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Students more likely to use
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Young Adults See Biggest Rise on Drug Use; marijuana still a gateway 

young adults

Young adults appear to be the group showing the greatest increase in drug use according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In addition, according to the new study, the increase has largely been driven by more marijuana use and there are the numbers to prove it.


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Students more likely to use



University students who drink alcohol, smoke tobacco and take cannabis are more inclined to self-medicate, according to a study carried out by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).


"We selected a sample of 1,400 first year students who voluntarily completed a questionnaire. After two years the cohort was re-evaluated. Anonymity was ensured at all times," declares Francisco Caamaño, the lead author of the study published in the Journal of Public Health.


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Highest rates in BC



The makers of alcoholic drinks including Baileys and Smirnoff have agreed to introduce a code of practice for their adverts of Facebook and other social media, and said that such websites are now often the main route for promoting alcoholic drinks.


New guidelines will restrict access to official brand pages for users under 18 years old on social networking sites such as Facebook. Advertising will only be placed in environments where more than 70 per cent of viewers are over 18.


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Last Door will Present its

14 year success story with

Nicotine Free

Smoking Cessation at


 Poster will focus on

  • Methods Used
  • Client Responses
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities
  • Discussions
  • Outcomes

no smk





November 29, 2011 (Tuesday)

Pre-Conference Workshops


November 30, December 1 & 2, 2011

(Wednesday - Friday)

Three-Day Conference

8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Additional Sessions:

November 29, 2011

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


November 30, 2011

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


December 1, 2011

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

(formerly the Best Western Richmond Inn Hotel)

7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, B.C







Thank you to the many alumni, trades people and suppliers who have donated goods and services to the building of Last Door's latest building addition.


This new building will be a new space for  activities such as Parent's Group, Co-Parenting Group,  Media Group and other Educational Group meeting space.



canada helps 

Donating to the Last Door is easy and affordable on anyone's budget!

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Last Door's first book of memoirs will feature letters of life stories from people affected by Last Door. 


Do you have a letter or wish to write a letter you would like to have considered published?  if yes please mail, fax, or email your letter to us.  A selection committee will determine which letters get published.  


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Nick Ringma Last Door Senior Counsellor

The fading hours of extended summer sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for our clients to venture into Vancouver and participate in a major convention at the Roundhouse. They came by sky-train, motor bike, car and bicycle to enjoy three days of recovery oriented speakers, workshops and discussions.


The clients had the opportunity to participate in the BC Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous that was held at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. At Last Door our clients have the opportunity to experience the best of recovery by participating in conventions where alumni gather with other persons in recovery demonstrating that in a crowd of 600 people, the celebration of clean-time is a crowning moment -- evidence that recovery works for long periods of time with clean time celebrations of 10, 20 and even 30 years.


In the course of treatment the participation of clients in these events is made possible by your contributions, their efforts to help others in the community and allocated discretionary funds from our program budgets. At Last Door fun in recovery reaches beyond recreation to the laughter and tears of addicts sharing stories of recovery and experiences with the newcomer still detoxing.


Part of this recovery energy is carried into our regular group-work and forms the foundation for those interventions that precipitate change for clients in early recovery. Our staff participated in the convention planning and volunteered 100's of hours to help create an event that was supportive of recovery and welcoming for newcomers.


This newsletter contains alumni stories, construction pictures and articles that highlight the work of staff and clients at Last Door. The energy and staff activity speaks volumes that recovery works and if you're struggling or know someone who is -- send us a note or give us a call and we'll see if we can help.


Nick Ringma ICADC  ICCDP

Program Manager & Senior Counsellor

EAPA Presentation




Last Door was invited by the Employee Assistance Professional's Association to host a Professional Development Presentation entitled: Gambling and Internet Addiction Treatment Using the Social Model Program.


It is crucial that EAPA Counselors not underestimate or overlook the co morbidity between process addictions like Gambling and Internet Gaming/Gambling and substance addictions. It is important to have the knowledge and skills to employ early prevention techniques to help identify, treat and avoid serious consequences of process addictions. Ultimately lives, jobs, and money are saved through prevention, early intervention and treatment. It is common practice to differentiate between types of addictions with alcohol and drug getting the attention and treatment while co-existing "process" addictions go undiagnosed until the problem becomes critical. Our Social Model approach does not differentiate between process and substance addictions.  


Some of the topics covered during the EAPA presentation were warning signs, how the social model works, the benefits multi-screening tools at the onset, improved outcomes related to family involvement and use of multi-dimensional/wholistic approaches to treatment. Available treatment services were also reviewed and are very limited in terms of residential treatment.


Please click here to view more details about:

                       Last Door's Gambling Addiction Services

Concurrent Disorders & Addiction Treatment


Understanding military culture, paramilitary cultures, firefighters, police officers and pilots has long been a hallmark of treatment at Last Door 


The integrated treatment program delivered by the Last Door Recovery Society is based on the premise that long-term recovery requires long-term treatment. The most recent research for 2010 based on our 165 clients highlights three important stats. Those clients who complete or continue in recovery (108) do well in both return to work (95%), return to family (92%), only 10% return to nicotine use. The more important stats for this discussion are that only 17% returned to drug use and only 7% returned to jail. These stats are consistent with the research done in Connecticut where there are clearly documented correlations between length of treatment and recidivism.   


Please click here to read our article:


 Addiction Treatment for Clients with Concurrent Disorders





We're proud of our guys - please watch and pass it on!

Moving On by Myles Murphy
"Moving On" by Myles Murphy








Last Door was one of the two Canadian Treatment Centres representing Canada as a leader in Addiction Treatment. As Last Door expands its services more and more Americans are finding Last Door's efficient and affordable fee structure practical.


