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Insights & Innovations Conference  Free Event


What Kids Need to Thrive
 A free workshop for parents and caregivers who want to prevent children from developing problems with alcohol and other drugs.

Thursday March 1st, 2012
7pm to 9pm
Renaissance Vancouver Habourside Hotel1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


$25,000 donation

fed ex

Last Door's Social Model Program relies on donations such as this.  A special thank you to FedEx


Hidden risks in the operating room

Dr. Farnan

Anesthetists are more likely than other doctors to become addicted to drugs


Read more 

OxyContin NEWS 

Banning OxyContin

Ban on Oxy without detox will trigger another crisis - regarding the effects to Aboriginal Communities  

Watch Video Here 



De-listing   OxyContin 

"It's a step in the right direction, but it's a baby step," 


The decision by some provinces to remove public funding for OxyContin and its newer harder-to-abuse formulation, OxyNEO, is being cast by many politicians and health professionals as a significant victory in the battle against the scourge of painkiller addictions.  


Read more in the Globe and Mail


Alberta's Choice

EDMONTON - Alberta has no plans to limit funding for OxyContin or its reincarnation, OxyNeo, a move other provinces say they're taking to curb addictions to the narcotic painkiller.


Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces will no longer pay for the drug, except in cases of cancer or palliative care. Health Canada is doing the same, covering the medication only for First Nations and Inuit patients who currently have prescriptions, and reviewing new requests on a case-by-case basis.


Teen on OxyContin

He's 18, living at home, hooked on Oxy; a suburban upbringing gone mean and hazy.


She's his mother, sitting in the rear of a quiet McDonald's, back pinned against the wall; desperate, incredulous that, in this day and age, she can't get any help.


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Bar's Open

Open Bar


In October the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the Portland Hotel Society began a pilot program that serves 12 daily doses of alcohol - one every hour from 10: 30 a.m. to 10: 30 p.m. - to eight chronic alcoholics living in the Downtown Eastside.

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Addicts & Alcoholics 




A special thanks to the community that helped Last Door give St. Barnabas Church a General Facility Face-lift

-Resurfacing the floors
-Upgrading cabinets
-New wheelchair ramp

Thanks to St. Barnabas Church for being available to us all for so many years for morning and night 12 step meetings, cakes, gatherings and the countless good times.

Symposium Update



Spring 2012  

National Therapeutic Community Symposium


The Nanaimo Addiction Foundation is partnering with the Nanaimo Region John Howard Society, Vancouver Island University, Correctional Service Canada, Tillicum Lelum, City of Nanaimo, R.C.M.P. Royal Roads University, Woodwyn Farms, Cedars at Cobble Hill, The Farm at Cedar Woods, Vancouver Island Conference Centre and others to host this national event.


To learn more about the Symposium or to register for the event, please visit






Cocaine and the Teen Brain: New Insights Into Addiction 



When first exposed to cocaine, the adolescent brain launches a strong defensive reaction designed to minimize the drug's effects, Yale and other scientists have found. Now two new studies by a Yale team identify key genes that regulate this response and show that interfering with this reaction dramatically increases a mouse's sensitivity to cocaine.





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Sunday July 15, 2012

Family Day


August 17 - 19, 2012




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Monthly Newsletter Vol#35 

February /2012

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100 Bed Non-Profit Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment Centres





Mayor Wayne Wright to open NEW Community Meeting Space at Last Door Recovery Society Wednesday March 7th at 3:00PM


The construction of the new group-room and community meeting space was completed this past week. Last Door has invited Mayor Wayne Wright to cut the ribbon at 3:00PM on March 7th, 2012 to celebrate the additional space and to recognize all those who supported us with the construction.


The "Community Meeting Space" is built on the site of the Last Door heritage facility at 323 Eighth Street, New Westminster, BC and like all Last Door space; it will be well used. The room features state of the art meeting space with built in AV system, washroom facilities, earthquake supplies storage, polished concrete floor and air conditioning.


