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Last Door Recovery Society NewsletterNewsletter #015
May 2010 
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:: Family Program Pig Roast
:: Last Door goes on tour
:: Fishing Program gets bigger
:: 4th Place
:: No Smoking catches up
:: Someone is getting married
Thank you for reading our Monthly Newsletters, between our emailed contacts and Facebook friends over 2000 people receive them.  "Coming Soon" we will be adding to our improved website a Last Door Blog and new separate social media homepages for our Youth Program, Adult Program and Family Program.  Keeping up with technology will ensure our support reaches as many people as possible.
Don't forget to get involved with the following upcoming events by attending or volunteering
      • June 18 to 22 - KelowNA Campout
      • July 18 - Family Program Pig Roast
      • August 27  to 29 - 11th Annual Door Slam Slo Pitch Tournament
      • Golf Tournament, date TBA
      • Fishing Derby, date TBA  
Best regards,
The Last Door Family 



Last Door Goes on Tour with an Exhibitor Booth

Health Upwardly Mobile Addiction Conference in Calgary, AB

Youth Community Outreach Day in Burnaby, BC

A few months ago Last Door Embarked on a road trip travelling with a new Exhibitor's Booth and attending various addiction conferences promoting Last Door's programs.   The response has been great and new relationships are being built with referral agents and addiction workers.  In the next two months we will be travelling to Alberta, Yukon and Saskatoon. 

Last Door Youth Program

Alumni of the Month


I was 17 years old living in Surrey in and out of foster homes using drugs and Alcohol every day.  I was registered in High School but never attended therefore I guess you can say I was a drop out.  Always In and out of jail, being a disturbance to everyone and no future or purpose I was on the road being the "going nowhere" guy.  I was stoned every day since I was 11 years old.


After being in the hospital more than six times and close to death due to a near fatal accident while being drunk my life was being wasted away.


I still kept breaching my probation and eventually the consequences came that I needed to go to treatment or jail.  I was in Creekside Youth Detox where it was determined that I was going to go to the Last Door Youth Program.


That day I smoked my last cigarette and walked into the Youth House where I felt fear from realizing this is a place where I would need to quit everything.  It got worse when I found out that my selfish attitude wouldn't fly.  The first few days were rough for me, I wanted to die.  I drank excessive amounts of slurpees, had tons of ice-cream and in the meantime made some friends and started on my steps.


Somehow with a few good days and bad days I ended up getting a few days clean back to back .  With these days I got some clarity from being clean and I realized that there was a bigger picture to life and that I needed to change. 


A special time for me was when I made amends to myself at the train tracks where I was in an accident and lost my foot.  That Day with my friends I realized that it was time to grow up and that I wasn't alone anymore and people actually did care about me.  Since that day my support group keeps growing, I became a sponsor and I have two sponsees now, I decided to stay in the transitional program offered by Last Door and i decided to go back to school.


When I started all this I was a drop out, now I'm graduating from High school in two weeks with pretty good grades, I have my own apartment that I keep clean,  I am involved in Last Door's Alumni Programs and I am taking my two year cake.  Thank you to all the people that helped me from me.


Randal S

Last Door Youth Program Alumni

Clean Date June 26 2008

Next game:
 Tue, Jun 01 | 9:00 pm | Indoor F
USA and Canadian Alumni Unite
Alumni Group gets a virtual visit from an Alumni Reunion in California.   The two groups were joined together by technology.  A new feature is being tested that will offer out of town Alumnus from across  Canada and the USA the ability to join in on our weekly Alumni Group meetings via the Internet. 
Stay tuned for how you can get your access code.

Weekly Alumni Group in New Westminster May 12, 2010

Alumni Group in California USA May 12, 2010.
FYI - Every Thursday Evening New Westminster Sound bellies Lacrosse Team  plays their home game in Queens Arena at Queens Park.  Last Door has Eight Season Passes; Alumni are invited to join the new guys.  email don@lastdoor.org
Fishing Program keeps getting BIGGER


Residents head to Island Lake near Ashcroft, BC during the Victoria Long Weekend to enjoy camping, fishing and recovery with camp fire meetings.

New Event! 
  Fishing Derby Planning Committee Meeting
 Monday June 7th @ 6:00 pm
All welcome to participate  
The following is a list of weekend fishing trips to local lakes throughout the summer.  Connect with Don to get involved,
A May Long-weekend Fly Fishing Trip:     
  • May 21, 22, 23, 24
  • Island lake (Ashcroft) - Catch & Release only
  • Camping - Tent only
  • Facilities - Out house only  
  • Terrace Trip tentatively July 5th0inh
Terrace BC Chinook Trip/Alumni Meeting: 
  • Last Week in June/July Long-weekend 
  • Fly In/Out
  • Hotel & Truck rental 
  • World's largest Chinook 
Fraser River Spring Fishing runs July 15 through August
  • Fraser River Spring Fishing
  • Runs from June to August
  • Camping - tenting 
  • No facilities
  • Day trips & Weekends



Last Door Corporate Sun Run Team Places Fourth -- WOW!

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In the NEWS

Addiciton Professional Magazine writes story about no smoking in treatment is possible.  FYI -  Last Door has been non-smoking for for 13 years.  Proof that we are ahead of the times.
Speakers at National Conference on Addiction Disorder will demonstrate that smoking cessation is possible in treatment programs
Professionals are rejecting the old wisdom that tobacco is an addict's only friend 
by Gary A. Enos, Editor  


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 Congratulations to Last Door Staff Members!
Chrystal and Daniel are getting married on July 1st, 2010

dan chrys


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