"It's been said that animals open doors...
...so that healing can begin.  Let us humans always listen so that we hear opportunities knocking on those doors, and creatively work with our dogs to walk through - then discover the endless possibilities inside."   Kris Butler - Therapy Dogs Today
Bindi - 3 Months
Bindi - chewing her favorite slipper!

I'm wagging my tail about my new job to bring comfort and affection to the grieving families
A Sacred Moment cares for every day.

Around this time next year, I'll be training as a companion/therapy dog with my human Char Barrett. This holiday season, though, I'm just learning a bit of etiquette in my new home, enjoying the car ride to the office with Char, and getting to know my colleagues Chris, Jan, Lucinda and Lindsay.

We wish you all (including your own pet pals) a very happy holiday season and time to be in (or chewing) your warm slippers as you welcome the New Year!

Bindi Barrett and the staff of A Sacred Moment