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Holiday Drinking



Patricia  Pike, North Amercian affiliate Interventionist for Last Door is featured in Georgia Straight 


Tis the season for partying, and for many, that means drinking. Tales of drunken debauchery might make for prime office gossip, but alcohol does more than cause stumbling and slurred speech. It can also cause lasting damage to the brain. 


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The good news: Ontario teens are smoking fewer cigarettes than ever. The bad news: They're still driving after drinking or smoking pot.  


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The more gray matter you have in the decision-making, thought-processing part of your brain, the better your ability to evaluate rewards and consequences. That may seem like an obvious conclusion, but........


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Prescriptions for medications containing Oxycodone paid for on Ontario's Drug Benefit Program have risen how much since 1991


A) nine hundred percent

B) five hundred percent

C) one thousand percent

D) two hundred percent


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Charitable donations can be carried forward up to five years, this can be part of your tax strategies. 


When you make a receipted cash gift to Last Door, you'll receive a combined tax credit between 19-35% of the value of your donations up to $200 and between 43-50% of the value of your donations over $200.


canada helps 

Donating to the Last Door is easy and affordable on anyone's budget!

How It Works:

  1. Click the above link and enter amount, frequency, and any special designations to your donation.
  2. Add this donation to your checkout Giving Basket.
  3. Pay for the donation, receive a receipt, and Canada Helps will disburse your donation to Last Door.
  4. or Mail your cheque to Last Door 323 8th Street New Westminster BC, V3M 3R3



 February- A Night at the Theatre

July 14, 2011 - Family Fun Day

August 17, 18 & 19 - DoorSlam


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Last Door Recovery Society's 25th Anniversary Dinner & Auction Celebration was on May 9th, 2009 and was a SOLD OUT success, THANK YOU. 

Mayor Wayne Wright, 25th Anniversary Address
Mayor Wayne Wright, 25th Anniversary Address

The Evening Program began at 6:00 pm, Special Speakers included the Mayor of New Westminster, his Worship Wayne Wright along with an intimate performance by one of the world's top guitarists Don Ross at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.


Last Door will start planning its 30th Anniversary Celebrations next year, stay tuned for committee announcements.



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Meet the Last Door Staff

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thank you for the support you have shown towards Last Door. Together we have been changing lives since 1984. Our family and extended family of supporters grows yearly and helps us fulfill our goal of making our communities better, one person at a time.


Our Christmas wish this year is to make our clients' first Christmas in recovery something to celebrate.  We want to make Last Door a home they can call their own, filled with love, respect and safety.


Fun in Recovery - a key to success


300 guests attended Last Door's 3rd Annual Comedy Night Fundraiser
on December 4th to support Last Door's Recreational Budget.


The event featured amazing Hors d'oeuvre platters created by our House Chef and Executive Chef, Jason and Fritz, Comedians and Live music performed by Last Door Alumni, please enjoy the following song performed by one of our Youth Program Alumni
J.Cole - Lost Ones (Nick P. Remix)
J.Cole - Lost Ones (Nick P. Remix)

J. Cole- Lost Ones remix by Nick P. the name of this piece i wrote is "Upside Down", i dont take credit for this beat, and this beat was remade by YoungProfessionalz. takes a while for the song to start but i hope you enjoy it :)  


"Nick P"

Last Door Youth Program receives grant


Press Release

December 8, 2011


Coast Capital Savings funds Youth Lifeskills Education Program


New Westminster, B.C. - The Last Door Recovery Society's Youth Lifeskills Education Program was recently awarded $20,000 in funding from Coast Capital Savings.


The Youth Life skills Education Program provides education and experiential lifeskills training to young men who are seeking to successfully re-enter mainstream society after struggling with drugs and other related issues. 


"Coast Capital Savings is committed to helping build a richer future for youth in our communities," said Wendy Lachance, director, community leadership for Coast Capital Savings.  "We are proud to support Last Door and their Youth Life skills Education Programs we believe investing in programs that help youth become self-reliant is an important factor in building a strong society."


The Youth Lifeskills Education Program, which runs from November 30, 2011 to November 30, 2012, is delivered in a group format which allows for a continuous intake or participants.  Each weekly three hour session is managed by two group facilitators and covers a wide range of topics designed to help youth improve their function on a practical day-to-day level.  The program is open to both existing and former clients of Last Door.


