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The difference between success and failure can be measured in millimeters
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Your product or products are only as good as your quality, consistency and dependability.  Studies have proven that quality complaints have cost companies millions of dollars and even caused business failures. An investment in sophisticated quality inspection can provide the peace of mind and confidence that you are providing the best possible products to the public.  We intend to show you what a difference millimeters make !




Ed Kraft

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Anritsu Industrial Solutions provides the most sensitive x-ray product inspection equipment in the industry today.


Most metal detection HACCP programs expect detection down to 1.5 mm ferrous and 2.0 mm non-ferrous and up to 8.0 mm stainless detection. Many x-ray detection systems provide detection levels down to 1.0 or 1.5 mm in particle size. Anritsu equipment can detect contaminants down to .5 mm in metals and 1.0 to 2.0 mm in lower contrast particles such as bone and plastics.  They also provide the "Ultra HD Series" with detection capabilities down to 0.3 mm in metals and .08 to 1.2 mm detection in bone, glass or rubber. With over 6000 x-ray systems, 40,000 metal detectors and 65,000 checkweighers installed globally, volume manufacturing assures reliability, customer support services and competitive pricing.


Please go to our web site :  and read our blog page article titled "The true cost of complaints". The estimates of probable losses from product defects range from 2% for perceived poor value to 60 - 70% due to actual reported injury or sickness (and possible legal action !)
While the difference between detecting a foreign object of 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm in size compared to .5 mmin size may not seem significant - - it is !






Anritsu KD74 x-rayAnritsu is the obvious choice.

If you recognize the value of investing in the best possible product inspection equipment, you will make the same decision as Haliburton Foods, as detailed in the July issue of "Packaging Digest" and Kraft Foods Canada as highlighted in the May 2011 issue of "Canadian Packaging.   Food safety is of paramount concern and Anritsu was the choice for their packaging lines.  Not only is the equipment considered state of the art, but all x-ray images are 0.4 mm HD resolution for analysis.
Pictured here is the KD74-h series high sensitivity model which is available to fit most production systems.  This equipment can detect not only items as small as .3 mm, but also detect missing items, misaligned products and defective parts. 



We challenge you to test Anritsu abilities.

Please contact us to arrange for samples of your product to be sent to the Anritsu facilities in Chicago for testing.  We are confident that they can show you how exceptional their systems really are.  


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