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Last Door Recovery Society Newsletter Newsletter #011
January 2010 
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:: and the Winner is
:: Office News
:: Complaint free world?
:: Acupuncture, part of our program
:: Dr. Isles says
:: Alumni Gratitude Corner

It has been an interesting and successful year. To begin with, I want to thank our donors, volunteers, board and alumnus for their support and contributions to our success this year.


We have always tried to keep our vision of "success" about what happens for our guys. Success is our guys finding hope and support in getting out of addiction - having a warm and safe place - getting a group of new friends to listen to you -  having families come back together and moving forward with their lives - a meal on the table- and a community where you can call home  - these are our REAL successes this year.


In the facing of the burgeoning bureaucracy, political correctness and the penchant for everyone to believe they can do it better - it can be hard to stay focused on these truly important things. Fortunately for us, maintaining this kind of focus is where David excels as a leader. It seems effortless for him to stay focused on our definition of success even while indulging his personal "obsessions" or should I say "passions" LOL. He is able to dismiss what is irrelevant and talk about what really matters - he believes the rest will get taken care of. It does thanks to the energy and creativity of the staff.


We had some interesting Alumni Groups this year - in Edmonton, Calgary and most recently, this weekend in Riverside CA. This involves people getting together to celebrate recovery and life. I was able to attend the Calgary one and felt humbled and inspired the collective energy, seeing guys with their wives and children was very neat.


We have some plans this year for some different types of groups to do e.g. a series of groups based on the "21 Days Without Complaining" book, group exercises based on Rebuilding Trust and possibly offering residential services to Problem Gambling Clients.  These are just the plans I know about - I'm sure more will come.


We wish everyone a "successful" year. I leave you with some thoughts on success -


"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem

 to deal with,  but whether it is the same problem you had last year."

 John Foster Dulles


"You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing"

Dale Carnegie

Louise Cooksey  
Congratulations you won a "Pimped out Hummer"
Brian Macdonald won our Hummer Raffle.
With over $100,000 in ticket sales and an incredible marketing campaign that reached over 500,000 people,  this year's raffle was a huge success.  The message of recovery was heard on CFOX's Jeff O'Neil Show and at the numerous Hummer displays from September to December.
Thank you to all the volunteers that sold tickets, everyone who bought a ticket and to our sponsors.
For more details click here



A few staff got certified this year - Blair, Daniel and Don are now ICADC.   David, Louise, Peter, Nick and Jessica along with those two makes a total of eight International Certified Addiction Counselors on staff. Jessica is now in a Masters Program, along with Bonnie Gallagher, give us a second Masters level staff.


We have some new Board members - Rob Proudfoot, Doug Eastwood and Jen MacCubbin. These are folks who have already given so much to Last Door but are now Board members who are invaluable to our organization as a whole. We thank these already busy people, along with Anders Kvarnstrom, Gary George, Gordon Truscott, Aman Sanghera, Haneef Esmail, Todd Ware, Rob Hurst, Akram Ftaya and Myken Beka for donating their time to meet with us every month and take care of business.

2010 is the year we will formalize our connections with insurance companies and health care workers who work in the Addictions field.  Giuseppe is taking our show on the road to training seminars in BC and AB. This will be a manned Last Door booth in the concourses of seminars that will give information about referrals and intakes.
Keep an eye out for invitations to some great events planned for this year and if you wish to help out in any way, contact pr@lastdoor.org
Please visit our homepage to view an updated video reflecting some of the exciting events of 2009 such as A
lumni Day, Gala Dinner, Door Slam, Golf Tournament and the Raffle...whew! all contributing to the fun quotient of Last Door. 
view video here


Last Door Launches All Facilities Complaint-Free Program

complaint free


Life's annoyances and frustrations require the learning of new coping skills in recovery.  For many clients drugs were the buffer that they used to insulate them from the full force of life.  To facilitate awareness of a tendency to complain all the clients and staff have commenced participation in a project known as "Complaint Free World".  The project is simple and encourages positive thinking and action.  Simply: the participants place a coloured bracelet on either wrist, and when you catch yourself complaining, switch the bracelet to the other wrist. 

