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Lambert Material Handling has been producing palletizer systems since 1948. Some of their systems built in the early 50's are still in operation today. Lambert specializes in palletizer systems, conveyor support systems and complete system integration. Lambert is known for their high quality, reliable equipment.
Welcome the newest member of the Belcorp team! We are pleased to announce the addition of :
Jeff Neiweem to the Belcorp staff. Jeff lives in the northeast Chicago suburbs and will be covering Illinois and Wisconsin sales for Belcorp.Jeff has an extensive background in sales and management with various companies in the food inspection equipment industry as well as equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  You can contact Jeff at:
Phone  847-984-2833
Cell 847-867-4433
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We are featuring one of our long-time manufacturer/suppliers - LAMBERT MATERIAL HANDLING CO., a pioneer in palletizing equipment. They offer a broad array of semi-automatic and automatic systems to meet all requirements in packing many types of bag, carton and case configurations.
Our years of association with LAMBERT has resulted in many satisfied customers..

Series 1000 Low Level Palletizer 
The Lambert Series 1000 Palletizer provides an infeed conveyor system just 32 inches off the floor.There is minimal operator input required. You simply load the empty pallets and take away the stacked ones  The 1000 can be configured with a conveyor system leading to a strapping or wrapping system.The pallet dispenser holds up to 14 pallets, loads from three sides and is self-aligning. No manual lifting, stacking or handling of product is required. The series 1000 is designed for capacities of 600 pound layers and 4000 pound loads.  There is a Series 500 palletizer at lower cost which is a semi-automatic system available for lower production output requirements.
Series 1200 Automatic Palletizer
Pictured here is the Series 1200 fully automatic palletizer. This is a multi-product palletizer with all the performance features you look for in a single palletizer. It is fast, efficient, reliable and safe. The 1200 is rated for up to 30 bags or 50 cartons per minute.  The model 1200 features an automatic pallet dispenser which loads from 3 sides. There is a discharge conveyor with gravity roller system which can be easily integrated into a final wrapping or strapping system. Maximum capacity is 600 pounds per layer and 4,000 pounds maximum load with pallet. Maximum overall height is 70 inches.
Robotic Palletizer Systems 
Lambert has a long history of design and integration of robotic palletizing systems with FANUC, the leading manufacturer of robotic production
equipment in the U.S
Robotic palletizer implementation has grown dramatically in recent years with their ability to handle a wide variety of products from cartons, bags, drums, pails,tubs, bundled products, open top cartons, unusual shaped items and many other products. Robotic palletizing systems provide users with maximum operational efficiencies based on the design reliability of the robot.

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