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Last Door Recovery Society Newsletter Newsletter #008
October 2009
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:: Evil Dead the Musical
:: Raffle Tickets on sale now
:: "Door Boy" gets family back
:: Monks, Monkeys and a Parking Lot for the Soul
The past three weeks I had an opportunity to blend some time away with an appropriate series of events to commemorate the first anniversary of Michael Pesut's passing.  With three alumni we journeyed to Katmandu, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket Thailand.  Ron Jon Ostlen an alumnus from California, Daren Rude an alumnus from Chiang Mai accompanied Gail Faure and Margaret and myself. 
The journey of 13,000 miles was highlighted by monks, monkeys and meetings.  After flying miles across oceans clustered in seats like beads on a prayer chain, jostled between petitions, thanksgivings, incantations and meditations, we land in a city of journeys. 
Katmandu is the kind of place where the trek begins, a journey to the summit starts.  In commemoration of the first anniversary of his death we had taken Michael's ashes in various vitamin bottles . . .  a boost for the bones . . .  because all of what we were about to do, like vitamins, would rely on some belief, some hope that what we were doing would be ok.
It was not logical, but it became a journey of remembrance and continuance.  Our ability to support emerging treatment facilities and witness a thriving 12-step fellowship became the highlights that carried our love for our friend and colleague to an appropriate place of memory.   Returning to work there are new clients, new projects, new perspectives on old situations and energy to help move the fund raising raffle along.  To read more details on the road trip you're welcome to read the extended travel notes please scroll down.
Nick R   
 evil dead
Last Door is going to Evil Dead the Musical
November 4th at 8:00 pm

Based on Sam Raimi's 80s cult classic films, Evil Dead tells the tale of 5 college kids who travel to a cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force.
 Mayhem ensues, as well as singing and dancing.
Described by The New York Times as being "the next Rocky Horror Show,"
Your minimum donation of $50 sends you and a "new guy" to this hilarious horror camp at the Norman Rothstein Theatre.  Donate now and let's send all the guys. 
Please call 604-525-9771, 604-329-7829 or email pr@lastdoor.org to reserve your tickets. 

You're invited to check out LAST DOOR's raffle booth at the
booth  # 122/124  

pr@lastdoor.org to receive your coupon
Support Last Door and Win an $80,000 Pimped Out Hummer
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Know your limit, play within it!  19+ to play
Upcoming Raffle Display Schedule:
October 26 to 27 - Willowbrook Mall
October 29 to November 1 - Lower Mainland Dog Show, Tradex
November 5 to 8 - Vancouver Convention Centre
November 9 to 12 - Scottsdale Mall
November 13 to 15 - BC Snow Show, Tradex
November 19 to 20 - Central City Mall
November 21 - Royal City Mall
December 10 to 13 - Lonsdale Quay
  Last Door Fishing Program


The month of September brought some unique opportunities for our program. You guessed it, fishing! While supporting one of our guys in his return home to his family, the fishing program was able to take in some of Terrace's breath-taking scenery and angling adventures. However, all the beautiful sites and huge fish we caught paled in comparison to some of the miracles we were witness to.  As Denis often said throughout our trip "I don't want recovery without this part", meaning participating in and helping a "Door Boy" get his family back.

I am also happy to report that recovery is alive and well in the north. We were able to attend meetings in Terrace and Kitimat. Amazingly, there is a new meeting in Terrace, another bonus, called "Thursday Night Winners in Terrace". Everyone that we talked to was excited about this new addition to their one NA meeting per week (Terrace) schedule.

How come i always talk more about recovery than fishing in these reports. I mean, this is supposed to be a "Fishing Program", isn't it? Well, I guess recovery is more than just the activities that we participate in. The real miracles of this program are watching a man re-establish a relationship with his father and sisters, or fall in love with his wife and kids again.

I often think about how to describe what happens at Last Door, how such miracles happen every day. The only thing I can think of at this moment is  what a man in Terrace said after listening to Denis and I try to explain what happens at Last Door. He said, quite simply "It's the power of love".

Don Moran
Last Door Councillor and Fishing Program Coordinator






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