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Last Door Recovery Society Newsletter Newsletter #012
February 2010 
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In between the Gold Medals and the waving flags it merits pause to acknowledge that triumphs in recovery are more monumental than a few slides down a mountain.  Clients in recovery work hard to adopt new ways of living.  The transition from years of using to a life in recovery is marked with celebrations of days clean, weeks clean and months clean.  Each celebration is a Gold Medal that marks accomplishment.

The exciting news is that the staff team at Last Door continues to define and refine the recovery process.  The continuing definition upgrades are enhancements to our "social model programming" that include accelerated family contact, 12-step service integration, transitional living, abstinent supportive communities and fun in recovery.  The notion that recovery can be a holistic experience that strikes a playful balance between spiritual, intellectual, family, social, vocational, educational, cultural and recreational aspects of life is the first guideline to recovery at Last Door.  The balance between these aspects of life is central to continued growth in recovery.   The second essential focus in recovery at Last Door is a continuous effort to keep it simple.  A new willingness to perform the simple tasks of life that we learned in kindergarten (be nice, play fair, share your toys) emerges as days clean add up to months.

Important to our search for continuous improvements are the shared discussions and case reviews coupled with the constant training, certification and recertification of our staff team.   This week alone 11 members of our staff team are in a week long specialized training seminar.  Constant training and focus allows us to own the podium in recovery.  Delivering excellence in recovery has made for hundreds of Gold Medal performances by our clients.  The journey of recovery at Last Door is a celebration of freedom.   Take a moment this week and cheer for the real winners - families, friends and communities.

Nick Ringma  
japan canadian 

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC  February 11, 2010 - Ayumi Ishikawa, a Probation Officer with the Ministry of Justice in Chiba, Japan spent this Thursday observing addictions treatment Last Door style.  She took time to observe the daily group process for men and emerging adults, participated in extended staff discussions on addictions treatment in Canada and opened the door for continuing dialogue between our various services to effect improved outcomes for clients.  Her visit marked the second review by a foreign delegation.  The "social model programming" at the Last Door has gained international attention and respect and her visit marked the second review by a foreign delegation.  The previous delegation from Thailand  in 2008 confirmed the international awareness of our program.


Ms Ishikawa said that, "It is new to my experience that longer term residents guide the newer ones and I am surprised by the open disclosure of feelings in an atmosphere of family where clients respect each other."  Her observation of Last Door abstinence based treatment was that it was "more family like and felt like home."


Following the interactive day, David Pavlus, Executive Director at Last Door said, " We simply do what we do, help clients learn to live in recovery and enjoy their lives."


Last Door is pleased that the visit was able to expose an official from another country to the excellence of New West recovery and the specialized programming developed by the Last Door team.  The essential elements of recovery include awareness that unproductive character traits tend to be the result of addictive behaviors rather than the cause.  She was very interested in a core value at Last Door that sees addiction taint behavior, perception and thinking which then require a reset in recovery.  Ms Ishikawa stated that she wants to integrate, "the open atmosphere of recovery into my practice in Japan."


Last Door today announced that they will continue to invest significant efforts over the next five years to document, research and develop programs that support the promotion of abstinence based "social model programming" for recovery.  Sharing this information and advice with facilities in emerging and developed countries has been a hallmark of Last Door. To date Last Door staff has supported treatment in Nepal, Thailand, USA, Indonesia and Japan as well as acted as resources for centers across Canada. 


Last Door Recovery Society operates treatment and transitional living beds in New Westminster, BC  with programs for youth, emerging adults and men.  Last Door offers supportive programs for families, parents, spouses and alumni.  With low recidivism rates and a growing alumni base, this is treatment that works.




Vince Chua, Ayumi Ishikawa (Japanese Probation Service) and Nick Ringma sit down to debrief following morning group session at Last Door




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Alumni of the Month

keeny s


I was living on the street of Vancouver in the downtown eastside.  I spent most of my days in and out of jail and the psych ward.  Society had pretty much given up on me and the only solution was to lock me up and medicate me.  It had gotten to the point that not even my mother could do anything for me anymore and for her safety she stayed away from me.  I thought I was going to die a junkie.

I had given up all sense of hope, luckily I stated showing up at 12 step meetings in New Westminster and once again had a sense of being cared about.  Showing willingness I was able to get back into the Last Door and for the first time in years almost immediately I had a sense of belonging.

Here at the Last Door I was able to not only acquire the tools to better my life from active addiction but also I was introduced to a group of men that became my best friends, my support group.

Today I am coming up to three years clean, a "miracle" looking back at where I came from.  My life has never been better.  I am now a student studying in College with honours. I have a loving relationship with my family.  I am no longer dependant on any medication and live life where my dreams are coming true, I am free from addiction!

The Last Door has done for me what I and many others never thought possible.   Thank you Last Door and keep up the good work in saving lives.

Kenny S

Clean Date June 1st, 2007

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