Over 1,200 attendees at the 2011 conference in San Diego, The National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) combines the power of NAATP, INCASE and NALGAP with the audience of Addiction Professional and Behavioral Healthcare magazines.


NCAD is the premier conference showcasing new ideas and innovations in the fields of recovery and prevention, as well as addressing treatment, administration, finance, technology, and medical issues.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello and ask questions! 







Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself, by Candace Plattor



Chaos is the one word used frequently to describe life with a person who has an addiction - from drugs and alcohol, to eating disorders, to gambling, and everything else in between. It is cyclical and progressive and causes havoc in relationships. As the loved one of an addict, you are probably hiding the problems -- blaming yourself, feeling rotten, and isolating yourself from others - trying everything to get the behavior to change, but nothing is working for you. When you just can't stand it anymore and want off this addiction roller coaster, what can you do?


In her award-winning book, Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction, Vancouver therapist Candace Plattor invites the reader to stop focusing on the addicted loved one and take a journey with her to learn how to focus on yourself and increase your own self-respect. She maintains that you do not have to remain addicted to someone else's addiction. After the initial chapter on A Dramatically Fresh Approach to Loving an Addicted Person, each short chapter of the book starts with a Survival Tip. This is followed by an example in the form of a case study from her years of work with addicts and their loved ones, as well as from her own 24 years of personal recovery from addictions.   This straightforward guide to self-recovery is very readable and a must-have if you want to change the direction of your life. I give away new copies to friends and family because my book stays by my bed to be read and reread.


Candace is currently writing the workbook that will accompany Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself, and I'm sure it will be as helpful to the loved ones of people struggling with addiction as her book has been.


Kathryn Friesen is a nurse and has worked in Drug & Alcohol Services.





DECEMBER 4th, 2011

at the newly remodeled historical




a fundraiser for Last Door's 2012 Recreational Budget


help the new guys have fun in recovery in 2012


Last Door offers opportunities for clients to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities throughout the community.  Focus Groups made up of staff, Board of Directors, Alumni, Volunteers and clients have met to create 2012 Events Calendar to be announced at the Christmas Event.


More details on the events program will be available soon




Smart Giving from CanadaHelps


Top 5 Reasons Smart Donors Use Canada Helps



1 - You can donate to any registered Canadian charity through in one simple transaction. From health charities to the environment to social services - you will find charities representing all of the causes you care about. The CanadaHelps list represents all 86,000 charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.


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Fright Nights at Playland is Back!
October 14 - October 31, 2011

Dare your friends, family and coworkers to join you for a deadly night out at Vancouver's most horrifying Halloween event - Fright Nights! This bone-tingling fear fest runs from October 14 til the 31; gates open at 6pm and don't close until late. You won't want to be left alone in any of the five haunted houses, on the chilling twilight rides, or around the death-defying performances. Come as a group and you may be spared from the gruesome creatures lurking in the darkness.


Group clients save $5 on FrightPasses!


Special Offer: Sunday, October 16


This year, on Sunday, October 16, 2011 we are offering a special promotion which is sure to send shivers down your spine.  PNE Group Sales is inviting select Corporate and Online Ticket clients to experience the spine tingling excitement of Fright Nights at the reduced rate of $20 plus tax.  This hair raising price includes admission to the park, all Fright Nights General Rides and Haunted Attractions, plus one hot dog, a bag of chips and a small pop.

Promo code: spooky


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Last Door Alumni Don in China

I am a first nations man who grew up in a northern town in Manitoba. I was faced with a lot of trauma and adversity mostly involving my family, alcoholism, abuse and death of loved ones. I tried drugs at the age of 14 and my life immediately changed. Drugs gave me friends, helped me overcome my teenage awkwardness, and eased the pain. My attendance, marks, and attitude in school changed immediately. I was living on my own at 14, paying my own way and didn't see it as a problem, my friends thought I was cool cause I always had dope.


I ended up moving in with an adult. The only condition was I go to school. I was expelled many times for selling and using but somehow graduated. I went to chef school in Winnipeg, did not complete due to partying. Moved back up north got a job at the mill then really started partying. My house burned with my best friend. I was devastated; no amount of drugs eased my pain.


I moved to Winnipeg joined a band and toured the country, got married and moved to Vancouver with my addiction close behind. I started using again and ended up homeless.


I was told about the Last Door in detox. I had no idea what this was or how much of an impact it would have on my life. It was close to my family so I thought I would give it a try. Upon walking in I knew this was something special, people cared and listened. It wasn't long before my kids were sleeping over. I was encouraged to play my music. I had new friends and a sense of belonging that I never had. I was introduced to Narcotics Anonymous, and the twelve steps, a cornerstone to my future and ongoing recovery. Through this process, the help of councilors and the group I was able to overcome some of the emotional pain that burdened me for most of my life. I became ok with who I was and where I stood in the world. I was able to sleep at night, wake up and face the day without using drugs. True freedom is what I was given and I am forever grateful.


Today my life seems like a dream, nothing compared to the nightmare I used to live in. I am a father to my kids in Airdrie, Alberta. I visit them at their mom's house whenever I please. They are happy and well adjusted. I am currently attending college at Nicola Valley Institute Of Technology taking a first nations holistic approach to addictions counseling and getting straight A's. I hope to get my Masters someday. I indulge in my passion and tour the world playing music professionally, living my dream, I never imagined. I am becoming a man my parents, kids, family and community can be proud of. I just wanted the pain to end and got the world because somebody believed in me. Thank You.


Don Ducharme

Clean date: July 28/2003