The 630 square foot space is a multi-use building accommodating Co-Parenting, Parents, Alumni, Media Addiction and Lifestyle groups; serving as space for community Naranon meetings.  Auxiliary uses include mixed martial arts training, acupuncture and yoga and the space can serve as an additional meeting room if needed.  The project itself was a community effort - like alumni creating the wainscoting from recycled maple head boards donated by the Inn at Westminster Quay. 


The Last Door Recovery Society is grateful for the support from each of the following companies and individuals for their support and for materials and installation.

  • Tri-Star Brick and Block / Concrete Block Supplier
  • Aujteck Electric/ Electrical
  • Bar-None Reinforcing /Rebar
  • CRS Metal Fabrication/ Metal Stair Supplier
  • PK Metal Works /Exterior Stair Installation
  • Poco Building Supplies /Building Materials
  • Westland Air Conditioning / HVAC
  • Virtue Contracting / Hardiplank
  • Avion Interiors Ltd. / Drywall
  • Lequerier  Masonary / Block Installation
  • Mannarino  Concrete Placement
  • Terry Mohr/KY Plumbing /Plumbing
  • Fraser Health
  • Eric Patterson Architecture
  • Arbutus Roofing
  • GPM Fire Protection Ltd.
  • Murphy Environmental / Concrete Floor Finishing
  • Deanne Kratzenberg - Power Playss Investment
  • David Pel
  • Jim Benett
  • Haneef Esmail
  • FedEx
  • Am Lail
  • Inn at Westminster Quay

We are also grateful to the numerous alumni, clients and volunteers who helped make this quality project possible.  Special thanks to David Leask for his tenacious and persistent work ethic to help complete this building.


To RSVP please email Giuseppe Ganci at or call 604-525-9771


Thank you.



Youth Program News Article makes it into National Papers




Myles and Peter's Last Door Youth Program News Article makes it to newspapers across Canada as a feature story! - it's a good news day in the world of media.

Thanks Peter and the Youth Program Staff for the amazing work you all do saving young men's lives and helping them find recovery. 


Links to some of  the articles found  in Canada's biggest papers: 

100 Door Boys go to the Play



Last Door residents enjoy  recreational activities as part of their treatment plan.  Recently 100 residents attended THE HUNCHBACK.

Many Residents have never been to the theatre and many said "they can't remember the last time they were able to enjoy the arts"  
Youth Program Residents enjoy VIP treatment with Limo service to the theatre, special thanks to Alumni Myke Ge

A beautiful wedding story in San Jose Mexico


On Tuesday February 7th, 2012 a group of about 60 family and  friends hailing Florida, California, Colorado, Baja Sure and of course our local communities, met in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico to celebrate the marriage of two staff members: Jessica Cooksey  and Jared Nilsson. The sunset ceremony was held overlooking the ocean and outdoor reception took place under a full moon rising.


The Spanish to English translation of the vows was interesting ("Yessica and Yared") as was the sight of David proudly walking Jessica down the aisle. Jessica looked radiant and Jared was a handsome, satisfied bridegroom. Good feelings abounded during the celebration. Jackie, Jared's Mother let her desire for grandchildren be known to the couple and David talked about how we play important, interconnected roles in each others' lives.  


Mark Bingham was honoured as official "matchmaker" when Jessica and Jared presented him with the bridal bouquet.  As a side effect of the gathering, the local recovery community was treated to our New West style of recovery. Guests enjoyed their holidays and Mr. and Mrs. Nilsson returned to Canada on February 13th after spending some time in San Jose, Cabo and Los Barriles recreating with family and friends. All and all, staff returned refreshed and inspired.  


Last Door Youth Program invited to consult to the Hay River Inter-Agency Group about youth addiction treatment in NWT 



The Hay River Inter-Agency Group has invited the Last Door Youth Program  to Hay River to offer consultation for  a one day March 12th, 2012 Vision Planning Meeting for the development of youth treatment programs for the NWT.  Last Door's Youth Program is very pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with the Hay River Inter-Agency Task Force to address what a youth treatment visions statement could look like, ideas for the design of the ideal youth treatment centre, and exploration and identification of what the top ten critical and non negotiable characteristics may be.


