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Addiction and chronic pain in the workplace: Part 1


Addiction, mental illness, unhealthy lifestyles...employee disability can stem from a number of causes. Workplace absences related to these disabilities place a significant burden on Canadian employers, accounting for an estimated 4% to 12% of payroll costs, according to 2002 research from Wilson, Joffe and Wilkerson. Well-designed and implemented disability management programs can reduce these costs by shortening, or even preventing, employee absences.   

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Something in the Water


What drugs are local residents abusing? A researcher's solution to that vexing problem suggests just how much our sewage knows about us

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Highest rates in BC



B.C. has one of the highest rates of prescription painkiller use in the country, according to new a new study led by Simon Fraser University.

The study looked at retail pharmacies across Canada, and found there's been a 50-per-cent hike over the past decade in the number of prescriptions filled for powerful painkillers called opioids.


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Last Door Community Booth at New Westminster Pride




Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello or asked us questions.  This year there was no Pride Float Entry in the Vancouver Parade, but many of our Alumni are vowing to reenter next year to reclaim the BEST FLOAT AWARD won in previous years.  Check out their group at




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Louise Cooksey

 Last Door Recovery Society Director of Development & Finance

At Last Door we are coming up to our year end, August 31, 2011. Another year has sped by and it's time to wrap up loose ends and review where we are at. This year has been like many others - full of the both unexpected and the routine. Each week brings both exciting and inspiring news from alumnus, family, friends and a variety of "stories" from people seeking help. Each week there are many tasks to be "put to bed" as Nick says. And, sadly, each week there is needless tragedy -death by overdose, suicide, accident and losses that have befallen someone who is struggling with addiction. These events bring to mind Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's statement "Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must." Life gives and takes from all of us and we in turn must make the choice to both give and take from each other.


There is a great deal of strength needed to both enjoy and to endure and we find that strength in each other - when one is feeling defeated, another has hope, when one is sad another is grateful, when one angry another is awed.....and so on. When I celebrated my 28 year NA anniversary at my home group on August 8th I felt the richness of life that comes from being meaningfully involved with others, moving toward a common path that includes, salvation, celebration, inspiration and gratitude. My wish for the coming year is that we continue to share our lives in both small and large ways. I feel gratitude, joy and hope when I think of Kenny in Thailand, see Robbie cradling his son in his hands, Brendan's parents celebrating an NA anniversary without Brendan, and watching someone who not long ago was in despair encouraging another person to have hope. These vignettes are part of what life blesses us with on a pretty much weekly, if not daily, basis.


Thanks to everyone who cares and shares.




Employers to Moms Experiences


Over a year ago, a resident said we should have videos on our website  explaining personal experiences because when he visited our site for information, he was in crisis mode. 


 Force Four Entertainment has produced 11 videos that can be found on our new homepage to assist with Employers who have employees with substance abuse issue to mothers looking for addiction treatment for the sons.


Calgary Addiction Treatment Services Press Release





August 29, 2011


Last Door announces a new system of care for Alberta Residents needing addiction treatment.


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC --  Last Door has partnered with Health Upwardly Mobile Inc. to better provide Alberta residents with continuing care services for mental health issues and recovery from Addiction.


Health Upwardly Mobile Inc. (HUM) is a health and wellness company with a team of health professionals that are able to provide assessment services to clients and prepare them for residential treatment for drug addiction, gambling addiction treatment, alcohol rehab, Internet, video gaming and media addiction, sex/relationships and food addiction treatment. 


Please click here for information on Alberta Addiction Treatment Services 


Services that HUM provides include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Pre-Residential Treatment Counselling
  • Treatment Planning
  • Continuing Care Group Therapy (post-residential treatment)
  • Continuing Individual Therapy


DoorSlam Success



Over 1000 recovering addicts and alcoholics enjoyed a weekend of Slo-Pitch during the 2th Annual DoorSlam


34 teams from across BC and the US participated in this past weekend's Recovery slo-Pitch Tournament in New Westminster, BC.  Last Door Recovery Centre has been hosting the tournament since 1999.  Thank you  to all the players, volunteers and family members who came to cheer!


Team Victors is made up of Last Door Alumni and Friends


A, B, C and D Division Trophies


DoorSlam Magic Show with Korki the Clown


Last Door Alumni Wade from Red Deer Alberta drove to BC with his family to play on Team Victors while John Mogk from the Burnaby Health Centre won the Pro-Bat Raffle, congratulations to all the other prize winners as well



Door Slam is another means for Last Door to demonstrate its belief in good citizenship by making community contributions, increasing community awareness and fostering goodwill. Families, Alumni and friends of Last Door are all welcome to participate in this community event as well as the general public.


Alumni of the Month



Youth Program Alumni Daniel H


I started using at 13. By the time I was 15, my powerlessness and the unmanageability was obvious. I was being sent off to boot camp where I would spend my 16th and 17th birthdays. I stopped using and promised myself that I wouldn't go back but I didn't even last an hour after leaving. I'd wake up in the hospital day after day thinking I had it under control and that I could stop if I wanted to. I had a great job working for the public, was a straight A student, a homeowner, a boyfriend but using was more important. By the end of it I had nothing but an empty house; I'd kicked out the family and boyfriend and completely cut myself off from everything. Even after all this I didn't see the problem.


If it wasn't for the hard work of my drug and alcohol counsellor I never would have made it to last door from Lytton, she suggested coming out here and I had promised myself 6 months at the very least. When I completed the 6 months I remember thinking that what I had found here was worth holding on to and worth staying clean for. Like a lot of people I had come in with a variety of preconceived misconceptions on what it took to be in treatment but someone came to me, reached out their hand and said welcome home. I'd felt accepted. I didn't have to prove anything. The people here just wanted to help. I feel privileged and blessed to now be the person reaching out my hand and to be an alumnus of Last Door.


Having completed core treatment in good standing I had been asked to work a summer position at the youth program as a peer mentor. I am currently in transition and thanks to Last Door I will be staying in New Westminster. I've been waiting for this my whole life; to live and enjoy life, to have the type of friends that I have today, to have finally left my home town, to feel a sense of direction and purpose in life, to be a son, a brother, an uncle. Now at 19 years old I'm ready to move out on my own and live my life, go back to school, work etc.


Thanks Last Door,


Daniel H

Clean Date,  September 9, 2010