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Media Report

Last Door was profiled in a one hour television documentary that was produced for Rompost TV for Omni BC and aired last month. 

Thank you Sonia, if you wish for a copy of the documentary please email


Addiction Daily News

Addiction News Daily is CCSA's news service; a compilation of stories pulled from various sources and focusing on topics concerning alcohol, drugs and their related harms (including alcohol and drug prevention, treatment, recovery and addiction, and substance abuse policy and political dialogue). The stories are chosen for their potential interest to Canadians and are of national significance




Upcoming 2011 Events
  • Family Fun Day - June 11
  • Kelowna Annual Retreat - June 17, 18, 19
  • DoorSlam Recovery Slo Pitch Tournament, August 26, 17, 28

Please email or call 604-525-9771

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Everyone benefits from the power of a Planned Gift- you, your family and your charity. Of course, we want to ensure that each of these groups receives the maximum benefit possible; this is why Last Door Recovery Society offers a wide range of  arrangements. 
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Every year our team finishes in the top 10!


The team has started and so far we have 27 runners committed to running this Year's Sun Run.  Residents, staff, alumni and families are encouraged to participate.  Twice a week there is a UNITY RUN with the team, call Phil at 604-525-9771 to inquire about times and places. 
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Last Door's first book of memoirs will feature letters of life stories from people affected by Last Door. 


Do you have a letter or wish to write a letter you would like to have considered published?  if yes please mail, fax, or email your letter to us.  A selection committee will determine which letters get published.  


learn more here

Last Door Therapy Dogs!





Can Therapy Dogs Assist In Addiction Recovery?

"In the glance of the speechless animal there is a discourse that only the soul of the wise can really understand." - an Indian Poet

Ask our alumni how important those walks with Victor, Roxy and Churchill are in early recovery.  Read our next issue of our newsletter for the article.


Roxy and Churchill




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Last Door Adult Program

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V3M 3R3

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Last Door Youth Program 

109 Ash St.

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 Last Door Family Program

327 8th Street

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Louise Cooksey

Program Manager

Last Door has had a good start to 2011 with some Board Training initiated by board member Doug Eastwood and presented by Betty Sinclair. The objective of the training was for the Board of Directors to gain increased level of knowledge and understanding about:


  • the implications for an organization of both not for profit status and charitable status
  • the role and conduct of a board of directors
  • the focus of a board of directors


 Board members came away from the January training with renewed enthusiasm for strategic planning. We will all benefit from their efforts.

Each and every person on staff is working hard on projects they have special interest in. For example, Phil Hamel has put together a combination experiential and educational group for the Youth Door boys in practical Lifeskills,  Jared continues with the Lifestyle group that recently had a guest speaker from VanCity Savings Credit Union to talk with the guys about financial planning and management. Darren is working closely with Bonnie Gallagher to put together a group educational series for Couples, Vincent and Matt are working on the Media Group and recently gave a 12 week summary to me. Giuseppe is back and on the road with the Exhibitor Booth which will be at events from Ontario to Las Vegas. The Last Door name is getting out there and much more. Apologies to any staff whose efforts have not been mentioned, you are all appreciated.....but for the record Blair and Nick are renovating and David is making sure everyone knows how to ride.

We hope to see you all at the Family Reunion Picnic on June 11. Until then, enjoy the spring and the flowers.


Louise Cooksey

Alumni Success Stories Return to Alberta

"Hello to my friends at the Last Door.  I thought I'd just share this with you. This is in the local Slave Lake paper. They asked if I could answer a few questions.  I did it cause anything to get a suffering addict  to reach out is good in my mind. The Town of Slave Lake, Alberta has a lot of gratitude for Last Door as recovery in town has never been to this point ever. The Last Door  and the community of New Westminster has a big part in making Slave Lake a safer community. Take care,  Allen"


To read Slave Lake's Lakeside Leader article click here  


Alberta Alumni Unite

for Recovery Birthday Celebrations in Rocky Mountain House, AB


New Math and Addiction Treatment




Some years ago, okay let's say 40 to be kind to some of the Grey hairs reading this newsletter, there was this whole conversation about teaching mathematics in schools using set theory. The educators stumbled on nirvana. They found the ultimate narrative reframe for the drudgery of basic math. One of the outcomes was a new status for mathematics. Parents hated new math because they did not understand it and kids loved it because it had circles and drawings and talked about sets and being part of this group and not that group.


