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Last Door Recovery Society NewsletterNewsletter #014
April 2010 
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:: Upcoming Events
:: Family Program Pig Roast
:: Comedy Night Fundraiser
:: Last Door goes on tour
:: Before and After
:: Last Door soccer team
:: Fin Donnelly Visit
:: Fishing Program gets bigger
:: New Group at the Door
:: Alumni of the Month
:: CFOX interview
:: Tax secret you want to know about
:: Research likens fatty foods to drugs
My Name is Sheila and my son is an addict.  It took me a long time to admit that and even longer to say it out loud.  Living in our family home was like living in a nightmare.  My husband and I thought that if we loaned our son money, gave him rides whenever he needed, just made his life easier then maybe he would quit using drugs.  We were wrong we were actually killing him with kindness.  He knew we were always there, his safety net.  I now know the name for this - enabling.  I didn't realize how bad things were until the madness stopped, I had forgotten what normal could be like, I was used to the drama of everyday living.

I think parents sometimes hit bottom before their sons do, we had had enough. We told our son he had to leave our home. We told him we loved him, gave him a list of telephone numbers for recovery houses and told him he could call only if he wanted a ride to one of them. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, like ripping out my heart and stomping on it. That sounds very dramatic but oh so true. Where would he go would he be alive tomorrow, we just didn't know. Three weeks later he had admitted himself into detox, again, but from there he went to The Last Door.

The Last Door is a great place, it is the place that helped our son get clean and showed him that going to regular meetings of NA would help him stay clean. Addiction doesn't just affect the addict it can destroy families and because of this The Door has other group meetings, one of them is Parent's Group. At first we believed that we didn't belong there among these parents who talked about being in recovery themselves, wasn't it our sons that were the addicts? After awhile we realized that we had found a place filled with parents just like us who had a wealth of information on how to cope and survive what had happened to our families.

Today life is good, it really is. Our son is a completely different person, he is polite, kind, pays his bills and is always helping other people. Most important, he is clean; 22 months clean. He even calls just to say "Hi, how are you" not "Hi, can you loan me twenty bucks" So if you are reading this and you and your son need help - call someone. There are people willing to help.

I would sincerely like to thank The Last Door staff, clients, alumni and parents, you helped put my family back together.
Sheila F
Last Door Family Group Participant


May 2 - Laffline Comedy Night
June 18 to 22 - KelowNA Campout
July 18 - Family Program Pig Roast
August 27 to 29 - 11th Door Slam
August 28 - So you think you got talent bash
September - Golf Tournament


Members of Last Door Parent's Group, Women's Group and Co-Parenting Group are invited to a fun filled day for the entire family, young and old. Sunday July 18th.  
More details to follow 


Sunday May 2, 2010
Only 200 tickets available! (100 left) 
tickets start at $50,  includes a new guy ticket
 -Brendan Brown will open the night with a live performance-
-Alumni Dan W and Todd W will do a speaker meeting-
-Followed by two Laffline Comedians-
-Win a set of golf clubs-
-Win a Ryan Halter Tattoo from Dutchman Tattoo-
Doors open at 5:30pm
Call 604-525-9771 to purchase your tickets
This is the fifth year Last Door is attending the Central Okanagan Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous.  The convention is a fun filled campout and Last Door residents get a chance to enjoy fellowship and fun in recovery. 
To visit Dutchman Tattoo's website click here
For more details on the campout click here  
 Lafflines Comedy Club
2nd floor - 26 4th Street
New Westminster, BC