Last Door Youth Program Coordinators - Peter Beka, ICADC and Jessica Cooksey, MA Health Leadership,  will present an overview of best practises and experiences stemming from operation of our licensed treatment centre for 14 - 18 year old male youth.  


Several officials will be attending- including the  Minister of Health and Social Services for NWT, Tom Beaulieu, a number of Northern MLA's, NWT Addiction professionals and concerned community partners.


Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for the full story




Alumni of the Month 

Alfredo, Alumni of the Month


I'm a native of North Vancouver where I began my early years as a young child destined for a good life supported by my loving parents and grandparents. Growing up I was an isolated child due to my weight problems and not socializing with children at a young age. I always strived on doing things on my own and never really fit in with other kids at school. I subjected myself to eating and watching T.V. rather than playing with other kids. I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I learned to lie at a young age to impress the others around me. As much as I wanted to feel a part of, I was unaware of the how my actions and behaviors were pushing me further away from having good friends. Even from a young age I demanded a lot of attention from my family, always seeking out love and happiness. I lacked all responsibility as a young boy and when things didn't go my way I was a tyrant causing damage to all those around me. As I grew older and in high-school, I jumped between many groups of people trying to find those that related to me, but no matter what I did, who I tried to be, or the endless lies I told people, I could never fit in with them or myself. I began a part-time job in my teens and found a group of people who "enjoyed" my least I thought. I allowed others to take advantage of what I had because I finally felt apart of something and now I had friends. It was at this time in my life where I was introduced to drugs.

Drugs began as a social thing. From once in a while, to every weekend. Then a couple times during the week until it became a daily habit. The pattern was the same for the type of drugs as well, eventually leading to hard drugs. All the while I neglected to see the danger and harm I was creating in my life to my family and myself. As the disease of addiction took over my life, I became less of a part of my family's life and society. Important holidays, birthdays and even deaths of loved ones I was not to be found. Addiction had me at the grips and I was in need of help. I had tried to help myself through relocating in different towns and cities, to meeting other woman who I thought would help me live clean. No matter what I tried, nothing worked and wherever I went my addiction stayed with me. Drugs took everything away from me. Family, jobs, money, cars, and an unborn child eventually leading me to the down-town east side with no other place to go.

I had tried a previous treatment attempt for 42 days without any luck. The day I left treatment I got loaded and I was back to doing what I always did, except this time it was worse. I degraded myself much more and attempted suicide for the first time. I needed help and didn't know where to look. Through the assistance of another NA member I was introduced to the Last Door Recovery Society unaware that this member was also an alumni of the house! It was here that I had an opportunity at life again. Through the knowledge and related experience shared with me by the supportive staff and clients of The Last Door was I able find freedom from active addiction. It was here that I learned about the twelve steps of NA and the true meaning of friendships. The Door taught me how to live with honesty, morality, integrity, responsibility and dignity and assisted me with re-uniting with my family and begin building loving and meaningful relationships with them and myself.

Living at the Last Door was an amazing experience. Endless laughs, outings, connecting with friends and their families. It was an exciting time. Everyday brought on new experiences and joy to my heart. Without the assistance I would not have gained the necessary tools I need for my everyday life I enjoy immensely every day. I have much gratitude and appreciation for what was given to me and am blessed to continue to be a part of the house as an alumni member. Today watching others getting their lives back fills my heart.

I just celebrated my second year clean from all mood and mind altering substances. I have become a pillar in my family's life! I have an amazing group of friends today who all strive on doing the next right thing. I'm back in school today pursuing my dreams of managing a hotel through VCC. Life today is better than I could have ever imagined it to be. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank The Last Door Recovery Society for its time, energy, compassion and empathy towards my life in recovery. It's because of all of you that I have what I have today.


Alfredo Mannarino

My clean date is February 19th, 2010.