According to www.AComplaintFreeWorld.org   developing new behaviours so they become habitual may typically take 21 days according to research.  So, the goal is to switch the bracelet from wrist to wrist with each complaint until 21 consecutive days without complaint have been attained. Complaining may be viewed as an addiction.

In the context of recovery at Last Door living complaint free becomes a practical application of accepting life on life's terms.  In the continuing development of our approaches to treatment the introduction of practical examples and methods for practicing recovery become a tools that assists the community in enhancing the social model programming. 

As a community we constantly strive to engage and encourage clients in every area of their lives.  This project will enhance the atmosphere of recovery and build awareness of how we communoicate.

Nick Ringma (ICADC)

Senior Counsellor


Modern Practice of an Ancient Art
Last Door welcomes Registered Acupuncturist Shaw Poppi Sabjaney. 
Residents are now recieving Acupuncture treatments to help achieve quicker recovery to health and balance in their life.

Addiction leads to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. This new added weekly feature will focus on the treatment of mental health, addictions and pain conditions. 
For more information on Mr. Sabjaney practise please visit his website:
Modern Acupuncture Studio


It's a new year and if you made a resolution to get healthy, a good way to start is with your diet. The saying "You are what you eat" is not really true; you are much more than that. But it is true that the food you eat provides the nutrients your body needs to function optimally which helps you to feel your best both physically and mentally, and prevent illnesses.


People with longstanding addictions are usually malnourished and have suffered some damage to the body, such as liver damage. A good diet is the best way to start correcting any nutritional deficiencies and help the body eliminate toxins.


Drink plenty of water, 8 glasses is recommended. The body's cells are bathed in water so it is vital to keep them hydrated so they can function properly. As well, water flushes the toxins from the body.


Eat plenty of unrefined carbohydrates: vegetables, fruit and berries, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds. They are rich in antioxidants and nutrients including vitamins and minerals, so important for good health. As well, they contain the fibre which is needed to cleanse the digestive tract. Include some at all meals and eat them for snacks instead of junk food.

It is also important to eat adequate protein. Protein helps replenish muscles, keeps you feeling full longer and is needed to repair tissues. Good sources of protein are eggs, fish, meat and poultry, and legumes.


Eliminate food and drinks which contain sugar and artificial sweeteners, and those which have been refined, processed, packaged, artificially preserved, cured, canned, smoked, fried, and cooked in reheated fats and oils (e.g. french fries and taco chips). Also avoid too much caffeine as it stresses the adrenal glands and flushes calcium from the body.


Eat smaller meals and have a snack between each meal. Eating frequently keeps blood sugar within more normal levels so there is less cravings for sugary foods. This is especially important for people with alcohol addiction as they tend to have low blood sugar.


Eat a variety of foods at each meal to ensure balanced nutrition.


It can take time to adjust to a new style of eating. Make the changes at a pace that is comfortable for you. A good way to start is to simply eliminate all junk food.


The philosophy of a good diet is a simple one: eat the whole foods that nature provided; fresh, unrefined, natural foods.


Dr. Cynthia Isles

Dr. Isles helps residents with a holistic approach to better health.  For more details about Dr. Isles practise please visit her website

 Alumni Gratitude Corner
josh f 
I was 25 years old living in full addiction in Prince George and unable to get one day clean.  My life was hopeless and I was having seizures regularly due to my excessive drug use.  One day I asked my mom for help and she brought me to the Last Door for a final last chance to get clean.
The most scariest experience was coming here, the feelings in the car were enough to make me sick.  As well once I got here I was told i couldn't smoke, which made it everything even worse.
I had my last cigarette and came onto the property, instantly I felt the brotherhood I now understand is what makes the Last Door so successful.  Everyone looks out for the new guy.
I was welcomed by everyone and built friendships like I never had.  Although my journey was difficult for the first few months, I stuck it through and learned a new way of life. 
I got my family back, I made amends, and after a while a became that productive member of society people talked about.  Today I go to meetings, I participate in Alumni Group and I bring the new guy out for coffee and share my experiences with to make his stay just a little more comfortable.
Thanks Last Door,
Josh Frulling
clean date: August 29, 2007
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