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Last Door Recovery Society Newsletter Newsletter 005
July 2009
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:: Last Door to create memoir book
:: Hummer Raffle Update
:: Alumni Gratitude Corner
:: Facebook group great for keeping supporters up to date
:: Last Door Annual General Meeting Report
:: Fishing brings smiles to the guys
:: What Natural Medicine Can Do For Addiction
:: Golf anyone?
:: Door Slam Committee needs volunteers
:: Receive your Playland discount
Louise photo Greetings!
I recently returned from a trip to southern California where it seems the Last Door story has taken on "legend" status. Many people in the Eastern Inland Empire Area speak of a trip to New Westminster as though it were a pilgrimage to "where this style of recovery began".  It seems the few people from that particular area who came to New Westminster for treatment have made a huge and positive impression on their fellow recovering addicts when they return. Many people I spoke to were literally amazed by the profound changes they saw in their fellow Californians when they returned from Canada. Even our nicotine abstinent approach to recovery has gained support and momentum among that particular group of Americans. For those of you who chose, or who CAN travel to the Eastern Inland Empire - be prepared for an extra special warm welcome, aside from that you would normally receive when visiting a new area. For Jessica and I - we again felt proud to be part of Last Door and had our belief in the core spiritual principles reaffirmed.
As for home - CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!!! A person who stays in touch with the fellowship will be going to a meeting every night to celebrate the never ending recovery we have going on. Of course, there are the inevitable  "naysayers" whose tenuous self esteem seems based on how much cynicism and criticism they can generate (eg  how good can it be - it is New Westminster after all........yadayada...boring)  but generally.......good will, tolerance and love are winning.
Our parents are learning to represent themselves as individuals and as a peer group - I might suggest to them that they start celebrating recovery in Naranon so that their message of experience, strength and hope can be more thoroughly heard. Anyway - grateful to be part of....thanks for your never ending support. 
Louise Cooksey
Have you submitted your letter?
Deadline August 15th.

Our FIRST BOOK OF MEMOIRS will feature stories from people affected by Last Door.  If you  have a letter (or wish to write a letter) for possible publication, please mail, fax or email your letters to us.  A selection committee will determine which letters will get used in the publication- not all letters will get published be we thank you for your submission.
What kinds of letters?
  • Step 9 letters
  • "Letter to yourself"
  • "Last 90 days"
  • Mother's Day letters
  • Father's Day letters
  • Gratitude letters
  • Family letters
Be sure to submit a  Release Form  with your letter

Hummer Raffle Update

Last Door's "Pimped" Hummer Rebuild is on schedule.  The final touches with the paint and interior work from Valley Custom Rods is almost done.  Soon Visions Electronics will be installing the state of the art Audio Video System. 

To view the latest video 
journal of the Hummer's journey and all the sponsors
Alumni Gratitude Corner 


Over the years I have been to eight treatment centres  before coming to the steps of the Last Door three years ago on August 2nd.  It wasn't until then that I would be given the opportunity that I needed to learn how to stay clean from drugs. 
" I truly wanted this clean life from the first time I went to treatment.  The Last Door gave me the safe environment to grow, get my family back, build new lasting relationships and work full time as a productive person "
I now have the self esteem needed to realize that I have something to offer; so I still visit the Last Door and sponsor the new guy.  Without the Last Door there is NO way I would have the life I have today nor would I be very optimistivc about my future.
Thanks Last Door for my three years clean and counting.
Quinn H
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Over 480 members interact while alumni stay in touch with each other.  Thanks to everyone's input on the  group's discussion board; you keep the page active.
Last Door AGM
The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday  June 16th, 2009 at 7:30 pm.  Thank you to all who attended and congratulations to the new members of the Board of Directors. 
To view Last Door's 2008 report please click  here
Fishing Program

Results are priceless
What Natural Medicine Can Do For Addiction

Last Door welcomes Dr. Cynthia Isles whose supportive work with clients is demonstrating success.
Stay tuned to our montly newsletters for progress and read what the doctor has to say in the July article below.

You're invited to play Golf!