Addictions treatment has been that kind of misunderstood, that maligned by both detractors and employers. Only 3% of all persons with alcohol problems show up on skid row. The others walk among us. The focus of what I want to share with you is not simply the numbers. I am not an accountant, but I do like to set theory and if I can help you see how an employee can be in the set of trusted and valuable employees and in the set of living life in recovery then I have attained my goal. In the course of this article I will also share some observations about symptom identification and the pathway to treatment.



To read more please click here 


Alumni of the Month


Tyler B


The first time I used I was fifteen and then I started using regularly at eight-teen.  By the time I was twenty-one I was in treatment.  I don't have a crazy story filled with fancy cars, beautiful supermodels, or penthouse parties. If I did I would most likely be still using. On the other side I didn't end up homeless, jobless, in jail or the hospital. My reality is this.... Every time I used I was slowly killing myself. Every time I used I was slowly destroying my family, and every time I used I was drifting farther and farther away from the person my parents raised me to be. 


I was stuck in this viscous cycle where I hated myself; I was depressed, and always felt alone. I would use but the truth was every time I used I would hate myself even more, felt more depressed, and felt even more alone.  Yet I continued to use because I told myself that it would get better. I was givin all sorts of opportunities by my parent's trips, school, a great job yet I didn't appreciate them and took them for granted.  I remember when I got honest about my using and told my parents I was going to stop.  But just not using wasn't that easy for me, I need more than just not using. I told my parents I need help and I ended up at the Last Door.


I had no idea what to expect when I decided I needed treatment. I was scared but I knew that something needed to change because I couldn't keep living the way I was living. What I found in The Last Door was a home, a place where I could grow, I could learn, and I felt safe.  I remember the first time I walked through the front door.  There was an energy in the room that I couldn't explain but I knew that if I stayed everything would be ok. What really stood out for me was that people looked happy.  It had been a long time since I had been happy.


If I were to tell you I got it right away, or that I had seen the light after my first month I would be lying.  It took me about ninety days to really start believing in the program, the steps, and myself. I remember the exact moment; I was at Kenny S's cake. It was a Thursday night, Winners and the light went on for me.  That's not saying that after Kenny's cake it was a walk in the park for me.  I still had my struggles but with every day I didn't use, my life got better.  Through the twelve steps of NA I learned that drugs weren't my problem, Tyler was my problem. While learning about my defects and patterns I was being taught how to live life and take responsibility for my life and my choices, by not only the counsellors at the Last Door but also my roommates and other clients. I learned how to be a friend, a son, a brother, and a partner. I learned that now I was clean and working recovery in my life that I had a choice and that my actions have a direct result in how my life unfolds. The most important thing I learned while at Last Door was that I could still live my life and have fun while being clean.


I'm so grateful I found Last Door and recovery at such I young age. I couldn't imagine suffering for the next ten, fifteen, twenty years.  The life skills I learned paired with the knowledge I gain through the twelve steps have had a positive effect on me, my family, and anyone I encounter on a daily basis. Today my life is simple. I spend my time working and going to school. I don't see a limit on what I can accomplish and have confidence in myself. I have built friendships that have had positive impacts on not only my live but my family's lives as well. Today I have desires and goals in my life and can see a positive future for myself. It's all thanks to the Last Door, on my own I am just a hopeless drug addict but with the strength and support I have received from the Last Door I am able to live my life free from active addiction. The most important thing is that I feel I am a part of my family again.  That's not to say life has been a cake walk since I have been clean, but I know that if I continue to work the steps in my live, go to meetings, and continue to give back to Last Door and NA things will always work out.

