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November, 2007
Farley Studio Wins Top City and State
Pilates Studio by M. J. Neal
Projects in Construction.
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Barcelona Films News. Dear Pillow out on DVD!!! and PARTY!!!
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vivi is crazy

, I know...

People have been asking me why I wasn't sending newsletters anymore? The shocking truth is: I've been CRAZY busy!!!! 

Wait no more, here's some of the fun that has been going on with us this year.

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Farley Studio Wins Top City and State Design Awards

Visit farley slide show on our blog:
Design competition judges seem to really like this project. (See the video!)

The low budget Farley Studio has won the top Design Honor Award by the Austin, AIA

and the

Design Honor Award by the Texas Society of Architects (our fourth TSA, folks, we're still pinching ourselves...)
The Farley Studio is an experiment in many ways:

- As sustainable practice, where only the center "chinese box" (sleeping, bath, kitchen) in the whole structure is air conditioned.

- As a challenge in price point, where a prefabricated structural and skin system was devised by the firm in order to decrease construction time and decrease cost. (the construction total price (minus septic) is $150,000 for 2,400 sq ft)

- As a desigh solution for unique artist's needs, where specific painting techniques and the artist's habits where contemplated in aspects of the design like the foundation slots for recicling the materials used in the painting process and the fire pit where the ashes can be swept to the edge.

There is more big awards news on the horizon, but I have to bite my tongue because they are taking forever to announce it!!!!
Just completed. Work out anyone?
Anne Arnoult Pilates Studio

pilates pic

This New Pilates Studio is on Guadalupe street, right across from another project of ours you may know, Changos and my favorite place to shop for food, Wheatsville. Check the slide show here.
On the Job Site. Projects in Construction.

moonunits rendering

Moon Units

A 12 unit loft project on 2906 South First Street started construction and it's accepting contracts.

The units have floor to ceiling windows on BOTH sides. At the back, they open up to an oversized walkway that is designed to be also used as outdoor space. The front has a variation of red perforated metal panels and some blue tinted windows. The top units also have skylights. Here is an Austin Biz Journal Article and check our blog often for updates on the units construction process.

wolfe den   Wolfe Den

Remember the renderings for this project from long ago newsletters? Well, it's very real now.
If you want to see a bunch of progress pictures, the house It's all over the ... (you guessed it!) ... blog

 My favorite thing about the house? A structural brick wall runs the perimeter outside (where it becomes a spindly fireplace) and goes on inside.

The steel detail around this window (left pic) is another favorite of mine.

Oh, and the geothermal A/C ranks pretty high too, anyway, I guess we'll have to wait for an upcoming article on a well known magazine (biting my tongue again here...) for extensive details in all the sustainable aspects.

Stenger Remodel

The remodel in Barton Hills has also started construction. A simple addition and remodel of a Stenger residence. The footprint of the new foundation shows the two little courtyards and the sunken bathtub.


Articles, lectures, publications
ramp house"Architecture, Truth, and Community", MJ and I actually wrote this article together via IM... long story, but we enjoyed it and we love the Good Life Magazine.

world changing
Katie Maconald wrote about us and our sustainable practice in her World Changing blog.

M. J. kicked off the "Austin Architects Lecture Series" at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens as their first lecturer.

We were also published in Texas Architect and in Serbia!

woofa2 vivi is crazy 
This is the WOOFA., MJ's Dog House design, it's a dog house that becomes a sofa because dogs hate dog houses, no? Catch it on TV, on KLRU's show "Downtown" (It shows today at 6 and 7 PM) Woof, woof...
Barcelona Films News 

1. Viviane placed as a finalist at the Latino Screenplay Competition. as a co-writer of "Angel's Alibi."

pic of water

2. We are collaborating with Mark O'Connell to produce his wonderful screenplay, "American Ice."
Budget and business plan are almost completed and there's a lot of interest from investors on giving life to this wonderful story about a truck driver delivering ice to New Orleans after Katrina hits. Viviane is to co-produce and direct.

3. We are also in the process of grant writing for a documentary on the KPM Approach and the Sri Atmananda Schools, both in India and here in Austin. 

The Austin School of Film will act as our fiscal sponsor, so if you want to donate, or help raise funds for this project about a wholistic way of educating children, please contact us.

4. Dear Pillow comes out in DVD! (See Below)

pic dp DearPillow comes out on DVD

Barcelona Films was associated with this SwitchFilm production (and yours truly is the female lead.)

Well is out on DVD! You can buy it at And you will be able to rent it on Netfilx soon after that.

(This film is for adult audiences only and not suited for people who are sensitive to strong language!)

We are having a party! If you made it this far into the newsletter, consider yourself invited. Bring 20 bucks to buy your copy!

Dear Pillow DVD release party              
Nov. 12th, 8pm-11pm
Austin School of Film
906 E. 5th St, Ste 106
Austin, TX  78702

Phew, there's more, and that's why I was sending these out every season, but this is good for now!

We're so grateful for all your support over the years. Come by and visit our studio in Hyde Park anytime. We'd love to see you and help you with any interiors, architecture, and furniture design needs.

I'll try to not take this long again to bring you updates, though we limit our newsletters to four a year, so no worries about us cluttering your inbox. Still, if you want to unsusbcribe, this new system should make it a breeze, use the safe unsubscribe link below and poof!

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Viviane Vives

vivi is crazy