Last Door Goes on Tour with an Exhibitor Booth


With the success of last year's 25th Anniversary Celebrations and the media attention we received, Last Door has decided there is still a need to continue to tell our story.  We have started this journey by attending Mental Health and Addiction Conferences & Workshops with our new Exhibitor Booth that tells the message of recovery from successful long term residential treatment based on Abstinence. 
Recently we attended the Managing Employees with Substance Abuse Conference and our presence was received.  This month we will be in Calgary participating in Calgary's Addiction Day events and workshops.  A quick glance at our Calendar shows us being at an average of two conference per month taking us all the way to Saskatoon.
 Main house's living space gets a facelift
In last month's newsletter we told you how Alumni were giving back so the new guys had a new living room in our Heritage Building on 8th Street to enjoy.  A month later the results are in.  Thanks to everyone who helped out.  With some needed art work and plants the room will be complete.  Movie Night will never be the same.
Thanks Brian M , Brain A, Ryan C, Steve L, Aaron G, Brett R, Dan R and Nytech Audio Visual

soccer pic



Support Last Door's new soccer team made up of alumnus.  Games are held at the Canlan Indoor Soccer Centre at Burnaby 8 Rinks.   The indoor soccer field features a state of the art new FieldTurf playing surface and is also home to the fastest growing Indoor Soccer league in Canada!

The evening games provide the perfect opportunity for alumni and spectators to get together and have some fun in a sports setting.   Enjoy dinner or snacks upstairs at the Restaurant which offers prime viewing overlooking the Indoor Field.

Next game:
April 27th, 7 pm
Fin Donnelly, M.P., New Westminster - Coquitlam and Port Moody 

Last week, the honourable Fin Donnelly, MP, visited Last Door. Following an initial orientation to the social model programming, Mr Donnelly took time to tour the facility and had an extended discussion with Last Door Executive Director, Dave Pavlus, Giuseppe Ganci and Nick Ringma. The highlights of the conversation were the success rates for recovery at Last Door and the benefits of long-term treatment for continued recovery from addictions.  

On identification of abstinence based treatment over extended periods of time as the core of success at Last Door we had an opportunity to share our concerns as they relate to treatment funding and costs for long-term residential treatment. Mr Donnelly indicated he was preparing to introduce a private members bill in parliament to extend Medical Employment Insurance Benefits for longer term treatment situations. At Last Door we look forward to an opportunity to review the draft bill and socialize our further suggestions so that the bill will include definitions appropriate to residential treatment. 

Mr Donnelly noted that, " I was aware of Last Door for several years and am pleased I made the time to visit. "  For the staff team at Last Door the visit was encouraging and a hopeful link to finding appropriate avenues to funding for "the working poor" so they too will have financial help when they need to access treatment. At Last Door currently 23% of our clients are on Medical EI and an extension of benefits by 12 -16 weeks would be a significant support in encouraging employers and employees to seek appropriate and effective treatment for addictions.
Fin Donnelly, M.P., New Westminster - Coquitlam and Port Moody
NDP Critic for Fisheries and Oceans
1116 Austin Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P5

Fishing Program keeps getting BIGGER

 New Event! 
  Fishing Derby Meeting Monday April 26 @ 6:00 pm
We need to form a committee, all welcome to participate  
The following is a list of weekend fishing trips to local lakes throughout the summer.  Connect with Don to get involved,
A May Long-weekend Fly Fishing Trip:     
  • May 21, 22, 23, 24
  • Island lake (Ashcroft) - Catch & Release only
  • Camping - Tent only
  • Facilities - Out house only  
  • Terrace Trip tentatively July 5th0inh
Terrace BC Chinook Trip/Alumni Meeting: 
  • Last Week in June/July Long-weekend 
  • Fly In/Out
  • Hotel & Truck rental 
  • World's largest Chinook 
Fraser River Spring Fishing runs July 15 through August
  • Fraser River Spring Fishing
  • Runs from June to August
  • Camping - tenting 
  • No facilities
  • Day trips & Weekends

To be confirmed-Terrace BC Coho Trip/Alumni Meeting, Sept/Oct 

Last Door Lifestyle Group

Healthy living and Lifestyle health are at the core of Last Door's program philosophy. They are the main building blocks to fulfill each person's potential for living a happier and more satisfying life. This new group will provide a setting that includes information and education on dealing with lifestyle health, chronic illness, recovery and healthy lifestyle choices.
This group will include and touch upon all aspects of life including:
        • The physical wellness of each individual
        • The level of wealth we choose
        • The way we think
        • The personal relationships we have
        • Nutrition & Exercise

Last Door Alumni of the Month 



I was working as a Pipe Fitter in Penticton when I asked one of my co-workers how he got clean?   My addiction had progressed severely after I got into a work related accident which led me to prescription drug abuse.  I self medicated myself making me slide deeper and deeper into addiction.  My co-worker Wes told me about the Last Door where he had gone.  I was so nervous and scared to actually make any changes in my life, fearing the unknown. At the time my girlfriend was in addiction as well and she also decided to seek treatment and we would try and attempt to both get clean. 