Tyler B


Clean Date, March 17, 2008

Family Program Picnic and Potluck


Family Fun Day 


Participants of Parent's Group, Women's Group, Co-Parenting Group, Resident's Families and Alumnus are invited!


June 11, 2011

Queensborough Community Centre, Ryall Park

920 Ewen Ave, New Westminster, BC


Noon - 4:30pm:

Kids Zone, Korki the Clown, Face Painting,

Play day games for the Grown Ups--> WIN Prizes!

Snacks provided by Last Door


4:30 - 6 pm:

Last Door BBQ, Pot Luck Buffet Table Opens


6:00pm: Speaker Meeting


6:30: end


Please bring your own sides, salads or desserts, and Lawn Chair

Parking available.


Please RSVP your family with the main office before June 3rd by calling: 604-525-9771, RSVP includes Main Course BBQ and Beverages, Donations taken at the Registration Table.


Would you like to volunteer? email

Enjoy these photos from last year, over 300 guests attended!


BC treats addiction as a Chronic Disease

Patients get 10 extra minutes per doctors visit.


BC is the first jurisdiction in Canada to implement screening, intervention, and care planning in primary care to prevent problem drinking and treat it as a chronic disease.


As of April 1, 2011, family doctors in BC have access to new guidelines covering problem-drinking screening and assessment, intervention, and treatment resources similar to those available for other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension to treat their patients with problem drinking, including alcohol addiction.


To read more please click here   


All Round Recover


Last Door Recovery Society currently operates two core programs -- the Last Door Adult Program and the Last Door Youth Program as well as several adjunct programs for families and partners. Cliential aspects of our programs are gender specific to males whereas the Families and Partner Support Programs are open to all ages and genders by invitation. Last Door uses Social Model Programming as a strategy for recovery from addiction.


Service include:



      Lifestyle Group


The Lifestyles Group educates and supports clients in making healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Topics covered include nutrition, money management and over working through to dental care. An in house fitness trainer liaises with various fitness facilities to integrate physical fitness for clients. The goal of this weekly group is to help clients become more aware of the numerous lifestyle choices they can make and chose those that will enhance the quality of the lives while in treatment and post treatment.


         Gambling, Media & Internet Addiction Group

This group focuses on recovery from "process" addictions. The goal of this group is to Increase clients' awareness of the nature of these addictions, how they can correlate with substance use and to learn how to avoid the ongoing damage to their lives and their families.


         Recreational Activities

Our belief that "recovery should be fun" is what makes Last Door legendary in the treatment industry. Since 1984 Last Door has implemented social and recreational activities as a necessary part of holistic recovery. Last Door ensures that each client experiences treatment in a positive, energetic environment. Clients are motivated to experience new activities and learn new skills. Their choice of activities ranges from softball, dodge ball, fishing excursions, camping trips through to group hikes throughout BC's parks. Mixed Martial Arts training is offered three days per week. The local hockey rink is rented on a weekly basis and clients can access the local Olympic size seeming pool and fitness facility. Family participation in recreational and social activities is encouraged and supported.


         Holistic Programs

Weekly Yoga, Acupuncture and guided mediation sessions are included in the cost of treatment at Last Door. Certified Naturopathic supports are also offered on an as needed basis.


         Inter Faith and Cultural Diversity

Because Last Door is a Social Model Program, clients are supported in practising  their own religious beliefs and culture in a safe and accepting environment. . Individually unique Treatment Plans allow room for clients to imbed their culture and values into their Treatment Plans. Clients are encouraged to practice their beliefs,  whether it be attending  a church or mosque service, a sweatlodge or the Gay Pride Parade.


Last Door, a pioneer in the addiciton treatment industry!            


Thank you,

Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly emailed newsletter. 


Please forward this newsletter on to people you may  think would be happy to hear from Last Door.


Giuseppe Ganci
Last Door Public Relations