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December Holiday Issue Newsletter #10        


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends, alumnus, and supporters.  Thank you for making this past year's 25th Anniversary celebrations a success and a year to remember.  From the Alumni Reunion, the Black Tie Dinner and our first Golf Tournament, everyone's participation has left us with incredible memories.
Last Door Staff
David Pavlus, Louise Cooksey, Peter Beka, Jessica Cooksey, Nick Ringma, Daniel Marks, Don Moran, Darren Galer, Vincent Chua, Omid Nasiry, Blair May, Jared Nilsson, Phil Hamel, Cam Cutler, Matt Kalenuik, Dan Sinclair, Mark Bingham, Kevin Bradley, Don Presland, Linda Lane-Devlin, Chrystal Hall, Gail Faure, Giuseppe Ganci, Chris, Ben and Jimmy
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Hot off the Press!
The Province's "Operation Phoenix" featured an article on Last Door and recovery.  Over 50 comments were made, signifying that addiction and recovery hits home to many. 
 Click on the above photo to read the article that was written by Jon Ferry.
Door Boy Wish List
Last Door is asking
 businesses and donors
to help us make the guys
feel that Last Door is a
home of their own,
filled with love, respect, laughter and safety.
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Co-Parenting Group going strong!

As we look over the year of 2009  I cannot help to notice the commitment of so many from management,  staff to clients all in the same place of putting their best foot forward.

This year has been a privilege to help facilitate the co parenting group , one on one time with the clients and support to the staff and I leave each day feeling grateful.

Co parenting group is evolving into a place where men can share and learn the skills necessary to parent their children. They learn to work with the other parent in collaboration and take the responsibility necessary to feel better about who they are as parents. We have very clear principles and guidelines in place that make each of them a better person because of it.

Just last week a daughter came into the group to share her story and perspective on the impact her Dads addiction had on her and how she sees him today as he attains recovery; Very powerful !

Darren and I are very excited for the year to come as we meet more committed dads that want to share and learn how they can make changes in this important part of their lives.  Thank you Last Door for all that you do to make the programs make such a difference in peoples lives.

Merry Christmas!

Linda Lane-Devlin
Certified Addictions Counsellor
Co-Parenting Group Facilitator


Special Holiday Thank you to all our 2009 Donors 

Aaron Schindel

Debra & William Harper

Karen Neratani (Dovey)

Quin Harman

Accent Art

Dennis DeGusseme

Kelly Bennett

Quinton Anthony

Akram Fytaya

Dennis George

Ken Green

Reg Daggit

Al Fournier

Don Moran

Kenneth Yang

Rick & Janet Nilsson

Alan & Patti Sturgess

Don Reda

Kevin & Deborah Hickey

Rob Bogle

Alexander Iachelli

Don Presland

Kevin & Linda Conway

Rob Hurst

Allen Fournier

Doug Dafoe

Kevin Wakahara

Rob Rintoul

Aman Sanghera

Doug Eastwood

Kim Bytelaar

Ron Argue

Anders Kvarnstrom

Down Stage Productions

Kim Hikichi-Core IT

Ron Cross

Angela Tuenis

E. Ann Lowrey

Lance Strand

Ron Praznik

Ann Lowrey

Force Four Entertainment

Larry & Margaret Reimer

Ronnie Islas

Antonia Norwtash

France Theriault

Lee McTavish

Roseanne McQueen

Barry Joneson

Friction Fit Insulation Inc-Chad Copeland

Leghorn Ranch

Rosemary Crawford

Beatrice Hadikin

Frogstone Grill

Shoppers Drug Mart

Ryan Halter

Betty Sinclair

Gary George

Linda & Dan Devlin

Sanghera Law Firm

Bev Oliver

George Thomas

Linda Robbins

Sarah Koopman

Bill Davies

Gordon Sandulak

Loney Forde

Shiela Foster

Bill Glendale

Gordon Truscott

Lou & Shelly Siwak

Shirley Barnett

Blair May

Greg & Nina Hunt

Lucinda Favelle

Shoppers Drug Mart

Bob Rintoul

Greg Tedesco

Madeleine Ftaya

Surplus Sams

Brendan Brown

Grouse Mnt Resort

Manmeet Bhullar

Surrey Firefighters 

Brent Callaghan

Gurpreet Lail

Margaret Sandulak

Susan Mckela

Brian Thomas

Hamilton Duncan Armstrong & Stewart Law

Marilyn Pitt


Brodie Thompson

Haneef Esmail

Mark Bingham


Bruce Rankin

Hanif Jinnah

Mark Smith

The Esmail Family

Calgary Bottle Depot

Helijet c/o Jay Minter

Marlat Ashley

The Galer Family

Cam & Leslie Ellett

Hemlock Resort

Martin & Sue Contant

The Jensen Family


Ian Connell

Matt Barnhart

The Joseph Segal Family 

Carson Connelly

Inn At The Quay

Matt McTavish

Tim Belich-Super Valu 7

Catherine Eiswerth

Integral Contracting Development

Melanie Thompson

Tim Mann

Chad Copeland

Irene DeGusseme

Meyer Norris Penney

Tommy Spencer

Charlotte Lochheed

J. McPherson

Mike & Ann Wilson

Traz Benning

Chris & Jen MacCubbin


Mike Wong

Turning Point Recovery Society

Chris Wade

Janet Brown

Nahanni Mfg

Ty Bauer

Coats Portraits

Jatinderpal Gill

Natasha Neufeld

United Way-Lower Mainland

Colin Bringham

Jen Lowrey

Nick Ringma

Valley Custom Rods

Country Lumber

Jim & Bev Oliver

Norco Products Ltd.


Dr. Cynthia Isles

John McPherson

Our Alberta Friends

VIP Golf Inc

Daniel Marks

John Vant' Hullenaar

Paul Foster

WE Insurance

Dan Glugosh

Joseph Charbonneau

Paul Johal

Wendy Stanyon

Darlene Galer

Josh Frulling

Peter Eng Sr

Werner Properties

Darlene Jensen

Joy Stewart

Pieter Molenaar

West 49

Darren Budd

Judy Ueland

Provincial Employees Fund

Westminster House

Debbie Roberts

Karen Bastow

Pushpvir Johal

Westminster Savings Foundation

 24 Hour Magazine


Visions Electronics 

William Davies & Sons Ltd




a special thank you to the Westminster Savings Foundation
which awarded a $19,500 grant to Last Door's Tutoring Program
The Westminster Savings Foundation has been giving back to the communities in which we live and work since 1992. As one of the largest credit union foundations in Canada, it supports local charitable groups in the areas of health, education, social services, youth activities and culture.

Since its first donation the Foundation has distributed over 1.7 million dollars to community groups in the belief that working together towards a more vibrant, healthy and prosperous society will benefit us all. 
Thank you for taking the time to read the 10th edition of our monthly emailed newsletter. 
Please forward it on to people you may think would be happy to hear from Last Door.
Giuseppe Ganci
Last Door Recovery Society Public Relations
T: 604-329-7829
F: 604-525-3896

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