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Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for a special thank you to all our Donor's who contributed to our the $150,000 budget of Last Door's new Community Room.

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Last Door Alumni "Door Boys" stick together to form a clean work crew on the oil rigs.  Congrats guys on your long term recovery and successful careers.




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Sunday July 15, 2012

Family Day


August 17 - 19, 2012



Mental Health and Chronic Pain Conference, Calgary

Addiction, Mental Health and Chronic Pain
Friday February 24th, 2012
PineBrook Golf and Country Club
166 Pinebrook Way
Calgary, AB
To register please call
$95/ person before Jan 2
$125/ person after Jan 20
includes lunch




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Last Door Youth Program 

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 Last Door Family Program

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Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly emailed newsletter. 


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Giuseppe Ganci
Last Door
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Monthly Newsletter Vol#34 

January /2012

Clear logo
Non-Profit 100 Bed Long Term Youth and Adult Addiction Treatmnet Centre





Nick Ringma


ICCDP Specialist

Senior Counsellor


The excavation for the foundation of our new community meeting space and group room was an archaeological dig through the history of the Last Door at 323 Eight Street.  Between army bed frames, abandoned oil lines and layers of cement, asphalt, bricks and sand there was a story.  It was the history of a society that has consistently maximized scarce resources to optimize client experience and opportunity for recovery.  The original garage on the site  was used as a group meeting room back in the early nineties.  The floor was damp on rainy days and heat was delivered by an extension cord, orange chairs surrounded the storm drain. But then as now clients were inspired to participate in recovery.


In the course of building this Community Room there were moments when we paused to remember why we do this, to recall how difficult the beginnings were and how blessed we have been over the years by staff commitment and community support.  Today that same spirit of recovery and community was mustered to build over those archaeological and spiritual foundations. 


Last Door Recovery Society is grateful for all the support we have received in the construction of this new facility from friends, alumni and corporations. We have been blessed with gifts in kind of materials, labour, fees, permits and money.  In the beginning we received support from Fraser Health to engineer and design the project.  In the middle our stalwart supporters including Deanne Kratzenberg went to work to raise the urgent cash required from friends and supporters including alumni and corporations. We are now in the final phase of this project and Blair May and his team are looking for the finishing touches including cabinets, fixtures and chairs.  


The completion is scheduled for the end of February with an opening celebration to follow.  We will recognize all our supporters in a community event that marks our history in New Westminster, celebrates our achievements in recovery and invite our friends and neighbours to support our work.


When we examine the roots of recovery at Last Door we find much more than simply artifacts.  Recovery is alive and well.  Families are being united, children are seeing fathers and individuals are getting well. A new building is simply that, but your participation and the thousands of hours of dedicated group work, the thousands of meals, the thousands of recovery stories add up to a community getting well.  The Last Door continues to demonstrate that recovery works and the support of our friends keeps us humble and diligent.


Stay tuned for next month's newsletter for a full list of donor's who held us reach our $150,000 goal.  


To contribute to the finishing touches including cabinets, fixtures and chairs please  click here or call us at 888-525-9771


Best regards,


Nick Ringma 

Last Door Counsellor

 Another year to join our team   


sun Run


Follow these easy steps:

  • click on Teams and Members Corporate
  • click on Join team
  • fill out your information
  • select team Last Door
  • pay $45 to Sun Run  

So far we have 20 team players running.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Sun Run shirts

Family Suites at Last Door- value added services 


Last Door residents come from all over Canada and the USA. Family integration is crucial to recovery, Last Door's Family Program includes free use of two family suites for client's families to use during their stay at Last Door.  


 Here's what our guests are saying:
  • I think the program offered here has helped Gord already in the short time that he has been here.  Gord seems to be ready to accept the responsibility of this disease upon himself.  I think the fellowship shown here is quite remarkable.  Drea 
  • Visit was very enlightening and very humbling.  Understanding the entire process better, can only aid everyone's healing in our family.  Mark 
  • Staying at Last Door has made it accessible for us to participate in the programs provided and spend time with Aaron.  Jennifer 
  • Even just going to group "once" helped my understanding of what goes on here and the amount of support available.  Terence also read me a letter that really pinpointed weaknesses in our old relationship and helped me understand both of us better.  Ulina
To read more about our Family Program - please click here: 


A Week at Last Door


1000's of addicts and alcoholics have found recovery from participating in Last Door's intense treatment  program.  Click on our weekly schedule to view our program at a glance.  




Did you know Last Door's treatment program includes a set of written exercise that each residents completes at his own pace?


These written exercises were created 30 years ago by Last Door staff and recovering addicts.


Completing the written exercises takes an average of 3 to 4 months and many treatment centres across Canada have adopted and currently use Last Door's Written Exercises in their programs.


Want to know more?   Call us at 1-888-525-9771 


Youth Conference in Vancouver


2012 Insights & Innovations Conference February 29, March 1-2, 2012
Renaissance Hotel, Vancouver

Showcasing excellence in prevention, treatment and policy for youth and families impacted by substance use Insights and Innovations 2012 (formerly the Western Canadian Youth and Family Addictions Conference) has been scheduled for February 29, March 1-2, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel, Vancouver Habourside. Focused on enhancing substance use services to youth and families, this much anticipated conference will provide a forum for youth and family substance use specialists, mental health clinicians, policy-makers, researchers, associated professionals and those responsible for programming/service delivery to come together to discuss and explore current proven and promising practices in this field.