I arrived at the front steps of the Last Door with a black eye, a devastated family, a toxic relationship with my girlfriend and I was desperate for relief. I was greeted with open arms as the "new guy" when I walked into the main house. I started making friends right away however the first few weeks were a struggle and I almost left. Looking back now I can say it was the best decision I have ever made to finally say no to my addiction and yes to my recovery.  

It took me Six months of living at the Last Door where I completed the set of Steps that would rebuild and heal my relationship with my Girlfriend and family. The Door helped me find the man I was meant to be. 

Today I live in Penticton, I still work as a Pipe Fitter, I'm an active member of my recovery community and I'm grateful that I'm still with my girlfriend Carrie who is still clean.  I'm in contact with  the friends I made during my early days at the Last Door who are  still clean today and part of my recovery.  I feel strongly that everything Carrie and I have today is because we took the suggestions that were given to us - We owe our new lives to the people that make up the Last Door. Thank you! 

Aaron S
Clean Date: July 23, 2007
Penticton, BC


Last Door in the Yukon?
Mike gets his family back as he takes what he learned at the Last Door back home with him up North.  
Remember donating to the Last Door is easy and affordable on anyone's budget!
Donate now or donate monthly by
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Are you thinking about Planned Giving?  Everyone benefits from the power of a Planned Gift- you, your family and your charity. Of course, we want to ensure that each of these groups receives the maximum benefit possible; this is why Last Door Recovery Society offers a wide range of Planned Giving arrangements.  Please call 604-525-9771 to organize your gift giving.  Learn more about Planned Giving by clicking here 



Over a year ago CFOX's Jeff O'Neil Morning Show received a call from an addict looking for a hook up.  The Hook would help this addict find treatment that would put an end to his addiction.  One Year later after treatment at the Last Door Scott is interviewed during the morning show the day before his Clean Date.

 Listen to the radio interview by clicking here  


Charity and tax time: It really is better to give
save one

When it comes to giving money to charity, every little bit adds up to make a big difference. The same is true for your charitable receipts at tax time. Here's how: On the first $200 you claim, you earn a 15-per-cent tax credit. On amounts more than $200, you earn a 29-per-cent credit.

Considering you can claim up to five years worth of charitable receipts at once, it may make sense to claim them all at a later date. Let's say your spending plan allocates $200 a year for donations. If you claim $200 in 2009 and in 2010, you would generate a tax credit of $30 for each year. If you were to lump the receipts together in 2010, you'd generate a $30 credit on the first $200 and $58 on the second, for a total credit of $88.

In order to claim donations, they must be to a registered charity recognized by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You can confirm registration of your charities of choice by searching the CRA charities listings online. If you're searching for a new cause to get behind this year, check out canadahelps.org, which lets you search for causes based on areas of interest.
Consider getting the little ones in your life involved as well. If they set aside money in jars for short-term and long-term savings, consider adding a donation jar to the mix. And don't worry about filling that one to the brim. Donating just $10 to Habitat for Humanity, for example, will buy a box of nails that volunteers could use toward building a home for a deserving family..
Angela Self is one of the founders of the Smart Cookies money group. Read her weekly column on managing debt and saving money at globeinvestor.com
Globe and Mail Article By Angela Self 
Published on Monday, Apr. 19, 2010

Research likens fatty foods to drugs

junk food 

Overindulging may alter brain chemistry, producing addiction
 Read the Vancouver Sun article by clicking here


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