The Last Door Recovery Society provides supportive, therapeutic environments where individuals and families suffering from addiction can receive guidance and support in restoring themselves to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. Last Door has five residential sites serving male youth and adults as well as adjunct programs for families.


Coast Capital Savings Credit Union is Canada's second largest credit union with total assets under administration of $12.3 billion, more than 454,000 members and 51 branches in the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island regions of British Columbia. Product innovations include Canada's first free chequing account from a full-service financial institution and the country's most flexible mortgage product, the You're the BossTM Mortgage, which was named 2010 Mortgage of the Year by Coast Capital offers one of Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures™. It is a member of Canada's Best Managed Companies Platinum Club and an Imagine Canada Caring Company. 


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MP says treatment of aboriginals has failed


First Nations Alcohol & Addiction Treatment
First Nations Alcohol & Addiction Treatment

The crisis in the northern Ontario First Nation community of Attawapiskat is just the latest example of how broken the country's approach to aboriginals is, said a candidate for the leadership of the federal NDP. 


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In Memory of our Recovery Dog, Victor


In Mongolia, dogs hold a special place in the hearts of the people... as is often the case here in Canada. Many Mongols believe that some dogs, having lived a useful life and having been of loyal service to their masters will be reincarnated as men. These reincarnated beings, in their human form will someday greet their masters and they will recognize each other spiritually. To help the dog on his way they are buried on the hills so that people do not walk on their remains. The dog's tail is cut off and placed under the head. A piece of fat is put into their mouth and words of wishes to be born as a human being in the next life are said before burial. The dog's spirit then runs free in the wind until he is ready to be reborn as a man....... Victor will be cremated and his remains will rest on the mantel by the fireplace of the main house along with his leash, collar and his fobs. I believe many of us will see Victor again because he has served well and loyally to SO MANY for so long. Hope this helps.....Louise C

Alumni of the Month



I grew up in a good family in Coquitlam with very supportive and responsible parents. I started abusing drugs and alcohol in my mid-teens and I discovered that I enjoyed using drugs. They helped me to ignore my feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity, but little did I realize they were actually making my problems worse. I was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 19 and I continued to use drugs and alcohol during my treatment. Although I managed to beat the Cancer, my addiction got worse and worse. I ended up losing jobs, going in and out of treatment, stealing from loved ones, moving to Edmonton to try to escape my addiction (which didn't work), and eventually did two years in prison as a direct result of trying to financially support my addiction.


I returned to B.C. and tried to stay clean on my own but was unable to do it. I was now 32 years old and I had no potential, no realistic goals, living with my parents and going nowhere. Eventually I realized I had a choice to make. I would either accept some help or live a long, miserable life addicted to drugs. That help came from the Last Door. When I arrived at the house I was absolutely amazed at the positive energy that everybody seemed to have. It was inspiring and seemed magical. It didn't take me long to decide that the way of life that was being offered to me was a gift that I had to accept. Through working the 12 steps, attending group, building friendships, and taking direction from the counsellors, I have learned the basic tools I need to have a happy life.


I stayed in treatment for 7 months and transitioned for 5 months. There is no doubt in my mind that taking my time and not rushing through treatment gave me the best possible chance of staying clean. I recently celebrated 1 year clean, my 34th birthday, and moved out of the transition house into an apartment nearby with a friend from the Door. I'm working full-time and I am starting a training program soon for a career that I'm very excited about. I attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and volunteer to do service with the NA activities committee. None of that would have been possible without the support I received from the Last Door. I've never felt so optimistic about my life and words can't describe how grateful I am about that.


Thank you to everyone at the Last Door for changing my life.



Clean Date November 23rd, 2010

From Vegas to Ontario, back home to BC


Last Door Exhibitor Booth


 Last Door's Community Development Campaign

reached 24 conferences in 2011

promoting long term abstinence treatment to over

20,000 industry professionals


A special thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth

to learn more about workplace wellness, our referral process, nicotine free treatment and what else makes Last Door one of the best addiction treatment centres in North America.

Holidays at Last Door are always special



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