Last Door's 25th Anniversary Charity Golf Tournament

Sunday September 13th, 2009
1:00 pm Shot Gun Start
6:30 pm Dinner, Prizes & Auction
 $10,000 hole in one
Golf, prizes, golf cart & dinner $150
Foursome $600
To register please complete our registration form

Golf dress code in full effect

For information about
sponsorship opportunities,
to donate to the silent auction
or to order tickets by phone
please contact 604-329-7829 or email
Would you like to volunteer?
Next meeting will be Tuesday July 28th at 6:30 pm call 604-329-7829

Door Slam Time
Let's get ready to play ball!


 10th Anniversary

Over 25 teams compete at
Moody Park, Queens Park and  Terry Hughes Park in New Westminster
August 28th, 29th and 30th


Saturday August 29th Moody Park 
12 pm - 4 pm
Back by Popular Demand
Door Slam Weekend
80's Dance
Lip Sync Contest
Saturday August 29th
doors open 7 pm
  Would you like to volunteer on
the Door Slam Commitee?
Next meeting is Wednesday July 22nd at the Last Door, 6:30 pm
Receive your discount code for Playland Tickets

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A One-Day PlayPass includes admission and unlimited access to over 35 exciting rides and attractions including Kids Playce at Playland. Excitement and wonder await you on Playland's rides!
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What Natural Medicine Can Do For Addictions
Naturopathic medicine blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause(s) of disease through the appropriate use of natural therapies.
The field of naturopathic medicine is now 100 years old in North America. In British Columbia, naturopathic doctors must undergo training at an accredited educational institution and then licensing exams. The profession is regulated by the provincial government.

There is a wealth of research and clinical studies which show the scientific basis and validity of naturopathic therapies. Many of these protocols have results similar or equal to standard medical treatments, but without adverse effects and risks. Naturopathic medicine treats all forms of health concerns -- from irritating symptoms to chronic illness, and from the physical to the psychological. It is the approach, philosophy and training of naturopathic doctors that sets it apart from other forms of health care.
What Natural Medicine Can Do For Addictions
There is still much debate about the causes of addiction. Most people agree there are both physical and psychological components and it is likely a combination of these factors that creates the risk.
Natural medicine has much to offer the physical aspects including the addiction symptoms themselves, the effects of the substance on the body, and assist with the recovery process.
Today, the concept of addiction/dependence is being refined in light of new research on brain chemistry. It is now believed that brain neurotransmitter imbalances exist in persons with addictions and these contribute to the development of intolerance, cravings, withdrawal syndromes after cessation of chronic use, and relapses despite treatment. 
People with alcohol or drug addiction are often malnourished and have suffered some damage to the body. The depletion of nutrient molecules and increased toxicity may damage vital organs of the body including the brain, heart, lungs, and liver, and there may be blood sugar problems and an increased risk of serious infectious diseases.
Naturopathic medicine can help with repairing brain neurotransmitter imbalances, correcting nutrient deficiencies, eliminating toxins and symptoms, healing organ damage, and rebuilding physical health. Therapies include diet, exercise, supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs, cleansing, and acupuncture. Used in combination with counselling and other support programs that address any underlying psychological causes of addiction, natural medicine can contribute to your overall recovery.
While the focus of my practice is on rebalancing the brain chemistry, in subsequent articles I will explore this as well as the physical effects of addictions and stress on the body; therapies such as diet, exercise, supplements, cleansing/detoxification, and acupuncture; and important considerations to staying healthy.
Dr. Cynthia Isles
Naturopathic Physician

Western Canada Detox Centre provides Rapid Opiate Detoxification under Anaesthesia.

Rapid Opiate Detoxification under Anaesthesia is a means of withdrawing from opiates, like methadone, heroin, and prescription pain killers.  It is usually more comfortable, and quicker than other withdrawal methods. The procedure lasts about eight hours.

RODA is only part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program and should not be seen as a means of treating the underlying addiction itself. Rapid Opiate Detoxification under Anaesthesia is a service best provided to those for whom an inability or unwillingness to tolerate withdrawal symptoms is the only impediment to abstinence - based recovery. As such those seeking access to Rapid Opiate Detoxification under Anaesthesia must be actively engaged in a program of recovery prior to the procedure itself.

Western Canada Detox Centre is located in New Westminster, British Columbia.  To book a consultation, please visit our contact page.
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