Fox pups play in grass in Zion National Park.

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July 17, 2009
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A Rare Pleasure For
Park Employees
Fox pups in Zion National Park
Zion Canyon Field Institute Instructor Dr. Ken Kingsley captured this great photograph of two Gray Fox pups as they romped oblivious to the large groups of park employees gathered a respectable distance away. The mother fox, called a vixen, kept a watchful eye close by.
It is unusual to see such a family even in Zion so the word spread quickly throughout the park buildings and employees abandoned their posts to find vantage points to view the pups as they romped and played right next to the employee parking lot.
The gray fox is primarily nocturnal, but they can be active at all times of the day. They usually den in small caves, hollows in logs or trees, beneath boulders, or in abandoned burrows of other animals. The gray fox eats small mammals, insects, birds, fruits, and eggs. Females produce a litter of three to five young in April or May.
If you are able to spend time in Zion it is possible for you to observe great wildlife moments. Park Wildlife Manager, Claire Crow said that while enjoying the wildlife, it is best to maintain a distance of at least 25 feet and to never feed the animals. Hopefully you will have remembered to bring your camera!
Follow this link to learn more about the animals of Zion National Park.
Gray Fox
This photo of the mother fox as well as the other two fox photographs were taken by Dr. Ken Kingsley. Dr. Kingsley is an instructor for the Zion Canyon Field Institute and a volunteer naturalist for Zion National Park. The field institute has several courses coming up which will be taught by Ken, including Insects of Zion on August 14th, Reptiles and Amphibians of Zion National Park on August 21st and Slickrock Ecology on August 28th, 2009. You can find more information by following the links to the ZCFI website or by calling Michael Plyler, Zion Canyon Field Institute Director at 800-635-3959.
A Super Evening in Zion
The Annual Fall Foundation Fundraiser 
Zion Natural History Association, Zion National Park, Springdale, UT 84767
800-635-3959      435-772-3264 
New Date For
An Evening With the Superintendent
    Would you expect to find the Superintendent of Zion National Superintendent of Zion National Park Jock Whitworth
Park wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cowboy boots? After a wonderful evening with the superintendent, the attendees of last year's Fall Foundation Fundraiser got to know this and many other interesting things about Park Superintendent Jock Whitworth. To be sure we have the same opportunity this year we are changing the date of the event to accommodate an unavoidable conflict in the superintendent's schedule. Mark your calendars for September 26, 2009 as the NEW date for a spectacular evening in Zion.
    Read about the 2008 Gala Event here.
    To receive an invitation to the 2009 event, please contact Tracy Jones, or Michael Plyler, or call the ZNHA office at 800-635-3959. Information regarding the evening's activities will be posted on our website.
    This is sure to be a great event. Hawaiian shirts are not required but you can be certain there will be one on the superintendent.
Make Your Own Zion Photobook
A New Product for ZNHA
    Turn your favorite Zion memories into bookstore quality books! It is as easy as uploading your photographs to our site, arranging them to your own personal style or inserting them into a ready-made template, adding text and embellishments as desired, and pressing a button to send your personalized book off to be printed. In as little as three days your beautiful book will be delivered to your door.
    What sets our photobooks apart from others that you may have seen? We supply over 200 professional quality photographs of Zion and the surrounding area that can be used as your cover, backgrounds or to enhance your own photographs. Also available is word art and embellishments specifically about a visit to this park. Interpretive ranger Adrienne Fitzgerald has written interpretive text to add to your pages as you choose.
    As an added incentive, part of your purchase goes directly to projects benefitting Zion National Park. We hope you will consider making all your photobooks at
Zion Photobook    Sample page from Zion Photobook
Samples of photobooks made online. No purchase required to experiment with your own book until you order a printed copy. Sorry, no member discounts on this item.

For several years now we've been planning special events and developing commemorative products for the Zion National Park Centennial (see our website for all the details.) And now we are just days away from the 100th anniversary of President Taft's signing of the proclamation that officially transfomed Zion Canyon into Mukuntuweap National Monument.  That day, July 31, 1909, marked the birth of what would ten years later become Zion National Park.
The date will be celebrated with the dedication of the historic Grotto Museum, the oldest park service building in the park, which has been restored as a signature project of the Centennial.  ZNHA and its Zion National Park Foundation are very proud of the role we played in raising funds for this project.  If you are one of the hundreds of donors who contributed to this project, you should be very proud of the difference you have made.  Thank you for your support, and to all of you who love Zion, we will soon be letting you know of other ways you can support the future of this most wonderful place.
All Best Wishes,
Lyman Hafen
Executive Director
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