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Arpac Shrink Wrap
ARPAC Stretch Wrap
Arpac Pegasus 2000
Arpac ARBOT Robotics

Pictured is the Arpac 75GI  automated shrink bundling system  The rugged and simple in-line design is ideal for handling a wide array of stable flat products from tables, doors, trayed products to ceiling and floor tiles.
ARPAC PA stretchwrap
This is the Arpac PA series stretch wrap system which features an automatic turntable and available film tail handling feature.

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This month we are featuring a new affiliation - Arpac. Arpac is a Chicago based, American company, that produces a wide array of  shrink wrap and stretch wrap machinery to fit every product size, shape and packaging configuration. They also specialize in complete integrated packaging systems.  We will feature the Pegasus 2000 System. to demonstrate the full service capabilities of Arpac.  Read on ! 
Pegasus 2000 System Illustration

The Pegasus System is a complete installation designed for high speed picking, packing and shipment in single order fulfillment applications. This is just an example of the versatility and expertise that Arpac can provide to design  and assemble turn key projects.  A typical system begins with product conveying, bar code printing, loading, scanning, product inspection and detection, shrink wrapping, box erecting, box sealing, robotic palletizing, stretch wrapping and transport conveyor to loading dock   During this entire process, computer data is constantly reported on the order to insure the right products are going to the right customers.

This type of system can be designed and installed by Arpac to accommodate virtually all types of applications, for example: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals and for a wide variety of consumer products of all sizes and configurations. 

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Arpac ARBOT Robotic Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper
In addition to being a major producer of shrink wrap and stretch wrap machinery, Arpac provides their ARBOT system of robotic pallet stacking and integrated shrink wrapping. This system can be programmed for various pattern configurations and layer counts which can be easily and quickly changed to fit changing product sizes.
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