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Last Door Recovery Society NewsletterNewsletter #020
October 2010 
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:: Memories of Michael
:: Alumni of the Month
:: Christmas Party
:: Thanksgiving in pictures
:: How can Mixed Martial Arts support recovery
:: Parents Group Potluck Dinner
:: Vancouver Magazine feature article on Recovery
:: Last Door Soccer Team
:: No better time to plan than the holidays



In the Last Door halls of recovery memories and laughter linger.  This past month I took a few weeks away from the daily routines of talking with clients, walking the halls and checking rooms.  One of the great reframes that comes from a break is the ability to see things in perspective.

Two years ago our colleague, Michael Pesut passed away and each October represents an opportunity to do something in his memory.  For those of us at Last Door it is an opportunity for rededication to the spiritual nature of recovery.   This fall it means becoming more aware of how our work affects others.  Sometimes a simple personal check with  Executive Director, David Pavlus mantra, "Is it kind, necessary and true?"  before we speak, gossip or shout promotes immediate change.

On a chain of remembrance on the Great Wall in China some of Michael's ashes hang as a memorial.  That's a loving gesture as are the ashes spread at the base of a Bonsai tree in Hue.  However those are simply gestures of remembrance, rituals of remembrance would be more personal - more practical.

This year we'd welcome your practical gestures as an expression of your spiritual response.   As the calendar turns from October to November and we begin building those Christmas Gift lists and planning next year may we suggest that you consider remembering recovery with your gift.  I could suggest some practical projects to consider:

1.       The Fund-A-Bed Program - A simple way to fund a bursary for treatment for someone who cannot afford treatment.  Estimated monthly cost $7,500. Fund one month or more.

2.       The Capital Expansion Program - With growing demands on our physical facilities and the requirement to develop for long term expansion this fund will require significant grants over the next 2-5 years.  Estimated requirements are 250 x  $500 donations immediately.

3.       The Gift Program - Each year 60 clients in our Youth and Adult programs benefit from your generous Christmas gifts whether a movie ticket, a coffee card or simply $25 for their kids.

4.       The Recreation Programs - Each year our clients participate in hockey, soccer, fishing, biking, wrestling, yoga, golf and other life-styles-enhancing opportunities that demonstrate fun-in-recovery.  - Donations can range from $25 for simple drop-in fees to $5000 to sponsor a convention package for all the clients.

Now getting back to the perspective a break from routine provides - seeing the world, walking the Great Wall, saying a prayer in some distant church are moments of spiritual connection that require a practical response of gratitude.  A response that allows my gratitude to turn from words to action.   As Michael would have said with a grin, "Have you prayed about it, it'll work out!"


Nick Ringma


Chain of Remembrance,
Great Wall of China

Alumni of the Month



I arrived at Last Door lonely, lost and not knowing what to do with myself, all I had was my set of golf clubs.   I had been clean for close to a year and a half but I had only abstained from using and continued to live in the behaviours I had learned in my addiction.  Without a program of recovery I arrived at Last Door; it was evident that the way I was doing things wasn't working. I had isolated myself from my family and the people who cared about me most.

While I lived at Last door I made some great friends, laughed and did some much needed work around the damage I had caused through my addiction and early recovery. The work I did, based on Last Door's Programs and going to meetings brought me freedom from the way I felt.  I learned that recovery is about having fun, laughing and spending time with my family and friends. My favourite times were spent in the famous Last Door kitchen cooking dinner, and when I volunteered as night staff for a bit.  These were great experiences and I learned lots about working with others. I'm grateful that I went through Last Door when I did, because it saved my life and brought me back to reality.

Today I still live in Recovery, I come around Last Door as much as I can because it is was the alumni before me that gave me the hope that it was all going to work out. I'm also exploring the options of post secondary school that are opening up to me now that I'm clean. Also I'm living in the gifts of recovery which are spending time with my family and friends on a regular basis. The best part of it all is that I can look at myself and don't feel lost, lonely and know I have purpose and direction in my life today.

Mike M

Clean date December 6, 2007


Last Door Comedy Night Christmas Party
 Sunday November 28th
6pm to 9 pm

Please join us for a night of Laughter and Unity

**Alumni Speaker Meeting**
**three comedians**
**Hors d'oeuvres**

Lafflines Comedy Club
2nd Floor - 26 4th Street
New Westminster, BC

Tickets 2 for $50
one ticket goes to a resident in the house
proceeds go towards Holiday Wish list and Recreation

please call 604-525-9771 to reserve your tickets

quotes from our last Lafflines event:

"this was one of the funnest nights of my life"

Thanksgiving Dinner in Pictures

The holidays at Last Door are emotional, loud, busy, fun and complimented by an abundance of food.  Parents, wives, children and other family participate in this Thanksgiving celebration and the facilities are filled to the brim with gratitude and peace. Special thanks to everyone who helped cook and brought goodies.



How can Mixed Martial Arts support recovery?

Last Door's flexible program design includes change in recreational activities according to client request. This resulted in the implementation of our Mixed Martial Arts Program a few months ago.


The activities involve client training sessions held three times a week at the TMA local gym during which they have an opportunity to learn basics of Muay Thai and Jujutsu. Those participating to date have reported these activities as beneficial not only from an exercise perspective but from a discipline perspective as well. 


Last Door hopes this newest innovation will result in camaraderie that will last a life time.



Clients participated in the Western Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Championships and won three Medals,  one Gold and two Silver. Alumnus and clients cheered from the stands.  Congrats Nick, Phil and Tim!


Special thanks to Total Martial Arts in New Westminster for working with us to allow this for our guys.  Check out their website www.totalmartialarts.ca


MMA photos

Clients participated in the Western Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Championships and won three Medals,  one Gold and two Silver - in front of alumnus and clients heering from the stands.  Congrats Nick, Phil and Tim.  Bet they didn't know this was in store for them.

Special thanks to Total Martial Arts in New Westminster for working with us to allow this for our guys.  Check out their website


Parent's Group Pot Luck Dinner
Wednesday November 17, 2010

All parents that have been been involved in our Family Program are invited.  Last year's pot luck dinner had a reunion feel, help come and celebrate the success of this program and help us continue offering this service to those deeply affected by addiction.

Time: 6:00 - 8:30
Location: Main Facility
Theme: Pot Luck

To RSVP or to ask for more information contact:
  • Don, Don@lastdoor.org, 604-525-9771
  • Blair, blair@lastdoor.org, 604-525-9771
  • Peter, peter@lastdoor.org, 604-520-3587
Van Mag

Last Door Alumni Darrin Sjoberg Conquers a Ten Year Meth Addiction

A drug user since his teens and a meth addict for a decade, Darrin Sjoberg, 40, describes the seductive horror of crystal meth, and his battle to break its grip

Please click here to read the article written by Jess Spencer:


Next game:

 Wednesday, November 03 | 9:30 pm | Indoor Field


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