November 2011

We are proud of our association with IDEAL and their position as a premier provider of filling and packaging machines for the food,beverage,paint,coating,chemical and lubricant industries. Their reception at the recent Pack Expo in Las Vegas garnered strong interest from the attendees.


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Dear Customer/Prospect: 

We are excited about the recent news from IDEAL MANUFACTURING & SALES CORP. We have been associated with IDEAL for just over two years and believe it has been a very successful partnership. That is why we wanted to share this information with you.
IDEAL MANUFACTURING & SALES has changed their name to IDEAL-PAK. 
This represents the combining of their Neupak product line with the Ideal filling and packaging equipment line.

We are also proud to report that IDEAL just announced the results of their "Sales Associate of the Year" competition. First place goes to - - US !  BELCORP is the top producer for IDEAL in 2011

The criteria for this award was a). Number of sales made.
b).Total dollar volume of products sold. c).Quality of follow-up after sales are completed and machines are delivered, and
d). Communication with Ideal sales department.

 We want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving  and we also wish you the very best during the upcoming Holiday Season.


From the entire staff at BELCORP

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Ed Kraft
Belcorp Inc