 Canadian Class action suit against
Filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the class action suit alleges that Purdue was "negligent in the development, manufacture, distribution, marketing and sale of OxyContin and that the Defendants knew at all material times that anyone who ingests OxyContin would be at significant risk of becoming addicted to it,"  
Street 'ecstasy' may be a lethal chemical concoction

Alan Hudson's research question began crystallizing the night two girls from the Paul band collapsed, never to wake again.

The cold, wet spring of 2009 was punctuated by several ecstasy-linked overdoses in the Edmonton area. In March, four Paul band girls became ill after taking purple pills at a round dance at the band's community hall. Within days, two of the girls - Leah House, 14, and Trinity Bird, 15 - were taken off life support. A month later, Cassandra Williams, 14, went into cardiac arrest and died after collapsing on a West Edmonton Mall dance floor. She and a friend had reportedly taken six pills each.

To read more click here

Business after Business

Please Visit Last Door's Exhibitor Booth and learn about addiction in the workplace

The Vancouver Board of Trade's Business After Business™, presented in co-operation with the Small Business Council, is back at the River Rock Casino Resort! 

  • Members will showcase their products and services 
  • Network with members & guests  
  • Exchange ideas with other Board members  
  • Outstanding food
  • Great company 
  • Great door prizes

Come and check out The Board's signature tradeshow!


Why the BAB? Check out this video to see what you missed at a past BAB!

Fraud Awareness Month


Learn about charity fraud and Capital One Canada will add $10 to your donation


March is Fraud Awareness Month and CanadaHelps and Capital One Canada have partnered to educate Canadians about charity fraud.


In a recent survey of Canadian donors, we found the following interesting facts:

  • Only 8 per cent of Canadians check to see if a charity is registered to ensure it is legitimate.
  • Millennials are more likely to give spontaneously, without checking any documentation before giving
  • While there's no evidence of this, 72% of Canadians believe that there's more charity fraud today than ten years ago

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Monthly Newsletter Vol#36 

March /2012

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100 Bed Non-Profit Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment Centres



Hay River Inter-Agency Group invited the Last Door Youth Program to the North West Territories  on March 12th, 2012 to offer consultation for  a one day Vision Planning Meeting for the development of youth specific treatment programs for the NWT.


News from our recent Visions Planning Meeting in Hay River:


Hay River Hub Developing a Vision




Hay River shows support for NWT youth treatment centre


Northern News - Call for treatment Centre


Mix 100 News- Hay River Shows Support for NWT Youth Treatment Centre


Last Door Youth Program is very pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with the Hay River Inter-Agency Task Force to develop a youth treatment visions statement, design ideas for the ideal youth treatment centre, and the exploration and identification of what the top ten critical and non negotiable characteristics may be.


Last Door Youth Program Coordinators - Peter Beka, ICADC and Jessica Cooksey, ICADC presented an overview of best practices and experiences stemming from operation of our licensed treatment centre for 14 - 18 year old male youth.  Several officials attended, including the Minister of Health and Social Services for NWT, Tom Beaulieu, a number of Northern MLA's, NWT Addiction professionals and concerned community partners.


For decades, Last Door Recovery Society has quietly provided caring addiction treatment services for men. Today, we've developed a 100 bed addiction treatment centre for youth and adult males ages 14 to 70 years of age.  Leading the way in quality innovative addiction treatment using Client Centred Social Model Programming.   


To learn more how Last Door has helped 1000's of addicts and their families find recovery please call us at 1-888-525-9771.


Thanks for reading our newsletter!


Justice Reform Panel hears about Last Door's Program

Shirley Bond, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General with Last Door Youth Program Staff Daniel Sinclair and 
Youth Program Manager Peter Beka 

Last Door Youth Program delivered a message of recovery at the Justice Institute on March 20th, 2012.    
The Minister (and her staff) where effusive in their praise for the Last Door and the importance of the program. The outcomes that Last Door produces were more than evidenced by Cameron (Youth Program Alumni) and his gripping account of how the program changed his life.


Last Door announces new affiliate office in Regina


Last Door - Regina Addiction Services


Last Door has partnered with Rand Teed Consulting Services in Regina to better provide Saskatchewan residents with continuing care services for mental health issues and recovery from Addiction. 

Rand Teed Consulting Services can provide assessment services to Saskatchewan residents and prepare them for residential treatment.

Rand Teed Consulting Services include:

  • Interventions
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Pre-Residential Treatment Counselling
  • Treatment Planning
  • Continuing Care Group Therapy (post-residential treatment)
  • Continuing Individual Therapy
  • Rand has a B.A, a B.Ed and is an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist.