The conference will incorporate a knowledge exchange approach before, during and after the event as a means of fully engaging participants in learning with and from each other. Conference workshops and plenary sessions will be highly participatory and include topics such as:


  • Health Promotion within Youth & Families
  • Integrated Practice with Youth & Families with Complex Challenges (e.g., concurrent disorders)
  • Youth and Alcohol
  • Engagement Strategies with Youth & Families
  • Practitioner Renewal  

Click here to register:

Addiction in the news... 


latest news


Binge drinking - as contagious as the common cold?   


Research on drug use goes down the toilet   


Treating the tiny victims of Canada's fastest-growing addiction 


Addictions counselling cut in Saskatoon

Health authority weighs adding more supervised injection sites 




No Safe Level Of Alcohol During Pregnancy 

Family can play powerful role in helping loved ones addicted to prescribed drugs  

Devil's in the details of Liberal party proposal to legalize and regulate pot


Booze Doctor Lied - Wine actually isn't good for you after all


Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Action News


Residents get healthy one step at a time




Last Door uses Social Model programming involving both the individual and his social and physical environment. This model requires residents to leave the facility on a daily basis to attend appointments, meetings and recreational activities.  Last Door's Lifestyle group did a "Step Challenge"  to see just how many steps our residents do in each day.


Residents kept a journal of how many steps, km and calories they burned in a day.


The  average was:

  • 15,000 steps per day
  • 700 calories per day
  • 9 km per day

In the course of living as part of this healthy community residents are presented with opportunities to modify and in many case, overcome the addictive behaviors and patterns in their lives.


Thank you to Healthy Families BC for supporting this exciting project.


Fraser Valley Executives Association 


Last Door was invited to speak at the Fraser Valley Executive Association's Luncheon to talk about Workplace Wellness and Recovery at Last Door.  



Alumni of the Month 

Jed, Alumni of the Month

My name is Jed, I was born in New Westminster 27 years ago.  My parents decided to home school me and my younger sister Catie, so our family re-located to Peachland in 1990.  I had a picturesque childhood where I was encouraged to pursue my interests in history, music, the outdoors, woodworking, and most importantly (at the time) hockey.  We attended church for a number of years and were active in an intimate home-school community in the Central Okanagan.  I had the opportunity to attend elite hockey schools, music lessons, and fishing retreats and we also made road trips to visit family across the Lower Mainland and the Gulf Islands.


In Grade 9, we decided that I should begin attending public school so I could pursue sciences.   As I grew up in this fertile environment, I began to repress my feelings and isolate, choosing to listen to music alone in my room, instead of interacting with friends or family.  I felt insecure at public school and accepted being picked on by my class-mates.  When I discovered alcohol at the age of 16, I immediately absorbed it as the missing piece of my personality. 


Once I graduated from high school I dropped out of my Bachelor of Science and began working.  However I drank to black out every weekend, abandoning my family and any friends who did not drink.  It did not take long for the drinking to spill over into the weekdays, and I had pride in my philosophy that as long as I showed up for work the next day, I wasn't doing any harm.  This was far from true as I pushed all of my passions aside to feed my growing addiction.  While I as drunk I tried drugs that I had no intention of touching sober, and began to supplement them into my lifestyle.  I drove drunk on a daily basis and degraded my values to an alarming degree.  Anyone who expressed concern I pushed away especially my family.


 Finally the point arrived where I was living in a basement on welfare, living in harmful conditions and using daily in vain to attempt to fill the ever-growing void I felt in my heart.   After a family intervention, I decided to move back to the Lower Mainland to stay with family and attend counselling.  I was abstinent from drugs and alcohol for 2 months until the emotions released by the counselling became too much for me to handle.   Finding that my using could not cover the shame and guilt I felt, I knew I was at a crossroads, commit suicide, or ask for help.  I followed a tip from a friend and called the Last Door.  I visited the facility and was overwhelmed by the empathy and positive energy that I felt, so I decided to invest myself into their adult program.


During my 8 month stay in treatment, I found that there were others who shared my shame and frustration, and who were learning to improve their lives by taking responsibility for their addiction.  I wrote the Work Exercises, attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings daily, and built intimate friendships with the other members of the house.  Through the support I received I was able to use the exercises to finally put into words the emotions that I had repressed for my entire life, and begin to amend my behaviours through taking positive action.


14 months later I am a supervisor at a landscaping company, I have regular and meaningful contact with my family, and I have a great apartment with my wonderful girlfriend.   My family traveled down to New Westminster for my 1 year clean celebration in November, capping of the most successful year of my life.  I am grateful to the Last Door for helping me to shape myself into a functioning member of society and helping me make good on the potential that I have always had.


Thanks Last Door


Clean Date: November 2th, 2010


Holistic Recovery Works


Last Door Youth Program enjoys a day at Mt Seymour SnowBoardin. 

Our belief that "recovery should be fun" is what makes Last Door legendary in the treatment industry. Since 1984 Last Door has implemented social and recreational activities as a necessary part of holistic recovery. Last Door ensures that each client experiences treatment in a positive, energetic environment. Clients are motivated to experience new activities and learn new skills. 


Their choice of activities ranges from softball, dodge ball, fishing excursions, camping trips, through to group hikes throughout BC's parks. Mixed Martial Arts training is offered and the local hockey rink is rented on a regular basis.  Clients have access to the local Olympic size swimming pool and its fitness facility to promote god health. 


Family participation in recreational and social activities is encouraged and supported.  It is common for Alumni, Family and Staff to facilitate Last Door's recreational events.


"Fun in recovery" is key to successful recovery