To book an appointment with Rand Teed please call: 1-888-525-9771, or direct 306-501-0123.


Rand Teed is also the developer of the Drug Class program which has been offered in many Regina High Schools for several years and is the writer and host of the Award Winning Drug Class TV Series.(Gemini Award Best Direction in A Youth Series 2008).  Last Door is planning on bringing the project to British Columbia.


Last Door now offers addiction services in: 
  • Calgary
  • Regina
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Our Main Facility is located in New Westminster, B.C.
  • Please contact us for more information 1-888-525-9771

Mayor Visits Last Door


Community Group Room Opening with the Mayor
Community Group Room Opening with the Mayor
The Last Door Recovery Society has unveiled its new community meeting space a
t a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, the society celebrated its new meeting space and recognized those who supported the project. 


According to a story in the New Westminster Royal City RecordCoun. Chuck Puchmayr, said the Last Door provides an incredible program and has saved tens of thousands of lives through the years anMayor Wayne Wright said many residents are unaware of the Last Door's presence in the community, which shows it is being a good neighbour.

Mayor Wayne Wright and City Councillor Chuck Puchmayr along with Last Door Executive Director at today's ribbon cutting ceremony opening Last Door's new community group room.

EAP and Last Door Information Exchange





Last Door continues to grow in Calgary


Calgary Day

Fun in Recovery

 The benefits of a Social Model Program.......

"Building Friendships" through fishing and camping

Last Door is "gearing" up for a year of fishing, friends and fun in recovery. The first official camping trip of 2012 will be on the Victoria Day long weekend, May 19, 20, 21. This year's location will be beautiful Island Lake, high above the town of Ashcroft BC. This is an amazing location for camping, fishing, hiking and dirt biking. The lake produces an incredible catch of Rainbow Trout; ranging from 3 to 10 lbs, as it has a catch & release, fly fishing only and no gas motor restriction.


We`re looking for Alumni and family involvement - if you`re interested in participating please call Don at 604-525-9771.

Letter of the Month 


Dear Last Door Staff:


(Dave, Louise, Peter, Jessica, Matt, Cam, Donny, Ben, Phil, Dan,Travis)


Each one of you directly or indirectly have been and continue to be a huge part of our sons' (Nick P) accomplishment in reaching his day to day achievements while staying at the Youth Last Door and even now that he has returned home.


I'm writing this letter to express the most sincerest gratitude for not only the care and support you gave him while in recovery when he entered your doors last year Feb 21st.  It was the day of his 16th birthday where as a mother, I never would have thought he would end up however, it turned out to be the day that saved his life.  Not only did you provide a safe, clean and healthy environment, but you educated our son, you gave him hope, strength, encouragement and a group of individuals that have now become like family.  I cannot find enough words to say "thank you for saving our son and for showing him a better way of life".  He not only came back with a completely different attitude but came back a mature young adult that to do this day I don't even see in many so called "grown ups".  He is pursuing his education and making so much improvement as well indulging in his gift of writing music with more enthusiasm than I've ever witnessed.


The recovery home you provide is so essential and so necessary that if only you existed when my father was growing up, he might still be alive today as I lost him to alcoholic 11 yrs ago.  The fact that you accommodate the young teens that are in desperate need of help is something to be commended and acknowledged for.  Within those walls, our son learned about accountability, responsibility, respect, honor, patience, humility, empathy, sense of worth, he learned to identify with his emotions and most of all he learned to appreciate and love all that he has been blessed with.  If not for the Last Door, I would still be crying myself to sleep at night, desperately seeking help and still fighting with our son to stop his self destruction.  The Last Door also saved me as a parent because of the parent meetings and counselling and education they offered that encouraged me to start my own 12 step program and I too started on with my journey in getting healthy. 


Today, we have a wonderful relationship with our son.  We couldn't be more proud for the great role model he has become for his other 4 brothers and other family members still suffering with addiction. More so we are proud for the brave steps he took in wanting to live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle but once again this was only possible because of the Last Door.


The treatment you provide is so crucial for so many young teenagers that it saddens me when I hear that there is only so many beds available as the lives of many more others can be saved but, due to the high cost of treatment, many families cannot afford it and so the suffering keeps on going.


I am always so happy to be a part of the Last Door whether it be to volunteer, attending NA and parent meetings or showing up to see another individual receive a key fob or a cake, as I feel that with every milestone that is reached, this world is becoming a better place and another mother can sleep at night knowing her son has been saved.

Forever Grateful,


Patty P

Alumni have fun in recovery


Josh in Mexico, 2007 Alumni